sn850p review WD_BLACK SN850P Review - Blazing Fast Storage for PS5

WD_BLACK SN850P Review – Blazing Fast Storage for PS5

With a continuously growing game library, you likely need to expand the storage of your PlayStation 5. Today, the product featured in our WD_BLACK SN850P Review is the ultimate solution to your storage needs.

Western Digital collaborated with PlayStation to produce an officially licensed SSD designed for the PlayStation 5. It is easy to install and offers fast loading times, giving you more enjoyable gaming experiences.

What else does this SSD offer? Learn more as we discuss its functions, design, primary features, specs, and performance in this WD_BLACK SN850P Review.

WD_BLACK SN850P Review – Design and Functionality

The main highlight of the SN850P is the official PlayStation licence. It is certified and tested for the PlayStation 5, offering peace of mind for consumers, especially for inexperienced ones.

The SSD is identical to the SN850X, another gaming drive from WD_BLACK. It features the classic black shell and industrial look with ridged accents often used for the WD_BLACK product line. You will find the WD_BLACK branding with its product name, SSD type, and the PlayStation logo indicating its certification. 

The size of the SN850P is compact and has a sturdy construction. We did not have damage concerns when we installed it for this WD_BLACK SN850P Review. 

This SSD has a standard M.2 drive format and works with a PCIe Gen 4 interface. Aside from the PlayStation 5, it will also work with gaming PCs.

The SN850P has a blue indicator LED, representing the PlayStation theme. However, you will no longer see the LED when you install the SSD in the gaming console.

The SN850P weighs around 30g, making it lightweight and easy to install. Plus, its approximate dimensions are 80.44 x 24.46 x 9.89mm (L x W x H)

Western Digital offers the SN850P in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB models. However, our WD_BLACK SN850P Review features the 2TB variant. 

Aside from expanded memory, you can enjoy a 14-day PlayStation Plus Premium|Deluxe trial when you purchase the SN850P.

Built-in Heatsink

We appreciate the included heatsink of this SSD despite it being slightly bulkier than the WD_BLACK SN850X. It is convenient since you can immediately install it to your PlayStation 5 out of the box. This feature eliminates the need to purchase and install a separate heatsink.

The heatsink is optimised for the PlayStation 5 M.2 slot to eliminate your worries about compatibility. As a result, installing the SSD into the console before testing it for our WD_BLACK SN850P Review was quick. We had no problems with the SN850P since its overall build is for the PlayStation 5.

It is a highly appreciated inclusion since it helps maintain peak performance by keeping the SSD temperatures low. Western Digital claims the operating temperature of the SN850P is 0-85°C, and we did not exceed this during our tests. However, it can get warm when loading and playing heavy games.

Hands-on with the WD_BLACK SN850P

We tested the SSD to share its performance and our user experience in this WD_BLACK SN850P Review. Our results will help you decide if this SSD meets your needs.

Installation of the SSD

Installing the SN850P was a breeze and only took a few minutes. All you need is a Phillps head screwdriver to remove the cover for the SSD slot of the PlayStation 5. 

First, remove the cover from the PlayStation 5. You will see a single screw holding the protective plate in place. Remove this screw and take off the protective plate. 

Next, unscrew the stay and position it correctly. Insert the card into the slot and secure it by screwing the stay back in place.

The more challenging part is reattaching the protective plate. You must secure it with the screw and then snap the cover back onto the PS5.

Once installed, the PlayStation 5 prompts you to format the SSD. A speed test follows to confirm its read speed. 

Performance of the WD_BLACK SN850P 

We moved approximately 350GB of games onto the SSD, and the entire process was completed in roughly four minutes. This speed was notably faster compared to transferring a single game using SSDs from other manufacturers.

The efficiency of the SN850P in handling large data transfers sets it apart from the competition, making it an excellent choice for gamers who frequently transfer large game files.

The read speeds of the WD_BLACK SN850P are superior to those of the stock internal drive of the PlayStation 5. This significant improvement ensures that games load faster and run more smoothly, providing a noticeable boost in performance.

The high read and write speeds of the SN850P are crucial for maximizing the performance potential of the PlayStation 5, particularly for gamers who demand quick access to their game libraries and seamless gameplay experiences.

During our testing of the WD_BLACK SN850P, we observed its impressive load times, which consistently outperformed the built-in PlayStation 5 SSD. We evaluated multiple game titles to assess the SSD’s performance across a variety of scenarios. The SN850P demonstrated noticeably quicker load times, making it a significant improvement over the standard PlayStation 5 storage.

Heavier, more demanding games took a bit longer to load, but still benefited from the SN850P’s enhanced speed. Lighter games loaded even faster, showcasing the SSD’s ability to handle a broad range of game types efficiently. This slight but consistent reduction in load times, while not dramatic, contributed to a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience overall.

The faster load times meant less waiting and more playing, which is a crucial factor for gamers seeking seamless and immersive gameplay. The SN850P’s performance ensures that transitions between game scenes and levels are quicker, reducing downtime and maintaining the flow of the gaming experience.

This enhancement, though subtle, makes a noticeable difference in the overall fluidity and responsiveness of games, providing gamers with a more refined and satisfying experience.

The built-in heatsink of the WD_BLACK SN850P plays a critical role in maintaining its high performance. Effective heat dissipation prevents thermal throttling, ensuring stable and consistent speeds even during extended gaming sessions. This feature is particularly beneficial for gamers who engage in long, intense gaming periods, as it helps maintain optimal performance without overheating.

Overall Performance of the WD_BLACK SN850P

As expected from a WD_BLACK SSD, the SN850P delivered excellent overall performance. Read and write speeds were fast, reducing load times when we played multiple titles. Performance was also stable and consistent throughout our tests.

Although it is not the fastest gaming SSD, its speed was adequate for the PlayStation 5. Its read and write speeds are high, allowing us to enjoy smooth and seamless gaming. Aside from satisfying speeds, we did not have issues with this product.

Faster speeds translate to less load times for faster-loading games. It also allowed us to enjoy the most mileage from titles with longer load times. 

We were satisfied with the performance of this SSD during our tests for this WD_BLACK SN850P Review. Its high speeds and impressive results make this product an excellent option.

Visit the official product page of Western Digital for more information about the WD_BLACK SN850P.