What Are The Top 5 Emerging Cybersecurity Challenges?

Unfortunately, as computing becomes more advanced and sophisticated, so do many hackers looking to exploit these systems for illicit gains. It is a constant running battle between security experts and computer hackers trying to find holes in websites, operating systems, apps and different pieces of software.

Today we will examine the top 5 emerging cybersecurity challenges that are on the horizon for security specialists and companies worldwide.

Mobile Security Attacks

Going about your day and not using a mobile phone is extremely difficult. It is even more unlikely you will go about your day without seeing somebody glued to theirs either. Unless you live in an extremely rural area or a small commune cut off from most of civilization, most people in your local vicinity own a mobile phone. 

The mass adoption of mobile phone technology has caused a huge boom in the sector throughout the last 20 years. Many tech companies have become the biggest on Earth, with the likes of Microsoft, Google, YouTube and Apple all becoming multi-billion dollar operations within this timeframe.

These companies have created revelations in our society. This includes connecting us with loved ones worldwide at the touch of a button and a host of other innovations. However, cyber attackers have also lingered in the shadows of this space, looking to exploit weaknesses.

Whilst Apple and Android phones operate on a very secure level of software, there have been bugs noted in the past that hackers could have breached. If these breaches are exploited by the wrong person (or groups of people), it could cause a catastrophic shudder that will affect hundreds of millions of people. 

Imagine you are playing on a Bitcoin blackjack casino in your phone and you share personal information that gets breached. It’s something you wouldn’t want, right?

The mobile app market continues to grow, and many companies make staggering profits. Again, where there is this level of profit, criminals will be looking to exploit it. As mobile apps and mobile security are still growing, this sector will face many emerging threats over the next decade. Hopefully, analysts and engineers will quickly stamp out any threats as efficiently as they have over the last few years.


Although this attack has been around for over a decade, ransomware has grown in sophistication and shut down huge networks of computers for multiple hours. A ransomware attack is when a hacker installs software onto a machine and refuses to uninstall it until a ransom is paid. 

Unfortunately, some companies have had to pay for this in the past to gain access to their network again. As it has been proven to work occasionally, it still is used as an illicit method to obtain money by parasitic cybercriminals.

Remote Working Risks

Some of the points raised in the mobile security risk section apply to remote working. Due to the huge numbers of people working from home compared to two years ago, the amount of sensitive information stored on remote networks has potentially become more accessible to cybercriminals. 

Although plenty of large companies will have sophisticated security measures, such as VPNs and cloud technology, it still presents ample opportunity for cybercriminals to take advantage of the networks. It only takes one slip-up for a large company to fall foul to a huge network breach that could cost them millions.

Insider Attacks

With more people working from home, people could be able to leak confidential information or send sensitive data to untrustworthy third parties. However, remote working is commonplace now, and there haven’t been many companies reporting serious losses due to insider or remote access attacks. 

Placing tools that monitor activity and efficient firewalls can effectively stop any remote working breaches or insider attacks.

Old Hardware

If a company or business fails to maintain up-to-date hardware (and software), this can also present serious problems from a security perspective. Cybercriminals are waiting for any small opening into a vast network that contains plenty of information they can sell off to other criminals. If hardware isn’t regularly updated, this can allow them to access the network illegally. 

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