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Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review

Yunzii recently released a mechanical keyboard, which will be the subject of our Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review. Look no further if you want a 75% layout, multiple connectivity options, and durable switches. Aside from that, it has RGB lighting for enhanced aesthetics.

In this Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review, we will discuss all the necessary details before buying the product. These include its appearance, design, layout,  features, quality, specs, performance, etc. 

Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Packaging

Yunzii shipped the YZ75 in a box with the company branding and a colourful illustration. You will also find other details like its primary features and certifications. 

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Aside from the YZ75 Pro, you will find additional accessories in the box, which include:

  • Keycap Puller
  • Extra Keycaps for Mac Users
  • Extra Switches
  • USB Cable
  • Space-themed Acrylic Badge

Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review – Design and Functionality

Our Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review will focus on its design, layout, and parts used for the product.

Although our keyboard is the black variant, only the badge and most of the keycaps have this colour. Its frame has a gunmetal grey finish, giving an appealing and premium look. Additionally, its 75% form factor saves more space on your desk and provides extra room for mouse movement.

The right side of the keyboard has LED indicators for the battery life, mode, and cast control. Its RGB lighting is impressive and offers various colours and customisable effects.  

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Underneath the YZ75 Pro are stands that provide two stages of height adjustment for typing comfort. The 2.4Hz wireless receiver is inside the slot at the rear of the keyboard. 

The included space-themed plate is a transparent piece of acrylic that adds style and personality to the keyboard. You can attach it when you install the last row of keycaps. Its attractive design gives it a unique touch that stands out from other mechanical keyboards.


This keyboard has a 75% layout consisting of 82 keys, making it excellent for casual and seasoned gamers. It uses doubleshot PBT keycaps, which feature a matte texture and are less prone to shine or fade. Plus, these have a thick construction that makes them feel more durable.

We love the colour combination of the black, white, and off-white keycaps. The premium look enhances the sleek-looking design of the keyboard and can match most PC setups. 

Gateron G Pro Yellow Switches 

The keyboard has Gateron G Pro switches and pre-lubed stabilisers for seamless typing. These are some of the best mechanical versions that offer a smooth and tactile feel. 

Additionally, these feature an optimised mould for better positioning and lesser wobbliness. These help improve the feel of your fingertips while typing or gaming. 

These switches hit a sweet spot at the intersection of medium volume and a slightly elevated pitch. These are balances that often challenge most two-tone housing linear switches. 

These maintain a consistent sound profile while incorporating noise reduction. It also integrates reduced stem swing and anti-oxidising alloy contacts for durability and a longer lifespan.

Furthermore, the keyboard has double-layer sound-absorbing foams. These help elevate sound quality to a premium level, while the robust build ensures a sturdy construction. Whether your focus is gaming or typing, this keyboard caters to your specific requirements.

When you remove the switches, you will notice that Yunzii manufactured the YZ75 Pro with quality in mind. These have 3-pin/5-pin hot-swappable sockets that allow full customisation. We have the Gateron G Pro Yellow switches, but we can change these anytime.

With hot-swappable switches, soldering is unnecessary when replacing these with new ones. All you have to do is pull them out with the provided keycap and switch puller.

Battery and Connectivity of the Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

As our Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review mentioned, this product has three connectivity modes. These include Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G wireless, and wired via USB-C. As a result, it makes connecting to multiple devices convenient. 

The Bluetooth and 2.4G connectivity modes are quick and stable, so you do not have to worry about latency. It is ideal if you prefer wireless freedom and a clutter-free space. You can also use the wired mode for guaranteed zero latency and delay.

Besides triple connectivity modes, the YZ75 Pro has a 5000 mAh battery that will last long without charging. You will not have to worry about running out of power between gaming sessions.

Key Features of the Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard 

What sets the YZ75 Pro apart from the many mechanical keyboards other manufacturers offer? Is it worth purchasing? We will discuss its features in our Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review to determine if it meets your needs.

75% Form Factor with 82 Keys and Gateron G Pro Mechanical Switches

The YZ75 Pro has a 75% layout, which features 82 keys. It eliminates the Numpad to save space on your desk while retaining the essential function keys. Plus, it has an acrylic metal badge that adds to its aesthetic.

