Three Tech Industries With Growing Demand for Remote Workers

There are now few jobs that do not have some sort of remote or hybrid working scheme. Yet the demand for remote workers remains higher than ever. As online industries scale back on office space but increase the workforce, skilled workers that can operate from home are essential. Below, we give three tech industries with growing demand for remote workers. 


The iGaming industry has surpassed all expectations over the past few years. As other sectors have struggled or rolled back expansions, this area has boomed. With the security and usability of online casinos and sportsbooks increasing, along with a healthy streak of innovation, the sector shows no signs of slowing down. 

For remote workers, starting with iGaming is easier than ever. With the right knowledge and backing, you can go ahead and open up your own online casino with tools such as the one provided at the link. Providing an all-in-one service ranging from marketing to sportsbook provisions, you don’t even need a lot of technical knowledge. 

If this seems like a big jump for you, then developers, customer service teams, accountants, and manager positions are available in established companies. Third parties are also available to provide platforms, marketing, and managed services. When you add this to the healthy affiliate providers and their websites, plenty of opportunities are on offer to get started in the business. With so many employers, there is also lots of room for promotion. 

Customer Service and Support

Once you have solid experience with customer service and support, a whole range of jobs will open up to you. The rise in remote positions has been down to improvements in communication technology. Companies can also save money by not having their team on physical premises. This means all you need is the right equipment, and you can work from home helping out customers.

Your day-to-day tasks will involve troubleshooting technical problems, training clients, and resolving other issues. The benefits are that not only can you work remotely, but a great customer service representative relies on their personal skills as opposed to academic qualifications. Therefore, you can get many entry-level jobs without a degree. 

As you progress, you can move up to team leader positions, solving more complex issues. You may even wish to specialize in certain areas. This will make you even more valuable to specific companies. 

Entertainment & Arts

The arts are not an obvious choice when it comes to remote working. Many people will immediately think of content creation, but this takes time and is not always as lucrative as people think. However, for those with a background in art, the skills developed work well in a wide range of situations that employers want to utilize. 

Many jobs will involve some form of digital design. This could be for clothing, graphic designs for companies, editing for photos, or 3D modeling for gaming and animations. For those skilled in writing, copywriting is a huge industry that can be taken on both full, and part-time or used to create a side income

One of the most important factors, more so than a traditional degree, is that you adhere to deadlines and provide quality products. If you are bi-lingual, then you will find even more opportunities appear for you and they may even be better paid.