TOP 5 security software to protect the small business 

Most small business owners are having great trouble protecting their business data. Some of the owners often complain that they can’t afford to hire IT professionals or use high-end expensive software to protect their data and thus they keep their system unprotected. The hackers are taking advantage of such actions and finding easy access to important data.

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to protect your small business data from hackers. If you know the right tool, you will be able to reinforce your data security well within your budget.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 security software which should consider for protecting your small business data.

Avast antivirus

In most cases, the computers used in a small business don’t have an antivirus program installed on them. Hackers easily exploit such systems with the help of malware and at times they often deploy ransomware. To protect your business from such a crisis, you can rely on the avast antivirus. You can start with the free avast antivirus and if you feel satisfied, you may move to the paid version.

Do we need a paid version?

YES, we do need the paid version of the Avast antivirus program to fully secure our small business data. You contact the avast support team and let them know that you are planning their antivirus program for a certain number of PCs. They might give you a better deal that is not available in the online marketplace.

Learn to use the VPN

To protect your small business data, you should encourage your employee to use VPNs all the time. The moment they will start relying on VPN is the very moment, they will reinforce their security. Download VPN for Windows and learn its use first. Once you get to know the key features of the VPN, you will realize that this software should be installed on every computer as it can efficiently hide the critical information related to the users.

Bit defender gravity zone business security

Some small business owners tend to deal with very sophisticated information. For them, Bit defender gravity zone business security might be the perfect option. The program can detect threats with 99% of accuracy and thus you can expect to get away from the hacker’s attack 99% of the time. However, when you are using this software, you need to turn on the auto-update features, or else the program will not effectively in all cases.

Spam Titan plus

If your company employee deals with tons of emails and transfers information all the time, you may consider getting the Spam Titan plus. This software is mostly based on AI technology and it can easily identify threats related to phishing websites and spam links. It can neutralize threats associated with spam emails and unwanted installation of third-party applications. However, to use the Spam Titan plus tool, you need to educate your employee.

Avira prime

Those who are looking for a simple and powerful solution may use Avira prime. With the help of Avira Prime, the user should be able to protect their data from most of the common forms of attack. Though you need to pay yearly fees for Avira Prime it is often considered the best cheapest alternative available in the market. Just like any other antivirus, you need to turn the auto-update features on, or else you will not get full protection.

AVG Business security

Before you get the AVG business security may use the AVG free antivirus program. Once you know the key perks of the free program, you will feel the urge to use the premium version of the software. As a business owner, instead of getting the premium AVG, you should get the AVG business security. Install this software on all devices to reinforce your security. 

With the help of this software, you can also remotely manage the workstations in your office which gives the ultimate control over your digital device. The best thing about AVG business protection is that it can automatically eliminate advanced threats and keep your data safe.


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