$229 Pocket-sized Hackable Computer – LattePanda 3 Delta Achieved Kickstarter Goal in just 4 Hours

LattePanda 3 Delta, the world’s thinnest pocket-sized hackable computer with 2x faster CPU, 3x faster GPU, only 16mm, is now available on Kickstarter. LattePanda 3 Delta has hit its Kickstarter goal within just 4 hours, well ahead of their $40,321 target with 45 days to go. 

LattePanda 3 Delta is the new version of the x86 + Arduino board introduced in 2015 with an Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor, and followed by LattePanda Alpha/Delta in 2017 with respectively Kaby Lake and Gemini Lake processors.

The new LattePanda 3 Delta is poised to define a new era of computing and drive mega creativity for tech enthusiasts and industry innovations. Based on customers’ feedback and marketing requirements, LattePanda 3 Delta has made a great improvement over the 1st and 2nd generations in the terms of performance, transfer speed, memory and storage but keeps almost the same connectors and layout as the previous generations to simplify projects’ making, migrating and upgrading.

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Ultra Performance in a Pocket Size

LattePanda 3 Delta features the latest Intel 11th generation mobile quad-core processor N5105 with up to 2.9GHz burst frequency. Compared to previous generations, the CPU speeds up to 2x faster, and the GPU speeds up to 3x faster. 

Faster Transfer than Ever

LattePanda 3 Delta uses Wi-Fi 6 whose transfer speed is up to 2.4Gb/s, 2.7 times faster than Wi-Fi 5. It is also equipped with a USB 3.2 gen2 x1 port that have an ultra-high bandwidth, delivering up to 10Gb/s of throughput which is twice faster than USB3.2 gen1 x1 (previously known as USB3.0). Besides, LattePanda 3 Delta has a Gigabit Ethernet port onboard, which can connect to the Internet at extremely high speed.

Faster Memory & Larger Storage for Abundant Creativity

LattePanda 3 Delta uses 2933MHz high-frequency LPDDR4 RAM -up to 8GB, 2x larger than the previous generation -for superfast, smooth performance. The storage – up to 64GB – has been doubled for installing more software and data without any external storage.

Windows & Linux Compatible 

LattePanda 3 Delta is compatible with both Windows 10 and Linux OS. It is worth mentioning that Windows 11 can also be run on LattePanda 3 Delta. 

Other key specifications:

Watch Dog& Auto Power On makes unattended operation with ease

New Cooling Fan ensures better cooling and sustains the best performance

Up to 42 Expandable Interfaces guarantees the true hackability and rich playability

“We are so proud to launch such a fantastic product, which brings to our creative developers the optimum development tool, making it even easier for these talented and eager individuals to have a tool that can power nearly anything they want to build. Our development team has worked incredibly hard. The project was developed more than one year and the usability test was conducted in an almost 3-month period. As the powerful and professional developers’ device, Lattepanda 3 Delta is suitable for tech enthusiasts and also for IoT Edge, robotics, AI camera-based applications, handheld devices and industry 4.0 innovation”, said Youyou Yu, Product Manager of LattePanda 3 Delta, “we expect to see the mega creativity Lattepanda 3 Delta drives.”

LattePanda 3 Delta is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Early backers can get the device for just $199 and other backers can pledge as little as $229 for the single board computer alone, with various other  pledges adding Windows 10 Pro, a UPS Hat, or offering a bundle with a display (7-inch or 12.5-inch). Shipping adds about $16 US, and pledges are expected to start shipping in March 2022. Witness the LattePanda 3 Delta’s more improved functions, see its Kickstarter Campaign page.