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Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review

Today, we are writing our Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review to discuss and focus on Terramaster’s 2-bay NAS. The F2-423 is the latest 2-bay NAS for small and medium businesses that require high-performing storage solutions.

Unlike Synology or QNAP, Terramaster is not a name that has been on the NAS market for a long time. And even if their TOS platform lacks some killer apps, it still manages to keep things Smart and competitive. Recently, its TOS 5 beta revealed a new surveillance software, AI photo recognition, multi-site backup, etc. 

So, let us find out more about the NAS and continue reading our Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review. 

Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Packaging

The NAS shipped in a simple-looking cardboard box and arrived in time for our Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review. Terramaster kept it simple for the package, which only features the company branding. 

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Inside, you will find the F2-423, a power supply unit and the RJ45 cable (CAT-6). You will also find a couple of stickers to label your storage units.

Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review – Design and Functionality

Our Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review will discuss the product design and functions. The NAS sports two bays while its front section features a power button. 

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The rear section of the NAS houses the power supply connector and two USB 3.2 ports. It also has two 2.5Gbps RJ45 ports, an HDMI output, and a cooling fan. These HDMI ports are mainly to display software commands. 

What we find most impressive about the F2-423 is its comparison with older generation desktop servers from Terramaster. Unlike the earlier versions, the current NAS has two M.2 NVMe SSD bays. You can also bolster this F2-423 with two NVMe SSDs (at PCIe Gen3x1 = 1000MB/s.

Knowing the features of a product is necessary to see if it is suitable for your needs. Learning about these will also help you determine if it is worth purchasing. These key features will show you what makes the product stand out from the crowd. 

So in our Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review, we will elaborate on the unique elements of this storage solution. 

This NAS offers a database service and virtual storage for SMB users. It has an Intel Celeron N5105 quad-core processor and 2.0GHz frequency with a maximum turbo of 2.9GHz.

The product also has a GPU graphics card integration and AES NI hardware encryption. Plus, it has two 2.5GbE interfaces and a 4GB DDR4 dual-channel memory that you can expand up to 32GB.

Internally, the F2-423 has two M.2 NVMe slots installed. These accelerate SSD caching and increase your RAID’s storage efficiency.

The F2-423 exceeds the maximum performance of Terramaster’s NAS from previous generations. It offers up to 50% improvement, allowing it to handle high-load workflow. Plus, it offers up to 37% increased speed in file & photo retrieval and a 35% boost in database response speed.

With this NAS, you can also enjoy up to 40% faster speeds for webpage PHP response.

Configured with two 2.5GbE interfaces, the F2-423 supports a 2.5GbE network bandwidth with high speeds. It offers a linear data transmission speed of over 280 MB/s.

This NAS also features Link Aggregation, which offers up to 5Gbps network bandwidth. It is a cost-efficient solution for high-concurrent file access and multiple users.

The F2-423 can decode 4K video and is compatible with the uPnP / DLNA protocol. As a result, it can stream videos to different multimedia services like computers, media players, mobiles, televisions, and media players. You can use Terramaster’s Multimedia Server or third-party apps to deliver reliable entertainment experiences.

The F2-423 supports multiple RAID types like RAID 0/1/Single. It allows online migration and capacity extension for RAID types. Plus, it can create various storage spaces. 

Moreover, you can select from ext-4 or BTRFS file systems that depend on different business requirements.

When you use the F2-423 with Terramaster USB DAS products, you can flexibly increase the storage capacity of the NAS.

The F2-423 runs on TOS or Terramaster OS, the company’s operating system based on Linux. Terramaster optimised this interface based on the details they obtained from extensive research on the needs of business users. 

As a result, the OS continued to develop through the years to integrate comprehensive professional stage management functions. These include permissions, network, storage and resource monitoring.

The user-friendly operating system offers an intuitive and flat web interface. You can also choose from over a hundred free apps on the market.

The F2-423 supports most file services, including AFP, SFTP/FTP, SMB, iSCSI, WebDAV, and NFS. As a result, it can successfully address the cross-platform file service requirements of various network environments.

