The Most Anticipated Games of 2022 for Students

Many gamers, schoolchildren, and students are a little disappointed to find out that half of the games that were supposed to be released in 2021 will not appear until 2022. Tiresome studies and difficult assignments are often the reason why students make use of an EssayService and try to escape to the world of magic, interesting and exciting plots. 

That’s why we’ve prepared a selection of upcoming games that are waiting for gamers of all ages and in this article, we’ll tell you what will be released in 2022 with the highest probability. Well, for those who still can’t cope with academic difficulties, we advise thinking about who can do essay for me and seeking help from a tutor or an essay service. And we move on to our list. 

Bayonetta 3

The threequel action game about the fighting witch was announced back in 2017, and many have been waiting for its release ever since, but the game did not release in 2021. In September 2021 the developers reported that they have reached the final stage, and Bayonetta 3 will be released in 2022. Crazy dynamics, cool magic visuals, and unbridled fantasy are all there in this game. The only confusing thing is that the Switch’s power is clearly not enough to unlock the project’s full potential – the game would look much better and more modern on PS5 and XSXS.

Elden Ring

 According to many experts, the works of FromSoftware Inc. have been the major achievement of the gaming industry of the past decade. Millions of people around the world have discovered that they can enjoy challenging games. The bleak aesthetic of the worlds invented by Hidetaka Miyazaki’s studio has become lamplight, soothing, and familiar to many. And the general understatement encourages one to start new journeys in search of clues that have not been found yet.

And now we’re waiting for another intriguing game – but this time the leading fantasy writer of our time, George Martin, is also involved in its creation. A huge open world, creative enemies, and more space for character development are promised. And while maintaining all the advantages of the cult Dark Souls players will be able to look into a new world, plunging into its dark, lingering mysteries. And this time, the project certainly won’t be delayed for another year or two.


 A sloppy but potentially strong RPG project of the European school. Piranha Bytes is known primarily for two things – the Gothic series and its total inability to do anything else. Just in 2017, the studio finally managed to turn the tide with the release of ELEX, a post-apocalyptic shooting role-playing game. ELEX didn’t claim to be a masterpiece, but it looked like a solid step in the right direction – towards new horizons. A sequel to ELEX could quite possibly lead Piranha Bytes to the end of that road. Yes, the studio may easily slip up and produce something bland and heavily buggy – but the chances of getting an engaging RPG are also there. This is obviously not the case when you have to run to make a pre-order, but it’s the situation when it’s worth watching and waiting for reviews.


An action role-playing game about a girl who kills everyone with her battle magic and at the same time tries to return from a rather dark fantasy world back to her native New York. The game’s trailers also make it look very attractive and very Japanese, as the game was created by the former creators of Final Fantasy XV – not the most successful, but quite stylish part of the famous series. Anyway, the action games where the hero fights just with magic and on the open-world don’t occur so often, and that’s why Forspoken is worth waiting for.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

A new game about a distant galaxy assembled from LEGO building blocks. The Skywalker story is being told in this format, not for the first time, but now it will be longer because it will include events of the trilogy sequels. And even if you don’t like them, it’s not a reason to pass by – as usual, Lego Star Wars will retell the films in a satirical way. It’s true, but according to the trailers, it will be less funny – but there will be more various action gameplay.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

A new hit from the creators of XCOM. This time the creators are working on a new turn-based tactic – this time involving Marvel superheroes. Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and a lot of familiar characters from the comics and their adaptations are going to face the threat that even the Avengers can’t resist.

Plague Tale: Requiem

A new chapter in the spooky tale of friendship, family bonds, and hordes of vicious rats. Amitia and her brother Hugo are back on the road and fighting for survival again. The heroes have grown older, but the danger they face is no less. The trailers promise to add more gloom and epicness to the action, and the picture looks surprisingly detailed. Since the original was excellent, the new chapter of Plague Tale is sure to perform well.


 A co-op shooter from the authors of Dishonored and the recent Deathloop, this time about vampire hunting. In Redfall, which is located on an island, bloodsuckers appear as a result of some experiment, and the team of heroes must resolve the problem before it becomes a planet-wide one. However, it’s not that simple: firstly, the vampires are rapidly evolving, gaining new abilities, and secondly, the city is full of cultists who want to turn into bloodsuckers. The story is intriguing, so let’s wait!

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