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Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review

With plenty of choices nowadays, finding the best keyboard for your needs can get confusing. Numerous companies introduce impressive products for a perfect build, but which among these is YOUR keyboard? Our Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review will discuss this feature-rich analogue keyboard that could be ideal for you.

In our review, we will share details about its design, functions, specifications, features, and performance. We will help you decide if this keyboard from Wooting is an excellent product to add to your build. 

Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Packaging

We immediately focused on writing our Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review when we received our package. It arrived in the usual dark-themed box with the Wooting branding and keyboard name in front. The back of the box displays the company tagline, where you can see the words “Take Control” in big, bold white letters.

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When you open the box, the first item you will see is the keyboard. Above the product is a compartment that holds the yellow carrying strap with “take control” written on it. Other than the strap, you will also find some accessories kept in place.

Above the compartment, the lid of the box displays a line illustration of how to install the strap. You will also see a link and QR code to scan for installation/setup instructions. This area even has a plastic pouch holding the Wooting postcard. 

Aside from the keyboard, you may include other items when ordering. You can choose from a keycap set, a wrist rest, and a travel case specific to the keyboard.

Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

We will discuss the product design in our Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review to let you know how it looks.

The 60 HE from Wooting is an analogue mechanical keyboard with a compact design resembling a typical gaming keyboard. It has per-key RGB lighting and connects with a detachable USB-C cable. 

Its analogue feature sets it apart from other gaming keyboards. But what is an analogue keyboard? Like the analogue stick of an Xbox controller, each of its keys can detect how hard you press it. So if you play a supported game, you can press gently to creep or walk slowly and stealthily. 

Jamming it down hits your full stride, like how a console controller works. The analogue nature of the 60 HE also has other unique advantages, such as multiple bindings.

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With its customisable design, you can change some parts of the 60 HE. When you remove some keycaps, you can lift the keyboard module out easily.

Inside the 60 HE is a sound-dampening foam and a spill-resistant PCB. The latter is between the plate and the 4mm additional foam, resulting in a more premium feel when typing.

With their matte black finish, the double-shot PBT keycaps feel excellent when typing.

This time, our Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review will look into the various the 60 HE offers.

Key Features of the Wooting 60 HE Keyboard

The 60 HE has tons of primary aspects that make it worth considering. So, we made a list of all its features to give you an idea of what makes it click. 

Unleash the Best Analogue Input  

The keyboard can detect a full-switch motion with 0.1mm precision. Each key sends an analogue signal for plenty of features to optimise your typing and gaming experience.

There is no compromise in what a standard keyboard might offer. Just enjoy the best analogue input for optimal gaming and typing. 

‍Programmed for Fast Inputs 

Wooting created the keyboard firmware from scratch to give you optimised performance for input speed. Switch on the Tachyon mode to focus keyboard scanning instead of RGB effects. Here, the keyboard will update the analogue key position in less than 1ms each 1ms. 

No Compromise Engineering 

While writing this ‍Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review, we saw how perfectly engineered the 60 HE is. And what makes it notable is that Wooting built it without compromising product performance.

Classic keyboards observe cost-saving matrix scanning and conceal the negative impact on input speed via dissuasive marketing. However, the 60 HE reads each key while parallel scanning them to get the lowest latency possible. 

Outstanding Actuation Point

Get rid of the slow elements in input latencies – the initial press travel before activating the keys. This feature gives you complete control over actuation points from 0.1 to 4.0mm. 

Since it is configurable per key in 0.1 steps, you can customise the keys based on your playstyle.

Rapid Triggers

The feature changes the deactivation and actuation points. That means keys will activate when pressed and deactivate when you let go.  

Repeat pressing the key mid-motion without surpassing a fixed reset/actuation point for a rapid process.

Gateron x Lekker Switches 

The Hall Effect sensors power these contactless magnet switches. So no metal leaves, optics, pins or other hardware will suffer from tear, wear, and particles. 

That means it can survive continuous use and last millions of presses without you having to worry about anything. If you break one accidentally, you only need to change it to a new one. 

Everything Stored in a Single Keyboard

You do not need to have the software running in the background. All its features work directly from the 60 HE, and all standard settings are saved on its 8MB onboard memory. 

Compatible with Every OS

It does not matter if you utilise macOS, Windows, or Linux. You can use the 60 HE with any operating system. 

Smart Shortcuts + Layers

Layers, Smart solutions, and functions are vital to reaching your peak productivity with less keyboard space. Good thing the 60 HE keyboard has four keyboard profiles, each having three programmable layers.

All these are accessible via function keys, and there are no restrictions to the usual mapping process.

Universal Tray-mount

A fantastic invention that is now a universal standard for most keyboards. You can remove the module of this keyboard to install 3rd-party aluminium cases or 3rd-party 60% keyboards to the 60 HE case. 

It is also possible to create your case or use none at all. So you can control what you want, making the 60 HE keyboard a must-have.


Let us continue our Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review and discuss its specifications. These details will give you an idea if the keyboard is compatible and will work with your setup. 

The 60 HE is a 60% keyboard that sports Gateron-made linear switches with the Lekker Hall effect. It uses an MX stem, is hot-swappable (Lekker only), and has ABS (Europe)/PBT (US) keycaps. Additionally, the 60 HE has a 0.1 to 4mm actuation and a polling rate of 1000Hz.

The product uses a wired connection which is a USB-C detachable cable. You can enjoy RGB lighting per key, which you can customise via the app. 

Hands-on with the Wooting 60 HE Keyboard

 To start utilising the 60 HE, plug it in with the USB cable. Once connected, it is ready for use. However, you can tweak its settings on Wootility to make the most of it.

But before we discuss how the product performed, our Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review will focus on Wootility. It is for controlling each aspect of the 60 HE.

Once we connected the keyboard and accessed the software, the interface showed a splash screen with various information. We also saw a list of profiles for the keyboard, including analogue profiles for movements in particular games.

Using the software, mapping keys, and saving profiles were easy, and we did not experience any issues. Firmware updates were also seamless, which we appreciate.

After tweaking the settings and saving some profiles, we tested the product for gaming and typing. We played multiple titles to determine how the keyboard could boost our gaming experience.

We were impressed with its performance since the keyboard dramatically changed our experience. It made a huge difference in our gameplay, especially in competitive scenarios.

The response time was notably quick and even faster with our software tweaks. Thanks to the analogue keys, we executed all commands at perfect timing, which was impossible on keyboards with regular switches.

Aside from gaming, we used the 60 HE for typing. The keys felt good when pressed and sounded fantastic on each tap. Since it had linear switches, our presses were light and bouncy. 

We used a different profile for typing since the actuation points we set for our games were inappropriate. Typing on the keyboard with our custom profile was better than using its factory settings.

Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review Summary

The 60 HE is another impressive analogue keyboard from Wooting. It has an excellent build, unique features, customisable options, and user-friendly software. Most importantly, it delivers exceptional performance for gaming and typing. 

This keyboard lives up to its competitive promises and offers low input latency. Plus, it has responsive keys that work effectively with adjustable actuation points. We also loved all the available functions we found on Wootility.

While testing the product for our Wooting 60 HE Keyboard Review, we noticed the precise analogue movement function. We dodged bullets and shot opponents at the right time, which gave us a competitive advantage.

For its price, the 60 HE offers excellent value. It is a well-built and customisable keyboard that is on par with pure custom keyboards. 

Additionally, the company offers user-friendly utility software for tweaking its settings, making the product easy to recommend.

Visit the official product page of Wooting for more details about the 60 HE Keyboard.