This NAS also supports LDAP and Windows AD domains, which allows it to improve management efficiency. Plus, it facilitates the incorporation of present IT environments for business users.

The permission management is available at the level of users, file directories, and user groups. As a result, the NAS can satisfy the comprehensive demands of business users for data security and inter-departmental collaboration.

Rich Backup Solutions of the Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS

TOS can keep your valuable data protected with visual user interfaces and reliable storage solutions. With the integration of multiple backup apps, you will not have to worry about data loss caused by various circumstances.

Here in our Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review, we will provide you with more details on these backup solutions.

Centralised backup is for virtual machines, employee PCs, and servers. It rapidly restores lost data after incidents.

Duple backup provides advanced data protection by creating backup files to a remote TNAS, cloud drive, or file server. Doing this allows the NAS to offer numerous backup versions, allowing you to retrieve files from multiple sources.

Another solution is Snapshot, which allows taking continuous shots of folders or iSCSI LUN. You will need to enable the snapshot schedule with advanced storage and optimised snapshot technologies via the BTRFS file system. When issues arise, the system can restore the last backup by rolling back to points in time, ensuring data protection.

The last backup solution is CloudSync, which backs up or synchronises the data in your FW-423 with the cloud drive. It improves the cloud data availability while providing several offsite backup versions like Duple backup. This feature also safeguards your data security.

Virtualised Applications for Cost-efficient Investment

The F2-423 provides added functionality within a single product to satisfy virtualised application needs. With these apps like Docker and VirtualBox, you can lower the cost of corporate investment in IT.

System Level Security Protection 

Cyberattacks have become more rampant, so security systems must address various challenges. TOS offers various systematic safeguards like AES 256 encryption, palm identity authentication, anti-DoS attack, firewall, and automatic account lockout. These protection features reduce the risks of malicious attacks on your devices.

Multiple Commercial Applications of the Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS 

The F2-423 enables business users to build web, FTP, mail, and file servers. It can create CRM, Node.js, Java VMs, MySQL databases, and other services. 

This feature will satisfy the commercial demands of SMBs in fields like consulting, education, finance, law, and scientific research.

Worry-free After-sales Service

Terramaster has a unique after-sales service policy that allows you to have your item replaced within two years. The company also has worry-free quality assurance with its real-time online customer support, technical service mailbox, and remote troubleshooting. 

Plus, you can access a professional technical forum and the online user guide when you need additional assistance.


The specifications of a NAS are essential for you to know if it can meet your needs. It will also help you prepare for the system requirements and other necessary elements when you purchase the product.

We looked into the product specifications in our Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review. From there, we gathered plenty of details to share with you. 

The processor used for the NAS is an Intel Celeron N5105 with an X.86 64-bit architecture. Its processor frequency is a quad-core 2.0GHz with a maximum burst reaching up to 2.9GHz. 

It has an H.265 (HEVC) hardware transcoding engine that is also MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2, and VC-1. The NAS maximum resolution is 4K (4096 x 2160), with a total of 60 FPS. 

Memory and Storage of the Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS

It has a 4GB system memory with a pre-installed memory module of 4GB (1x 4GB). Plus, it has two (DDR4 SODIMM) total memory slots with 32GB (16GB + 16GB) of maximum supported memory. There are even two storage disk slots available. 

Compatible drives with the F2-423 include 3.5-inch SATA HDDs, 2.5-inch SATA HDDs, and 2.5-inch SATA SSDs. Then, it has 40TB (x2 20TB) of internal raw storage capacity. However, remember its maximum storage can vary depending on the RAID types. 

File System and Networking

The NAS’ internal drive is a Btrfs, EXT4, while the external drive is EXT3, EXT4. FAT32. NTFS, and HFS+. The product also has IPv4/IPv6 and CIFS/SMB, FTP, NFS, SFTP, HTTPS, iSCSI, SSH, and SNMP for protocols. 

Additional Specifications

The F2-423 has a system fan measuring 80 x 80 x 25mm and a 40W power supply. Its AC input voltage is 100V to 240V AC, with a current frequency of 50/60Hz (single frequency). Also, the total power it consumes is 22.1W. 

