Why Is Windows Gaming Simply Better Than Mac Gaming

Windows gaming is better than Mac gaming. There, we said it. 

You might be wondering why this is or how we could possibly know for certain, so let’s dive into why you should choose Windows over Mac when it comes to playing games on your computer.

Windows is a lot cheaper

Windows PCs are cheaper to buy than Macs. If you want a good gaming PC, it’s usually not more expensive than $600 or so. There are some exceptions—like the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (which costs about $1,800)—but for most people this is true.

Macs are more expensive and can’t be upgraded as easily as Windows PCs. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your current Mac computer, there’s no avoiding paying an extra hundred dollars or so—and even then, you may have to wait months before getting any kind of performance boost at all!

Mac Games Are More Expensive

You may be surprised to learn that Mac games are more expensive than Windows games. This is because they’ve been less popular, and so there’s less competition in the market.

The price of a single game can vary wildly depending on how popular it is and whether you’re buying a new copy or an old one used.

A $40 Steam sale will often result in savings of up to 50% off the retail price; however, if you want to buy something new off Steam (and we recommend doing so), expect your overall cost per title to jump from $50-$60 up toward $100 per game—and even higher when considering add-ons like season passes or DLC packs!

No External Graphics Card Support

You may have heard of the term “external graphics card” before, but did you know that it’s a big deal? If your Mac doesn’t support external graphics cards, then you’re pretty much stuck with the integrated GPU in your iMac or MacBook Pro.

This means that if you want to play games at higher resolutions (or frame rates) than what the built-in GPU can handle, there is no way around it: an external GPU will be required.

You can upgrade your gaming PC as needed

There are many different ways you can get more power out of your current system, and the best part is that it’s all easy to do!

The easiest way to do this is by adding a new graphics card, which will allow you to play games at higher resolutions and frame rates than before. You might also want to consider adding more RAM (memory) so that each application has its own set of virtual memory allocated for it.

If performance isn’t an issue, but storage space is tight, then upgrading from 1TB hard drive(s) may be what’s needed for better multitasking capabilities in order for everything else not just gameplay, but also multimedia files stored within an external drive (eSATA/USB 3).

Finally, if speed isn’t exactly what matters most with regard towards how fast everything runs from start up until shutdown then upgrading from slow CPUs will definitely help out there too!

PC gamers have access to a wider range of peripherals

PC gamers have access to a wider range of peripherals than Mac gamers. You can use a mouse, keyboard and controller. If you want to get really into gaming, there are also racing wheels for racing games that allow you to feel like you’re actually driving around in your favorite cars.

You could even use a flight stick for flight simulators if that’s what floats your boat! While I don’t play many games anymore.

Aside from peripherals, you can install external software to uplift your experience. In such case, VPN is the best example. it allows to change your steam region to access games fast to access games fast and increases your frame rates to killl more enemies with a dead look.

Windows gaming offers the best value, flexibility and performance for gamers.

Windows gaming offers the best value, flexibility and performance for gamers.

Windows is more affordable. It’s no secret that Macs cost more than PCs, but the price difference only continues to grow as you add up each feature. With a Windows PC, you can customize your system as needed (and saving money in the process).

You can upgrade your hardware when it starts getting outdated or if you want to move up to something faster or more powerful later on down the road. This means that there’s no need to buy a new PC every few years—you just keep upgrading parts until they run out of steam!

And since most games are built around specific hardware requirements like resolution and frame rate (also known as FPS), this allows users who don’t have high-end computers but still want better graphics performance than what their own machines provide them to access too!

Plus with so many options available today across different manufacturers/models…who knows what kind of experience we might see in future years? 


You might be tempted to think that your gaming experience will be better on a Mac than on Windows. But if you’re a serious gamer, we think you’ll realize that there are many reasons that make Windows gaming just so much more enjoyable.

And if you want to get an even better gaming experience?

We recommend upgrading your rig for the best possible performance!

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