yunziial71 Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Many people love using 65% hot-swappable mechanical keyboards, and Yunzii is one go-to brand for these. In our Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review, we will discuss one of its products that offers value for its price. 

The AL71 has many features, a premium aesthetic, and a CNC aluminium frame. It also sports a gasket form with high-quality components like PBT keycaps, poron foam, and pre-lubed stabilisers.

Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Packaging

yunzii keyboard review1 Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Reviewyunzii keyboard review2 Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Before looking deeper into the product, let us check what is inside the box. 

The keyboard ships in an all-black cardboard box. You will see a massive Yunzii and its logo on its cover at the centre. You will find details related to the AL71 on each corner of this area.

Yunzii included the following items in the package: 

  • Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard
  • User Manual
  • Switch and Keycap 2-in-1 Puller
  • USB-C Cable
  • 2.4G Wireless Receiver

Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

For this Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review, we have the blue mechanical keyboard with crystal white switches. We love the blend of hues on this keyboard since the colours do not look cheap and are eye-catching. 

The keyboard is compact, but not that you are missing dedicated arrow keys. However, it is enough to save considerable space, and that is what matters.

The elegant yet robust design of this keyboard is genuinely impressive. Its smooth matte texture provides a touch that is not pleasing and remarkably therapeutic. 

Moreover, the transparent strips on both sides allow RGB lighting to permeate and illuminate your setup.

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The official Yunzii store offers seven colours: black, silver, red, green, pink, blue, and purple. But as mentioned earlier, we have the blue mechanical keyboard with crystal white switches for our review.

 This diverse range caters to various preferences and complements any setup. The aesthetics on our keyboard have a visually stunning colour that complements pastel and bold keycaps.

The keyboard uses CNC aluminium, making it weigh 1.3kg. It is heavier than conventional plastic keyboards and other metallic models. 

The rear of the keyboard has a slot for storing the USB dongle. Next to it are two switches. One is a switch for changing connection modes, and the other is for switching between Windows and Mac.

After the switches, you will find a USB-C port to connect the cable.

Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps and Crystal White Switches

The AL71 uses dye-sublimated PBT, featuring a thickness and quality that ensures long-term durability. Although the labels may not be as sharp, it remains consistent and well-executed. 

The accompanying keycaps boast printed legends and lack transparency. However, the company design incorporates RGBs that shine between the keycaps, producing a captivating and vibrant glow. The outcome is truly impressive.

Our AL71 has the 3-pin linear Crystal White switches. These offer smooth keypresses with subdued sound, making the keyboard ideal for office environments.

Connectivity Options

The AL71 is a highly versatile mechanical keyboard with three connection modes. Wired connectivity uses the USB-C stock cable, and wireless modes are Bluetooth or 2.4GHz.

The Durability of the Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard

Unlike other CNC-milled keyboards, the AL71 has a simple aluminium case. This material is corrosion and oxidation-resistant, so you can ensure it will last long. 

As mentioned, it is heavier than most keyboards but will remain steady on your desk. With this sturdy material, the AL71 will not move around even when button-smashing during the most intense gaming sessions.

Yunzii added a touch of uniqueness and aesthetic appeal with the moon & star badge above the arrow cluster.

People are often concerned about the durability of any product if they have not heard of the brand. However, it should not be something to worry about in the AL71. Yunzii manufactures high-quality products and uses premium parts like CNC aluminium and PBT keycaps.

The build of this keyboard is top-notch, while the matte finish of its casing offers a smooth, comfortable feel. Plus, its interior has a premium gasket structure.

Aside from durability, the AL71 also offers high-quality comfort to give you the optimal typing experience.

RGB Lighting

One thing we noticed while observing the product for this Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review was its RGB lighting.

Each AL71 has seven different colour modes: gradient movements, flashing, and stagnant. The light shines between keycaps and on the sides of the keyboard. When changing the lighting mode, you only need to press Fn + / keys.

You can use the pre-set keyboard shortcuts to cycle through lighting effects. If you want to customise further, download the Yunzii app for more in-depth settings.

