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Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review

Xtrfy recently updated its product line and launched its K5 RGB Compact mechanical keyboard. Today, we’re writing our Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review to discuss everything about the keyboard.

Xtrfy is a new peripheral brand based in Sweden and has become well-known for cooperating with the team, NiP. It also goes for its design ideas of emphasising every gamer’s experience. 

The K5 adopts a small-sized key setup and includes design styles like detachable frames and replaceable templates. But how does it perform, what other features does it have, and what other functions are available for this keyboard? 

If you’re curious, continue reading our Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review to get all the necessary information. 

Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Packaging

The keyboard we have for review has a transparent white colour, and it arrived in a black and yellow box. The front showcases an image of the product while Xtrfy and the unit’s name are present too. 

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Its entire packaging design is kept simple but provides other details like the product’s features displayed at the back. 

Of course, we also checked the included accessories for this Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review. Other than the keyboard, you’ll find USB-C cables, integrated pull out keys, key pullers, stickers, promo cards, and replacement nameplates. 

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Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

The K5 is a compact keyboard that has a 65% form factor. Our keyboard features a white body shell and transparent keycaps that allow for impressive visual effects with RGB lighting.

Since it has a 65% form factor, it has 67 keys. This design provides a conventional input key area, three function keys, and independent direction keys. Its smaller size allows for convenient typing while offering more desk space and room for mouse movement.

Aside from that, you can still enjoy using lots of combination functions for convenience. You can take advantage of combined macro keys, lighting control, media control, etc.

xtrfy k5 review4 xtrfy k5 review5 xtrfy k5 review6 xtrfy k5 review7 xtrfy k5 review8On the lower right corner of the K5 are two LED status indicators. The one on top is for the Win key lock to indicate if the Windows key is disabled. And the bottom indicator is the caps lock for uppercase or lowercase status.

Above the indicator lights is a magnetic nameplate. By default, it has Xtrfy’s brand logo. You can switch this to a custom nameplate to make it more personalised.

Detachable Cover and Key Line Separation

We’ll discuss more details on the product’s design in our Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard review.

The K5 has a detachable upper shell with a light-transmitting white colour. You can secure this with a snap button that’s firm enough for installation and also convenient for disassembling. We like this detachable cover since it allows for more flexible customisation if we want to use another design.

The keyboard has a key line separation scheme and on the top left side is the USB-C port. It connects with a 2m long white braided cable. Since it uses a USB-C interface, finding replacement cables is convenient when needed.

Bottom Shell and Foot Pads

When it comes to the bottom shell of the K5, it’s a semi-transparent material with a clean overall design. It features an anti-slip texture design to prevent the keyboard from slipping. 

The four corners also have non-slip foot pads to keep the keyboard in place. Aside from that, you’ll also find adjustable support feet that allow you to choose the best and most comfortable angle.

Keycaps and Switches of the K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard

The K5 uses the linear Kailh Red switches that last up to 70 million keypresses. These switches feel light and smooth pressed, and there’s minimal noise when pressed. We love how these switches reduce rattle and shaking. Each press feels good since the keys are well-lubricated.

The K5 uses a hot-swappable solution for both the 3-pin and 5-pin switches. It’s great if you like fully customising your keyboard since replacing switches is easy.

For its keycaps, the K5 uses thick ABS material that is soft and delicate to the touch. Although most say that PBT is better than ABS, these keycaps have good protection against oil and daily wear. Also, the clear and expanded text on the keycaps allows for better light transmission and enhances the K5’s RGB performance. 

RGB Backlight

The K5’s RGB backlight has various lighting effects. You can switch through different lighting effects, brightness, dynamic speed, and other settings. The keyboard also supports seven different trigger light effects that you can change via FN+H.

The background light also lets you reduce its brightness for better feedback performance on the tapping light. It gives you soft, smooth, and natural RGB lighting effects with various dynamic lights.

The K5 has two connection modes: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. When using the USB 3.0 interface, the keyboard offers more attractive RGB rendering effects. With the transparent white shell, its lighting becomes more immersive.

Key Features of the Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard

The market offers a vast selection of mechanical keyboards, but what makes this product worth purchasing? Let’s find out by discussing its key features in our Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard review.

