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The Best Smart Home Innovations for Student Productivity

Since we are living in the age of technology and rarely spend an hour without being stuck in our trustworthy smartphone, it is only natural to take things even further and focus on smart home innovations. The best news is that using all these smart solutions will help you to boost your student productivity easily. Just think about installing a smart app that will remind you about getting a drink or set the lights low when it’s your time to take a quick nap. Let’s take a look at the best ways to explore home innovations without costing a fortune!

The Best Smart Home Innovations for Student Productivity

Smart Air Fresheners. 

These are controlled via your smartphone and provide you with amazing fragrances or whatever you may wish to add. It will help to improve your work-based and academic life by enhancing your learning. As one of the options, you should consider checking a smart home fragrance diffuser with customization options. Moodo is one of the great solutions with four different fragrances. Now, if your challenge is related to timely delivery or you do not know how to paraphrase things for an assignment (and it smells like trouble!), consider checking https://writemyessays.ai/paraphrasing-tool as a solution. If you are not feeling stressed, you can just sit back and let your happiness flow!

Smart Bottle.

One of those things that help students become productive as they avoid anxiety and tiredness is staying hydrated. While we all seem to get a drink once in a while, it is easy to get lost in time and forget about what our brain needs. When you do not have enough liquids in your system, you start feeling tired and irritated. The best way to work around this is to use one of the smart bottle solutions like Rebo Smart Water or Ozmo Active Smart Bottle. Most of these will have additional options like keeping it cool or heating up, as they all can send alerts to your phone when it’s high time to have a drink!

LED Lights for Students. 

LED lights are not only cost-efficient but helpful in terms of productivity if you add smart features. Some of them may help you to set dim lights before your usual time of going to bed. You can also add a light show for a student party, listen to music, or watch a movie. Finally, when you have more light added to your study space, it will always help to keep you active as you feel less stressed!

Wireless Smart Speakers. 

While these are usually used for listening to music or having a student party, it is possible to pair them with smart apps that help to provide alerts. It means that you may get a sound reminder when it’s high time to check your mail or when your deadline is coming up. Getting alerts with a smart speaker this way is like an AI-based friend who keeps you aware of all the important things! Of course, this smart home technology is also great for listening to music or checking out audiobooks, as you can do stretching exercises while playing some lectures or anything that you have to learn!

What About Smart Furniture? 

The day is already here when our beds and tables can help you improve your studies and achieve academic success. One of the best and most innovative smart solutions is an innovation called ReST Bed. It is a mattress that can live up to your expectations (both literally and not!). It can help to support your posture and adjust itself to match your sleep positions by decreasing high-stress levels. Now, a company called Wayfair can provide you with a wireless charging table, which is quite comfortable when you are in a hurry! Just adding a little bit of technology can instantly help you to save time and stay calm no matter what!


Ruby Butz never misses an opportunity to get creative and find inspiration. As an educator with a passion for home improvement and technology, she loves to share everything she discovers. Follow Ruby to let your creativity flow and learn new things.

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