The Perfect Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just ’round the corner, so it’s the best time to celebrate the special guys in our lives. One of the ideal ways to do this is by giving them awesome gifts they’ll surely love. Today, this article will share the perfect gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Just think about it, our dads don’t get spoiled enough, and this is the best day to do it. And even if Father’s Day is coming really soon, there’s still enough time to get those gifts for them.

No matter if you’re stuck at home or able to see your dad in person, we’ve got your back. Let them know how much you care, and these gifts are the best ways to show them.

Sennheiser CX True Wireless Headphones

For Superior Sounds Without Compromise

Price: $199.99

If your dad’s an audiophile who wants true wireless headphones that produce great sounds, this is a great option.

The CX True Wireless Headphones from Sennheiser offer superior audio. So, your dad can listen to quality music no matter where he is or whatever he’s doing.

It’s a great pair since Sennheiser added Bass Boost to the headphones. And with its integrated equaliser, your dad can enjoy music the way he wants.

Other aspects that make it an excellent option is the Passive-Noise Cancellation feature. Plus, it sports a comfortable ergonomic design, is IPX-4 splash-resistant, has customisable touch controls, and a 27-hour battery life.

Sonos Roam Waterproof Smart Speaker

Portable Speakers for the Adventurer

Price: S279

Your dad can bring excellent sounds wherever he goes with the Roam Waterproof Smart Speaker. With it, he can enjoy excellent quality music, voice controls, plus multi-room listening at home on WiFi.

It comes with other great features like Bluetooth streaming, waterproof toughness, and all-day batteries on the go. Your dad will definitely love the unparalleled Sonos experience as he streams directly from his smart device via Bluetooth.

The Roam Waterproof Smart Speaker also instantly connects to the home network. Then, it’ll pair with his phone even when he’s away. Pretty cool stuff, huh? That means, your dad only has to think about what music to play.

The speaker comes with an integrated rechargeable battery that’ll give him 10 hours of music play time. So it’s ready to soundtrack his day whether he wants to veg out in the garden or go adventuring outdoors.

What’s more, the speaker has acoustics that is precision-engineered. So, your dad can experience deep, clear, and full audio that he’d expect for bigger speakers.

Razer Deathadder V2 Pro Wireless

The Wireless Game Mouse with Top-notch Ergonomics

Price: $129.99

If your dad’s a gamer, or if he wants a top-quality mouse to use, this is your best bet. Gift him a Razer DeathAdder mouse – one of the most successful and best gaming mice of all time.

The V2 Pro sheds its cord for unlimited comfort and sports an ergonomic design. This build brings a new reign of dominance in gaming, giving your dads full control, total freedom and movement.

The product is much faster compared to any other wireless mouse around. With that, your dad will surely forget that he’s using a wireless device because of its high-speed delivery. Not only that, it’s got low click latency and smooth frequency switching even in environments that are noisy and data-saturated.

It’s cool that this mouse has an improved optical sensor with top-notch 20k DPI with 99.6% resolution accuracy. With these, the mouse is guaranteed to consistently track even quick movements that are executed. Intelligent functions are present too, making its sensors more accurate for perfect precision in games.

Razer ensured to enhance the mouse’s tactile feedback so every click that your dad makes will feel and sound satisfying. And because actuation won’t need the usual physical contact, he won’t have to debounce delays or trigger unnecessary clicks.

When using the mouse, your dad will definitely get flawless control and execution. So, gaming with him will be more fun.

Lastly, he’ll love the 120-hour battery life on this gaming mouse from Razer. It even has a total of three connection modes to choose from based on his requisites.

Fitbit Charge 5

The Best Fitness Tracker to Date

Price: $269.95

For dads who are fitness and health buffs, the Fitbit Charge 5 is a great gift to give for Father’s Day. It’s one of the most advanced trackers packed with tools like the ECG application, EDA Scan application, and tons more.

Your dad can go for a 6-month membership, the Fitbit Premium. It’ll be great for enhancing his routine with their popular Daily Readiness Score.

This fitness tracker has a vibrant display, so your dad can easily see his routine. It’s brighter than the Charge 4, and he can opt for the always-on-display mode to instantly check on his progress.

It has the heart rate notification to keep him informed if his heart rate is below or above the threshold. To understand his sleep quality, your dad can utilise the sleep tracking & sleep score feature as well.

