What Is PHP Used for, And Where to Find Decent PHP Developers

What Is PHP Used for, And Where to Find Decent PHP Developers

PHP is one of the most exciting programming languages ​​to learn. Server-side PHP has attracted the attention of talented developers as its ecosystem is constantly evolving.

PHP, which has an important place in the field of web development, was created by Rasmus Lerdorf to track the number of visitors to his homepage on his website. Eventually, Lerdorf released PHP as an open source project.

In this article, we focused on what PHP is, what it is used for, how you can hire PHP programmer, and where you can hire PHP coders.

What is PHP?

PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is a widely-used open-source scripting language with a general purpose. In particular, it is a suitable language for web development, and it can be embedded into HTML.

According to Web Technology Surveys, PHP is used by 78.1% of all websites, including high-traffic websites like Facebook, WordPress, and Wikipedia.

PHP is a technology or language that operates on the server-side. Unlike JavaScript, it is executed on the server to generate and transmit HTML. Commonly used web servers are Apache, IIS, and Enginex.

Currently, the most used web server is Apache, and it is widely used in Linux operating systems with Apache (webserver), MySQL (database), and PHP configurations.

The PHP language is a representation language that connects and executes a server on the web, and it is a language that can be used conveniently in an interpreter method.

What is PHP used for?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is mainly used for web development. Developers use PHP to create dynamic web pages, and they also use this scripting language to develop server-side web applications.

Nevertheless, PHP is originally a general-purpose scripting language and can also perform implementations. For example, you can create desktop applications using PHP. Also, starting from version 5, PHP supports object-oriented programming, which gives it a new set of features.

The flexibility of this scripting language results from its excellent ability to work with other programming languages. For example, web developers can write the PHP extension using the C language, which adds more functionality.

Furthermore, it has a large number of frameworks and libraries that further extend the capabilities of PHP, such as Zend Framework, Yii, Laravel, Phalcon, etc. The two most popular software applications written in PHP are Facebook and WordPress.

PHP Features

  • It is a script language interpreted by the webserver.
  • Database linkage is convenient. (MySQL, Oracle, etc.)
  • The code is relatively easy to write, and the syntax is simple.
  • The processing speed is fast with the interpreter method.
  • It can be implemented in almost any operating system.

Advantages and disadvantages of PHP


PHP has many advantages:

 – A community of developers constantly sharing thousands of PHP scripts

 – PHP is free

 – PHP scripts are very easy to understand, even for the most novice developers

 – The PHP script can be included in an HTML page

 – PHP combines very well with MySQL and other databases

 – PHP is integrated into many web servers (Apache, for example)


Some disadvantages of PHP include:

– Lack of libraries dedicated to modern needs

– Decline in popularity

– Security issues 

Where you can hire PHP coders

Now that you know a bit about PHP, we will now look at where you can find PHP developers.

Freelance platforms

Freelance platforms are platforms where freelancers advertise themselves and their skills. They help you zero in on the developer that fits your requirements. You may decide to work with a freelancer on just one project, and if you like the work he does, you can hire him long-term. Some freelance platforms where you can hire PHP developers include Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Toptal, etc.


Universities are a great place to find fresh young talent. Most students are always eager to work for companies; some don’t mind working for free. To them, it’s a big opportunity for them, especially if your startup or company has huge potential.

So, you can visit universities as a recruiter and get to know young developers. When recruiting, ensure you specify what exactly you are looking for.

Job networks/websites

Stack Overflow,, indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. These are all job networks and websites where you can easily find PHP developers. It is your duty to write a clear and detailed job description entailing not only that you need a PHP developer but also what your mission is for your startup or company and the specific roles the developer will play. 

Outsourcing agencies

You can also find PHP developers in an outsourcing company. However, note that the cost of their services will be more expensive than hiring freelancers. 

Tech events

Events like Hackathons, conferences, etc., are great for socializing with developers. Attend these events, share ideas with fellow tech-savvy people and build profitable relationships. You might just find the perfect PHP developer at one of these events, so do not cross them out because they are very helpful.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Telegram, are all good places to hire PHP coders. You will need to be active on these platforms if you want to find suitable employees.

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