The Best Streaming Services of 2020

The best streaming services today is more than just offering the greatest shows. It’s all about how quickly new content is released, the application experience, and the value for money.

To help you select the best streaming services this 2020, we’ve put together a comprehensive list for your reference.


If you’re a movie or TV show buff, there’s only one essential player to have, and that’s Netflix. It’s undeniably the best streaming service today, even if it doesn’t always have the latest movies and TV shows. 

That said, it’s a staple stream that you need to have if you plan to cut the cord and live without it. 



Hulu is a video streaming service offering huge titles like Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, and even South Park. It also gives you a line of huge titles from FOX, Comedy Central, and NBC. 

Not only that, but it’s the only streaming service application on the Nintendo Switch.

For now, Hulu is an excellent option for fresh cord-cutters. If you haven’t yet, subscribing with Hulu for a month or two to watch original content is definitely worthwhile.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV 2

Now YouTube TV has eight new channels. Plus, they added NFL Network and the optional RedZone which is perfect timing for the 2020 football season. 

YouTube TV now has more excellent channels compared to its competitors. Not only that, it’s the only service with local PBS stations.

Another plus about the service is that it has the best cloud DVR around. These include unlimited storage and nine months to view recordings.

Philo TV

Philo TV 2

Philo offers cable channels that other streaming services don’t have. 

Mostly, these are channels like Travel Channel, MTC, and more. It also comes with add-ons for Epix and Starz. 

Philo is a service featuring live TV shows, recording content as it airs, and VODs. All these for an extremely reasonable price.

WWE Network

wwe network

Usually, WWE’s pay-per-view events like SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania cost a lot via your cable provider. However, streaming these shows through WWE Network will be much cheaper, and you can watch all pay-per-view events as well. 

Aside from these events, you can enjoy almost the entire back catalogue of WWE, ECW, and WCW pay-per-view. You’ll also have documentaries about your favourite wrestlers, behind-the-scenes footage, as well as reality shows.



Disney+ is the top streaming service for children and young adults. As of now, it lacks new original content. 

However, there are a lot of original TV shows in the making to look forward to.

As of now, you can stream Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars, and Marvel content.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is bundled with all Amazon Prime subscriptions. It also has a growing collection of original content, including extraordinary TV shows like The Boys, The Expanse, and Fleabag.

Additionally, Prime Video receives films distributed by Amazon Studios. Some of these include Manchester by the Sea, Beautiful Boy, and The Big Sick. 

With that, you’ll have a lot more to enjoy.



Crunchyroll appeared in 2006 and has become a favourite among anime lovers. 

It allows you to stream shows for free. However, you’ll have to view ads, watch in low-res, and wait a week for the latest episodes to be shown. 

Crunchyroll Premium gives you access to HD simulcasts straight from Japan about an hour after it airs and removes ads. 



If you’re looking for dubbed anime, Funimation is a perfect choice. This streaming service allows free streaming of a small selection of its library. 

If you want to unlock the catalogue that comes with over 500 anime series, you can subscribe for premium membership.

Funimation also has its own catalogue of exclusive anime like Sorcerous Stabber Orphen and Plunderer. 

You’ll also enjoy a range of anime classics like Dragon Ball.

Sling TV

Sling TV 2

Sling TV is an excellent budget option if you want cable TV but think that it’s costly. In addition, you can enjoy a wide range of content without requiring a contract.

With its various ESPN channels, Sling TV is ideal for sports fans. Other popular networks like CNN, BBC America, NBC, TBS, Food Network, and Cartoon Network are also available.