z540 review TeamGroup Z540 Review - Blazing Fast Speeds

TeamGroup Z540 Review – Blazing Fast Speeds

TeamGroup is a renowned Taiwanese hardware brand catering to enthusiasts and gamers globally. The company’s lineup consists of DRAM memory, SSDs, memory cards, and USB thumb drives. Today, our TeamGroup Z540 Review will discuss everything you need to know about one of their gaming SSDs.

The Z540 is a PCIe Gen 5 flagship SSD that can reach high speeds. The product we’re reviewing is a 2TB drive without a heatsink.

TeamGroup Z540 Packaging

The packaging of the Z540 is a black cardboard box with the product image on top. You will also see the product name, capacity, and company’s branding. 

teamgrou z540 review1 TeamGroup Z540 Review - Blazing Fast Speeds

The back of the box shows the product specifications and a link to the warranty information. You will also find a window that shows the rear of the SSD, allowing you to see more product details.

Inside the box is the Z540, protected in a plastic package.

TeamGroup Z540 Review – Design and Functionality

Our TeamGroup Z540 Review will discuss everything you need about its design and functions. These details will let you determine if it will be compatible with your PC. 

The Z540 has an M.2 2280 form factor, measuring 22mm wide and 80mm long. It uses PCIe 5.0 x4 as its host interface to the rest of the system. As a result, its theoretical bandwidth is doubled compared to PCIe 4.0 x4.

The PCB features four flash chips, a controller, and a single DRAM cache chip. 

When we removed the product from the box, we took note of its eye-catching design. It is pitch-black with the branding and product name printed in copper, offering a Steampunk-inspired aesthetic.

Unlike other Gen 5 SSDs that use a SATA power connector, the Z540 has a standard 4-pin fan header. This feature allows convenient fan speed control via the motherboard. We appreciate the implementation of this element since it made our product tests for this TeamGroup Z540 Review more convenient.

The bottom of the SSD houses two heat pipes that transfer heat to the fins for dissipation. 

Key Features of the TeamGroup Z540

With all the available SSDs today, choosing the best one for your needs can be challenging. The drive featured in our TeamGroup Z540 Review is ideal for gaming, but will it meet your gaming needs? We will discuss its primary features to help you determine if this SSD is best for you.

Impeccable Speed That Unleashes Maximum Gaming Performance

The Z540 uses the latest PCIe Gen5x4 interface and supports the NVMe 2.0 protocol. It provides incredible continuous read/write speeds of 12,400 and 11,800 MB/s. These rates allow users to experience lightning-fast game launches and smooth gaming.

Unparalleled Cooling Performance With Graphene

Graphene is an innovative material boasting an excellent hexagonal honeycomb structure with unparalleled diagonal conductivity. It allows horizontally transferring heat away from the primary source for superior dissipation.

Intelligent Thermal Conditioning With The Latest Technologies

TeamGroup uses the latest thermal conditional technologies with internal temperature sensors for the Z540. As a result, it can adjust energy output for efficient control. It helps prevent the SSD from overheating while protecting data integrity. Plus, these technologies for thermal management help prolong the service life of the SSD.

We conducted various tests to find out if these features work well. We also wanted to share our experience, but we will discuss it later in our  TeamGroup Z540 Review.

Quality Service for Your Assurance

The T-FORCE laboratory rigorously tested the Z540  to ensure high quality and reliability. It also comes with a five-year warranty for convenience and peace of mind.

Keep Track of Your TeamGroup Z540 With SMART Monitoring Software

SMART Monitoring is a patented software for keeping tabs on your product’s health at all times. You can also enjoy easy and quick settings with this software. Additionally, it gives you convenient setting options and tests to observe product performance and quality. 

We used the software while testing the product for this TeamGroup Z540 Review and had an enjoyable user experience. If you have previously used any product from TeamGroup, its interface will be familiar. 



  • PCIe Gen5x4 with NVMe


  • DC +3.3V

Operating Temperature:

  • 0˚C to 70˚C

Storage Temperature:

  • -40˚C to 85˚C


  • 13g


  • 80.0mm (L) x 22.0mm (W) x 3.7mm (H)

Vibration Resistance:

  • 80Hz to 2000Hz at 20G

Shock Resistance:

  • 1500G for 0.5ms

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures):

  • 1,700,000 hours

Operating System Compatibility:

  • Windows: 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
  • Mac OS: 10.4 or later
  • Linux: 2.6.33 or later


  • 5-year limited warranty

Hands-on with the TeamGroup Z540 

Using the TeamGroup Z540 SSD has been a great experience. From the moment we installed it into our system, the difference was palpable. Boot times were drastically reduced, applications launched almost instantaneously, and file transfers were swift and seamless.

The installation process was straightforward, thanks to its standard M.2 2280 form factor. Within minutes, the Z540 was snugly in place, ready to transform our PC’s performance. The drive’s sleek, black design with copper branding not only looked impressive but also added a touch of sophistication to our build.

In everyday use, the Z540’s performance was great. Booting the system was incredibly quick, cutting down waiting times significantly. Applications that typically took several seconds to load were now ready in a flash. This immediate responsiveness made multitasking feel fluid and unencumbered.

For gamers, the Z540 is a game-changer. Loading times for even the most demanding titles were drastically reduced. Games launched almost instantly, and level transitions were smooth and uninterrupted. This kind of performance is like having a secret weapon in your gaming arsenal, providing a tangible edge with quicker load times and less waiting around.

We tested the Z540 with various content creation tools, including video editing software and graphic design applications. The SSD handled large files and intensive tasks effortlessly. Rendering videos and applying complex effects were faster than ever, enhancing productivity and allowing more time for creativity.

SMART Monitoring Software

The SMART Monitoring software was a welcome addition, providing real-time updates on the drive’s health and performance. The user-friendly interface allowed us to track various metrics, ensuring that the SSD remained in optimal condition. It’s like having a dashboard for your drive, keeping you informed and in control.

Our experience with the TeamGroup Z540 SSD has been overwhelmingly positive. Its blend of lightning-fast speeds, reliable thermal management, and stylish design makes it a standout choice for anyone looking to boost their system’s performance.

Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or just someone looking to improve overall system responsiveness, the Z540 delivers on all fronts. It’s a high-performance drive that truly enhances the user experience, proving that good things come to those who choose wisely.

TeamGroup Z540 Review Summary

The TeamGroup Z540 SSD is a powerhouse tailored for gamers and performance enthusiasts alike. It’s not just another SSD; it’s a leap into the future with its PCIe Gen 5 capabilities and great performance.

The Z540 boasts fantastic read and write speeds meaning your games will load in the blink of an eye, and multitasking between hefty applications becomes a breeze.

The impressive speeds are thanks to the latest PCIe Gen5x4 interface and NVMe 2.0 protocol, setting new benchmarks in the SSD arena.

But speed isn’t everything; cooling is just as crucial, especially for high-performance components. Here, the Z540 doesn’t disappoint. With its innovative use of graphene, heat dissipation is efficient and effective. T

he intelligent thermal management system ensures that the SSD stays cool even under heavy loads, protecting your data and prolonging the lifespan of the drive. It’s like having a personal air conditioner for your SSD, ensuring it runs smoothly no matter how intense the action gets.

In summary, the TeamGroup Z540 SSD is a stellar addition to any gaming rig or high-performance PC. It marries blazing speeds with robust thermal management and a stylish design, making it a top contender in the current market.

If you’re looking to upgrade and unleash the full potential of your system, the Z540 is an investment that pays off in spades.