Custom Keyboard to Make It Yours

Xtrfy designed the K5 based on the gaming community’s input and preference. 

It is the reason why multiple top players trust it. This 5th-generation keyboard delivers the performance you need while allowing customisation.

The Most Customisable Gaming Keyboard

As a standard, the K5 comes in two different editions. You can entirely change everything: from the switches and keycaps to the frame, cable, and little plate for the logo. Every part of the keyboard is swappable.

Design Your Keyboard

The K5 has pre-built versions, but you can also choose to customise via Xtrfy’s custom keyboard builder when purchasing. Select a base, your preferred switches, keycaps, frame, logo plate, and cable. The company offers over 150 options.

65% Form Factor

This 65% keyboard has a compact design that doesn’t compromise the convenience of arrow keys.

Hot-swappable Mechanical Switches

Out of the box, the K5 uses the Kailh Red mechanical switches trusted by professional gamers. These offer fast actuation and respond quickly with light touches. Plus, they’re durable and can withstand 70 million keystrokes.

The switches are hot-swappable with any compatible MX-style keyboard switch, and you won’t need soldering to change them.

Super-Scan Technology

Xtrfy uses the new Super-Scan Technology for the K5, allowing the keyboard to scan all keys every half a millisecond. Its speed in detecting keystrokes is faster than most gaming keyboards on the market.

Impressive RGB Experience

Xtrfy developed their RGB implementation further on the K5 for more stunning illumination. Switching to USB 3.0 mode boosts the K5’s RGB lighting.

Smallest but Most Advanced

The K5 may be a compact keyboard with reduced size, but it doesn’t compromise. It’s rich in features with individually customisable RGB keys, media controls, macros, and more. You can make all the settings via keys, and you won’t need to use any software.

A New Level of Build Quality

Durability, feel, and sound depends on a keyboard’s build quality, and the K5 has it all. It features a metal plate construction, pre-lubed PCB-mounted stabilisers, and double layers of sound-dampening foam.


The specifications of a product are essential to know. So, we’re discussing these now in our Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review.

The K5 is available in US, UK, French, Italian, Nordic, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swiss, Thai, and Turkish layouts. It’s a compact 65% keyboard that has a total of 68 keys. 

For the US layout, the K5 only has 67 keys.

It uses hot-swappable Mechanical Kailh Red key switches and has 5-pin PCB sockets. What makes the K5 better is it’s also compatible with 3-pin sockets. The PCB-mounted stabilisers are pre-lubed for a better typing experience.

When it comes to the keycaps, these use thick ABS material. Each key is also illuminated with a customisable RGB strip LED.

The K5 has full N-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting features. It’s a plug-and-play keyboard that connects via the included USB-C to USB-A 2m braided cable. The keyboard measures 325 x 110 x 37mm and weighs 841g.

Its warranty period depends on your location. It comes with a two-year warranty in Europe and a one-year warranty for US and Asia.

Hands-on with the Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Of course, we’re sharing our hands-on experience with the product in our Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard review. It’s to help you determine if this keyboard performs well and if it’s something you need. 

Using the K5 was great for both gaming and general use. It was quick and responsive, plus there was no input delay. Thanks to its 2,000Hz rate, it delivered an ultra-fast response of 0.5ms. 

As a result, we executed various commands flawlessly. No matter what game we played, this keyboard helped improve our performance. 

In terms of RGB lighting, the K5 was vibrant and displayed colours beautifully. We also liked the lighting adjustment features that allowed for versatile customisations.

Overall, we were satisfied with what the K5 had to offer, and it’s easy to recommend. This keyboard is a great option, especially if you want flexible customisation.

Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review Summary

The K5 is an impressive mechanical keyboard that gives you unlimited options for customisation. It’s available in black and white, or you can choose to customise each part further based on your preferences. You can have everything you want and need for your keyboard.

Aside from vast customisation options, it performs excellently. It’s a flawless mechanical keyboard that does the job for both gaming and typing. We highly recommend this product to any user who wants a high-quality keyboard.

When we tested the product for our Xtrfy K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review, we enjoyed using and customing it. The keyboard delivered excellent performance in terms of speed and response time. Its design also allowed for comfortable use, even for long hours.

To know more about the K5 RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard, check out Xtrfy’s official product page for more details.