tforce dark air review TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review - Next Level SSD Cooling

TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review – Next Level SSD Cooling

The product featured in our TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review is an M.2 NVMe SSD cooler. TeamGroup claims the product offers enhanced heat dissipation with its two copper heat pipes and active 40mm fan. Plus, the product has a pitch-black design that looks good with most PC builds.

Can the Dark Airflow I compete with other SSD coolers? Our TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review will discuss everything you need to know before purchasing the product.

TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Packaging

TeamGroup ships the Dark Airflow in a compact black container displaying essential details. When unboxing, you will find the heatsink in a plastic package. Plus, you will spot the installation instructions printed inside. 

teamgroup dark flow review1 TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review - Next Level SSD Cooling

Underneath the plastic package are thermal pads and a tiny screwdriver.

TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review – Design and Functionality

Earlier in this TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review, we mentioned that the SSD cooler has a pitch-black design. All parts, including the copper heat pipes, fins, cord, and fan, are solid black.

The heatsink consists of aluminium alloy fins and two copper heat pipes that efficiently enhance heat dissipation. Although it’s a cooler for SSDs, it could also cool low-end CPUs if modified.

Some NVMe heatsinks only cool the top of an SSD, making them inefficient for double-sided drives. This common cooling problem among standard heatsinks causes stress on the bottom side of the SSD, resulting in NAND throttling. 

The Dark Airflow I can provide efficient cooling for double-sided SSDs to ensure consistently unthrottled maximum performance. Aside from the copper heat pipes and fins, this SSD cooler also has a 2510-type fan for improved cooling performance.

Compatibility With Many GPUs 

TeamGroup designed the Dark AirFlow I with an increased size, but you can still install it next to most GPUs. This SSD cooler has excellent dimensions and design that prevents compatibility issues when installing it next to your GPU.

This SSD cooler measures 105mm long, 55.5mm wide, 11mm tall and weighs 83g. Mounting it next to most GPUs will not be a problem despite its size. 

However, if you use an RTX 4090 GPU, the SSD cooler will need an alternative slot. This GPU blocks the NVMe slot when installed and prevents you from installing the SSD cooler.

Compatible Operating Systems and Platforms

Aside from having a flexible design that allows installation with most GPUs, the Dark Airflow I is also versatile. It works with multiple platforms and operating systems, making it a highly efficient SSD heatsink.

The Dark Airflow I works with Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11), Linux 2.6.33, and macOS 10.4. You can also use the product with the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 (version 4.50 or higher system software), and ChromeOS.

Key Features of the TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I

Premium M.2 2280 Active Heat Cooler

This product featured in our TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review is an efficient SSD cooler. It uses a double copper heat pipe, multiple layers of aluminium-alloy heat dissipation fins, and an intelligent PWM fan. The latter offers high wind pressure for unparalleled heat dissipation.

This SSD cooler uses a double-layered graphene heat dissipation structure to maintain low temperatures.

Double Copper Heat Pipe = Faster Heat Transfers With TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I 

The two copper heat pipes are 5mm in diameter. These can transfer and dissipate heat quickly and efficiently.

Multi-layered Aluminium Alloy Fins for Heat Dissipation 

This SSD cooler has multiple layers of aluminium alloy fins that enhance heat dissipation area. As a result, this product delivers excellent cooling performance.

Fast Cooling – Intelligent PWM Fan With High Wind Pressure

The PWM fan of the Dark Airflow I has high wind pressure and precisely adjusts fan speed by temperature. It provides optimal heat dissipation while saving electricity and energy.

We noticed the excellent performance of the fans during our tests for this TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review. These effectively helped maintain low temperatures.

Patented Double-layered Graphene Heat Dissipation Structure

The Dark Airflow I adopts the TeamGroup-developed patented graphene heat dissipation structure. It uses double graphene layers to maintain stable operation and fast transfer speeds.

Hands-on with the TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I

From the moment we unboxed the cooler the experience was smooth and intuitive, making it clear that TeamGroup prioritises user-friendliness alongside performance.

The installation was straightforward and hassle-free. The package includes everything you need: thermal pads, a tiny screwdriver, and clear, step-by-step instructions. It’s like getting a DIY kit with all the right tools at your disposal.

Placing the thermal pads on the heatsink and SSD was simple, and securing everything with the provided screws was a breeze. The final step of connecting the PWM cable to the motherboard header was quick, making the whole setup process remarkably efficient.

In daily use, the Dark Airflow I proved to be a reliable cooler. We noticed a significant drop in SSD temperatures right from the start.

We got impressive thermal results during our tests with recorded temperature of only 36°C. Our SSD temperatures remained low under load.

The cooler’s design, with its dual copper heat pipes and multiple aluminium fins, did an excellent job of keeping temperatures in check, ensuring our SSD performed optimally even under heavy workloads.

One of the most pleasant surprises was the noise—or rather, the lack thereof. The PWM fan, even at higher speeds, remained impressively quiet.

The SSD’s improved cooling translated to better overall system performance. Applications loaded faster, data transfer speeds remained consistent, and there were no thermal throttling issues even during prolonged use.

Overall, our experience with the TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I has been overwhelmingly positive.

Its ease of installation, efficient thermal management, low noise levels, and broad compatibility make it a standout choice for anyone looking to boost their system’s cooling performance.

TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I Review Summary

The TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I SSD cooler stands out as an impressive and essential addition for anyone looking to enhance their system’s cooling efficiency. This product isn’t just a piece of hardware; it’s a game-changer for maintaining optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of your SSD.

The design of the Dark Airflow I is both sleek and functional. Its pitch-black aesthetic fits seamlessly into any PC build, adding a touch of sophistication.

But it’s not just about looks—the double copper heat pipes and multiple layers of aluminium-alloy fins are designed for maximum heat dissipation. These features work in harmony to transfer and dissipate heat efficiently, ensuring your SSD remains at a safe operating temperature.

In conclusion, the TeamGroup T-Force Dark Airflow I is more than just an SSD cooler; it’s a significant upgrade for anyone looking to push their system’s performance while ensuring longevity.

Its combination of efficient cooling, quiet operation, and sleek design makes it a standout choice. Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or someone who simply wants the best for their PC, the Dark Airflow I delivers on all fronts.

Investing in this SSD cooler is like giving your system a breath of fresh air, allowing it to run cooler, quieter, and more efficiently.