patriot viper v770 review Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

A lot of gamers today are searching for an efficient and cool RGB keyboard. If you’re one of them, then just sit back and read through our Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard review.

Here, we will provide you with all the essential details about the keyboard. These include its design, build, functions, features, and how well it performs.

But first, let’s check out its packaging and what’s included inside.

Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard Packaging

This section of our Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard review focuses on the packaging and contents of the product.

The front portion of the box is made bright, probably to catch your attention. It features a large image of the V770 RGB in front, while its features are present at the bottom-left corner.

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On the right, the name of the keyboard is present, plus a cut-out displays the arrow keys.

The box’s sides are identical, where both sides display the features of its aircraft-grade aluminium, and the RGB keys. It also shows the mechanical red switches, audio and USB pass-through ports, and dedicated multimedia and Macro keys.

The box’s rear displays another image of the V770. The difference is that its features are displayed to give you an idea about each part.

Below the image, there’s a side view image of the keyboard that shows the detachable wrist rest.

The right side displays a diagram of the Kailh red switches. There’s also a list of features written there.

In the box, you’ll notice how secure the keyboard is since it’s protected by dense foam below and above it. Also, the keyboard is wrapped with a plastic liner for more protection.

There’s a cord neatly wrapped and kept in the box, while various literature and accessories are beneath the keyboard.

Accessories included in the package are the wrist rest, 3.5mm splitter jack, and a bright-red orange key puller.

The wrist rest utilises a five-pin system for power, thus, it can be illuminated. The splitter jack allows both a headphone and microphone connection on a single port on the V770.

For the key puller, it’s used to clean the keyboard and remove the caps easily.

The literature present includes a quick start guide. There isn’t much to it, so it’s best to download the full instructions in PDF from the company’s product page.

Of course, Viper included a pair of Viper logo stickers for you.

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Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard review is all about the keyboard’s functionality and design.

The left side of the V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard has an inset shape with different angles. It also has a USB 2.0 pass-through port.

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For added enhancements, Patriot included a LED strip to add some lighting to the desktop.

The legend on the keys is shifted to the caps, allowing LED lights to pass through its keycaps. You’ll find dashes on the space bar for extra lighting, while its function keys feature the Viper logo.

On the V770’s left edge, five of its buttons run vertically and are marked from 1 to 5. These are intended to be utilised as macro buttons and are programmable via software or on-the-fly.

The top-left edge of the keyboard features eight LED buttons. The first six buttons have modes such as reactive, snake, wave, raindrop, static colour shift, and pulsing colour shift. The last two available buttons either decrease or increase the LED’s intensity in three levels.

For the function keys, the F1 to the F5 all feature fan symbols and numbers. The keys are for customising profiles and the LEDs on each of them.

The top-right section of the V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard features all the thirty keys you’d usually find on a keyboard. All commands are there, a full number pad, plus a set of arrow keys as well.

When it comes to the arrow keys, it’s where you can set the motion of a LED mode.

The top edge of the keyboard shows three paddled switches that let you utilise the switches for different functions.

The first one is for play/pause/stop, while the second is for fast forward/reverse. The last switch is for the next or previous track.

When it comes to volume controls, simply slide the cylinder away. When it goes up, roll this towards you to decrease it, then push it down to mute audio.

Additionally, you’ll find the Gaming Mode key and the Record button, plus the on-page up and down buttons. You can decrease or increase the speed of things such as the wave pattern.

The right section of the Viper V770 is almost identical to the left portion, except that the view is reversed. Instead of the USB port, you’ll find the 3.5mm audio pass-through port.

Next on our Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard review are the features.

Key Features of the Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard

As we mentioned earlier, this part of our Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard review focuses on the keyboard’s key features.

Kailh Red Mechanical Switch

The V770 comes with Kailh Red mechanical switches, offering you linear, seamless, and quick response for an enhanced tactical edge.

Increased Durability

The keyboard has a durable and robust build that’s sturdy due to its aluminium chassis. It’s also a sturdy keyboard, thanks to the detachable magnetic palm rest that offers increased comfort despite continuous gameplay.

Special Dedicated Keys for Excellent Control

The keyboard has five dedicated Macro keys, a mute/volume control wheel, multimedia controls, plus an audio pass-through port. It has an auxiliary USB for ultimate control.

109-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting Features

With its anti-ghosting and 109-key rollover functions, its no-keystroke aspect will go unnoticed while enjoying PC games of today. It’s also useful when editing YouTube videos and the like.


This part of our Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard review talks about the gaming keyboard’s specifications.

Beginning with its keys, there are a total of 109 available on the keyboard. Viper made use of mechanical switches, specifically the Kailh Red type. They also opted for the N-Key for the key rollover and included dedicated multimedia keys as well.

Of course, there are five dedicated Macro keys and a Windows lock key too.

For its connectivity, the V770 uses a wired USB Type-A connection. It comes with one USB Type-A (USB 2.0) port and has full functionality support for Windows.

Now, we’re focusing on its general specifications. It comes with an individually-lit backlight plus LED RGBs. The keyboard features an excellent built-in knob for its control device and a detachable wrist rest for comfort.

Its braided, straight cable measures 1.83m, that’s perfect for the keyboard’s aluminium construction. Its overall measurement is 1.9.5 x 9.0 x 1.5 (L x W x H) and weighs a total of 3.1lb.

Hands on with the Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard

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Now, we’re getting more hands-on with the gaming keyboard in our Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard review.

When it comes to the performance of the V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard, we can definitely say that it worked amazingly. It was also excellent when we tried it for multiple games.

Its sturdy and durable design provided heightened comfort even when we gamed continuously for hours.

The Kailh Red Switches were highly responsive, and the LED was vibrant as well. Obviously, Patriot reached the top with the gaming keyboard and did an excellent job with its design and performance.


The V770’s software doesn’t have any personalisation option and is basically a simple software. Despite that, it’s still an excellent software that functions outstandingly.

You can choose its key lighting animation from here and can move slower or faster, depending on your choice.

Its RGB light features several settings such as ripples, raindrops, breathing, static light, wave, and more. Aside from the RGB light, the only other settings to change are its lighting colours and animation speed.

When shifting the keys’ functions, you can easily change them since each key can be set as a macro. Furthermore, the software allows immediate response time and reporting rates to be altered to 2ms higher until 1000Hz.

Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review Summary

The Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard is a well-made keyboard with impressive features. It has customisable lighting, and you can choose from 16.8 million colours. Aside from that, it comes with rebinding and macro functionalities.

It also has an excellent build quality with its aluminium body and sturdy plastic. Plus, it comes with a comfortable wrist rest which is perfect for prolonged use. The keyboard may be a bit large for some, but we think that it won’t be much of an issue.

For its software, it was simple, user-friendly, and efficient, which is something we appreciate. Overall, we were satisfied with its performance since it was highly responsive.

To conclude our Viper V770 RGB Gaming Keyboard review, we highly recommend this product. If you want to include this keyboard into your gaming rig, you can purchase it at the official Patriot store.