Key Features of the Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard

Is this compact mechanical keyboard better than models from other brands? We will discuss the product highlights in our Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review to determine what makes it worth purchasing.

Premium Design with Durable CNC Aluminium Frame

The AL71 is a custom mechanical keyboard that takes your typing experience to the top. Its gasket structure and aluminium CNC machined body make it a high-quality keyboard with premium typing comfort. The CNC aluminium also uses Anodic Oxidation that makes colours last while preventing corrosion and oxidation.

Combining Wireless or Wired Connectivity and Plug-and-Play Design

This keyboard has an integrated 4,600mAh battery and supports Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, and wired connectivity. It is not fussy since all you need to do is toggle the side button to switch connection modes. You can also press Fn + Q/W/E on your PC or Mac. 

The AL71 has a compact layout with 71 keys to save desk space. Yunzii also packs the keyboard with a wireless dongle and USB-C cable for convenience.

Gasket Structure with Hot-swappable Switches

The AL71 boosts your typing experience with a high-quality gasket material to eliminate noise and reduce vibration. It supports 3-pin and 5-pin switches and has a hot-swappable design for optimal versatility.

The poron sandwich & socket foam, PET sound pads, and PBT keycaps make this 65% keyboard a premium product. Thanks to these features, we had an enjoyable typing experience while using it for this Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review. 

NKRO & South-facing Lights of the Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard

The N-key rollover allows the AL71 to respond to the simultaneous pressing of multiple keys. This feature is handy for hotkeys and gaming.

The AL71 has south-facing LEDs with 14 default light patterns and eight backlight colours. Also, the side RGB and metal badge design add more aesthetic appeal to this keyboard. You can change the RGB with simple shortcuts or via the compatible software for more comprehensive DIY settings. 

Broad Compatibility for Mac and Windows

The AL71 is a multi-device keyboard that works on Windows, Mac, iPad, iOS, and Android. Its dual layout makes it compatible with Mac and Windows. 


  • Layout: 65%
  • Switch: Crystal White Switch
  • Pins: 3-pin
  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Sound Level: Low
  • Programmable Keys: Macro Programming
  • Dimensions: 310 x 100 x 38mm
  • RGB or Backlighting: Yes, customisable

Hands-on with the Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard

We used the product for various activities to share our experience in this Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review.

We used the AL71 as our main keyboard for two weeks to type emails, browse, and play video games. Our keypresses on this keyboard had excellent responsiveness and feedback, making our experience highly enjoyable. It offers a soft typing experience, thanks to its pre-lubed switches and stabilisers.

Based on our experience, we can vouch that the people who designed this keyboard know what makes a premium mechanical keyboard.

In addition, we used specific features to ensure these would work as expected. All features like macros 

Fortunately, this keyboard is not all about looks and aesthetics. It instantly applied the changes we made to its RGB and keyboard shortcuts. We love how all the features work excellently, as Yunzii promised,

Aside from performance and typing feel, our Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review will discuss the connectivity of this product. 

As expected from multi-connection keyboards, the AL71 offers reliable connectivity. It works well for competitive gaming since it does not disconnect randomly. Plus, its stable connection makes it consistently responsive.

Of course, we recommend using wired connectivity to guarantee zero latency. It is best when playing video games where quick response is essential.

Yunzii adds fun to the AL71 with its RGB lighting that syncs to the audio. Besides reliability for typing and gaming, its vibrant lighting offers fun and aesthetics. 

Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review Summary

The AL71 is another robust mechanical keyboard with many impressive features. It delivers fast performance and is highly responsive, making it excellent for typing and gaming. Its customisable features make it another excellent mechanical keyboard for your setup or collection.

This compact keyboard has premium quality for its price. Also, it has a clean design with many colour options and hot-swappable switches and keycaps. Most importantly, it delivered a pleasant user experience while testing for our Yunzii AL71 Mechanical Keyboard Review.

We highly recommend this product for an affordable, customisable mechanical keyboard with multiple connection modes. Visit the official product page of Yunzii for more details about the AL71 Mechanical Keyboard.