Of course, there are 20 exercise modes and the SmartTrack to set his personal goals.

And while he’s working out, your dad can stay updated with text, call, calendar, and smartphone notifications. These include WhatsApp, Gmail, and more.

Milwaukee Fuel M12 12-Volt Combo Kit

The Best Cordless Fuel 2-piece Combo Kit Around


When your dad’s a DIY person, the best thing to get him is something that’ll keep his projects going. The Milwaukee Fuel M12 12-Volt Combo Kit comes with a 13mm Hammer Drill Driver that’s better than the M12-CPD-0. It can perform a variety of applications that your dad will definitely love.

It’s a lightweight product that can be worn on his tool belt. Plus, it’s got an all-metal chuck for excellent bit retention and grip.

The kit also comes with the Hex Impact Driver with maximum speed for enhanced productivity. This is one of the more powerful 12V impact drivers and is compact enough to access tight spaces.

Your dad will love its 4-mode drive control, which is more than other 12V impact drivers around.

Other than these, the kit includes the RED Lithium M12-B2 battery and M12-B4 battery, plus the C12C RED Lithium charger.

Corsair K100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

No Competition, Only Winning

Price: $379.00

The Corsair K100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is another excellent gift to give your gamer dad this Father’s Day. It’s an incomparable product that sports a gorgeous aluminium design. Plus, it has per-key RGBs, CHERRY MX SPEED keyswitches, and the AXON Hyper-Processing Technology.

Your dad will love this keyboard’s refined design since it’s tough and premium-looking all over. As for the AXON Hyper-Processing Technology, it’s a great addition since it will let him enjoy Corsair’s advanced keyboard experience.

How? It’ll deliver all inputs 4x faster via the classic 4K Hz hyper-polling and 4K Hz key scans. This is all happening while driving 20 layers of lighting effects.

For the CHERRY MX SPEED keyswitches, they’ll give your dad a speedy response time with short actuation distances. So if he’s into fast-paced gameplay that’s considered competitive, this is definitely the gaming keyboard to give him.

Lastly, we know he’ll love the dedicated macro keys, which will provide an in-game advantage when he uses the K100. They’re entirely programmable for key maps (iCUE) and complex macros. Or, he can program specific streaming commands via the Stream Deck software from Elgato.

Fetch TV

All Entertainment Made Easy

Price: $6/month

Another gift your dad will love is Fetch TV. It brings together movies, streaming applications, Free TV, and even premium channels in a single place.

Not only that, but finding the stuff he loves will be easy using the Universal Voice Search. This will allow him to just search, sit back, relax, and start watching.

When you get him Fetch TV, he’ll get access to over 9,000 films to either rent or purchase on demand. Skim through the latest titles, the classic films, all the way to family favourites.

Plus, he can also watch the most popular shows today. Your dad can opt to purchase solo episodes or the whole season to view any time. And, he won’t have to bother with pesky ads popping out from time to time…

With Fetch TV, your dad can enjoy all the Free-to-Air television applications on the big screen. He can find favourites then get notifications when there are new episodes available.

As for the mobile application, it’ll let him watch everything he loves. Plus, he can download then watch when he’s offline, keeping him up-to-date with his favourite shows around.

Disney Plus Subscription

Stream the Best from the Best

Price: $11.99 per month

For those whose dads are still kids at heart, why not get him a Disney Plus subscription for Father’s Day?

Disney’s known for being one the largest and most-loved creators for decades. And ever since the premiere of Snow White in 1937, Disney became a popular name. From there, a myriad of films and shows appeared that everyone watched and grew up with.

If your dad still enjoys the Disney films he grew up with, this is definitely an ideal gift to give. And since it now has its own streaming service, the whole family can relive and enjoy childhood shows from before.

Disney Plus is Disney’s own form of an SVOD or subscription video on demand streaming service. Here, your dad can find a collection of shows and films under Disney.

But of course, he can also find other stuff to watch from different producers like Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, etc.


When you and your family celebrate Father’s Day in a couple more days, give him the best gift around. Make your dad feel special, and shower him with all the love and care that he deserves.

But other than the material gifts, also take the time to make happy memories with him. Whether it’s gaming, music listening, playing his favourite sport, or talking to him if you haven’t for quite some time. Make the most out of this special day and show him how proud you are of him.

Father’s Day is all about the greatness, love, and work he did as a dad.