With its Gateron G Pro switch and pre-lubed stabilisers, this mechanical keyboard offers a better typing experience. It also has double layers of sound-absorbing foam that suppresses noise.

The YZ75 Pro is an excellent customisable keyboard for enthusiasts who want to enjoy keyboard modding.

Tri-mode Connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G, and USB-C Cable to Connect Multiple Devices

The YZ75 Pro has a 5000 mAh battery capacity and supports Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and wired connectivity. You can use its versatility with Mac and Windows computers, an iPad, and iOS or Android devices. 

The best thing about this mechanical keyboard is its quick, stable, and hassle-free connection. Plus, Yunzii packs the product with a 2.4G wireless dongle and a USB cable included.

South-Facing RGB with Front and Side Backlights 

The YZ75 Pro has multiple default RGBs surrounding the sides of its frame and on the front. You can conveniently customise it using keyboard shortcuts or the Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard software.

The LEDs of this keyboard are south-facing to provide better illumination when used in the dark. Plus, you can use the included space-themed acrylic badge for a more fun aesthetic.

Gateron G Pro Yellow Switches

The Gateron G Pro Yellow is the improved version of the classic yellow switches. It has new moulds, better factory lube, and an excellent light diffuser. Plus, it retains the smoothness of the original switches.

These new Gateron switches have strengthened pins to reduce the chances of bending or warping. Since they are more durable, the switches are ideal for hot-swap users. In addition, the Gateron G Pro Yellow has a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

3-pin/5-pin Hot-swappable Keycaps 

The YZ75 has hot-swappable PCB keycaps supporting 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches. These sockets offer convenience for keyboard modders who enjoy customising their keyboards.

5-Side Dye Sub PBT + Cherry Profile Keycaps 

This mechanical keyboard uses 5-side dye sub keycaps, so their legends will not fade. The Cherry profile features cylindrical tops conforming to your fingertips for enhanced typing comfort.


  • Layout: 75% Layout, 82-Key
  • Structure: Top-mounted
  • RGB: South-facing
  • Switch: Gateron G Pro Yellow
  • Connection: Wired Type-C/Bluetooth/2.4G Wireless
  • Battery: 5000mAh
  • Keycaps: Double-shot PBT SA Profile Keycaps
  • NKRO: Yes
  • Hot-swappable: Yes

Hands-on with the Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard 

We tested the keyboard for this Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review and used it for a week. After conducting several tests, we will share our experience with it and how it performed. But before looking into how it fared, let us discuss the Pro Software for this keyboard. 

Yunzii has a free downloadable software where you can tweak the keyboard. You will not need it to operate the product, but it provides access to various settings. These include standard keyboard functions, macros, RGB, and other customisations.

This software works with Windows XP, 7, 8,  10,  and 11. 

We noticed its top-notch build quality during our tests for this Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review.

Its keycaps, switches, and overall build are remarkable. The sound it generates is nothing short of fantastic, creating an irresistible auditory experience. 

The sound-dampening foam effectively suppresses the sound. Each keypress produces a quiet, creamy sound, making it suitable for work environments.

The switches offer smooth keypresses, allowing for comfortable typing. Plus, it is highly responsive in any connectivity mode.

The quality of this keyboard is superior and offers excellent typing and gaming experiences. It exceeded our expectations, and for its price, it is an impressive product.

Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review Summary

The YZ75 Pro combines style and functionality for typists and gamers alike. Its hot-swappable switches and excellent versatility are also ideal for keyboard modding enthusiasts. 

This mechanical keyboard boasts superb aesthetics with its customisable RGB lighting, compact layout, and premium keycaps. Yunzii also offers other colour options to match the theme of your setup. 

But this keyboard is not all about looks. The Gateron G Pro switches offer an enjoyable typing experience when tested for our Yunzii YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review. 

These offer silky smooth presses that make us execute movements faster when gaming. You can choose from other Gateron G Pro switches if you prefer tactile keys when purchasing the keyboard.

We highly recommend the YZ75  for gaming and work use. It is a versatile keyboard with many customisation options, allowing you to achieve the best aesthetics and user experience. 

Visit the official product page of Yunzii to learn more about the YZ75 Pro Mechanical Keyboard.