Terramaster included a 2-year warranty for the NAS, and the operating systems it supports are Windows, Linux, and Mac. Web browsers it supports are Google Chrome 97.0xxxx and Apple Safari 12.1. It also supports Mozilla Firefox 9.3 and Microsoft Edge 99.0xx or later. 

If you plan to use the NAS with your mobile device, do not worry. It supports Android 8.0 and iOS 12.0 or later versions. 

Hands-on with the Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS

In this section, we will share our experience with the F2-423. We used it for a few weeks to see if it’s as good as claims. 

However, before we check how good (or not) it performed, we will discuss its TOS 5.0. 

TOS 5.0 is an operating system based on Linux. You can update it for free, and with the TNAS, you can utilise it for virtualisation applications. These apps have support for professional virtualised apps like VirtualBox and Docker.

This NAS from Terramaster uses the TOS version 4.2.39 out of the box. But the company recently released its TOS version 5.0, which is an update to the OS.

This operating system is for professional users. Terramaster optimised the storage structure and data interaction mode. Other than these, the company also added over 50 features and 600 enhancements to TOS. 

These new features meet more business requirements compared to the earlier versions. Also, Terramaster’s upgrade improves its response speed, ease of use, and security significantly. 

Our Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review will also discuss how you can update TOS. Before testing the product, you must install the current version of TOS. 

To do this, download the file to your Linux or Windows box. From there, the TOS update process will ask for the location. You need to perform a factory reset to update the TOS but do not panic. 

The factory reset will not delete the data on the HDDs since the update procedure does not access your data. The TNAS will immediately restart and enter the initialisation page. 

If you cannot enter this page, it is best to use the TNAS PC to look for the TNAS again. Enter the TNAS IP address in the address bar from there. 

You can begin the installation of the latest TOS via manual installation. Then you can start checking your computer for the TOS 5.0 installation pack. 

After completing the system installation, it will automatically restart. After that, follow the instructions on the page to fulfil the administrator settings. 

When you finish that, TOS will require you to create a new superuser with admin rights. This step is vital since it will utilise the new name and password for logging in. 

Once you have installed the system, you must clear the browser cache. If not, some system pages will not display correctly. 

Generally, all the transfers were quick and seamless, regardless of the file type. We did not experience any huge issues, and everything went smoothly. There were no stutters, no lags, and no freezing. 

The Terramaster F2-423 performed amazingly and is ideal for high-load workflow with impressive levels of concurrent user access. It offers excellent storage and user-friendly user organisation for businesses. Also, it has backup and recovery solutions for everyone’s convenience. 

For its TOS platform, it may still not be as advanced as those from QNAP (the QTS) or Synology (DSM). The reason is that these brands provision most of their prices towards the software they offer. 

But as a standard set of services and tools, Terramaster’s TOS offers most of the standard and necessary applications. This offering goes with browser-based access to file & system management showcased in a glossy GUI. 

Simply put, the F2-424 is a remarkable product that we would recommend. 

Terramaster F2-423 2 Bay NAS Review Summary

The F2-423 from Terramaster is an impressive 2-bay NAS. It has a sleek design that suits most offices and gives an excellent user experience. Installing and setting up the NAS was seamless, and we also loved the user-friendly interface of the TOS. 

Configuring its settings was simple, so we enjoyed the different features available.

One of the best things about TOS is it does not require installing a specific application on your PC. It works independently like other operating systems on your LAN, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi OS.

Aside from the software, we were satisfied with the fast transfer speeds of the NAS. It is an efficient solution for storing backups while keeping everything safe and protected. We also appreciate its versatility since you can use a 2.5Gbps LAN and add NVMe units for improved performance.

Also, the quiet operation was a bonus that made it more suitable for office environments.

With its unique features, efficient applications, and superior performance, we highly recommend the F2-423. It is one of the best NAS products on the market today.

Learn more details about the F2-423 2 Bay NAS by visiting the official product page of Terramaster.