AmpliFi Users Receive Free VPN Access Through Software Update AmpliFi Users Receive Free VPN Access Through Software Update

AmpliFi Users Receive Free VPN Access Through Software Update

Ubiquiti Labs is rolling out a software update to all AmpliFi mesh network users enabling secure virtual private network (VPN) access to their home network from anywhere in the world for free. AmpliFi mesh network users already enjoy whole-home mesh Wi-Fi with powerful performance, sleek design and now this extends far beyond a user’s floor plan.

Easier than a plug-and-play setup, users just tap-and-connect to the Teleport app. This allows users to securely connect to their home network, even when not at home. Its unique VPN software protects user data and online presence by granting secure access to their home AmpliFi network, tunneling connections back to the home and masking users’ IP address. Because it is based on 1:1 connectivity, it is more likely to work reliably where VPN servers that host many connections are blocked.

According to a recent research report from Global Market Insights, Inc., the global VPN market is expected to grow from the 2018 value of $17bn to $54bn by 2024 due to rising cybersecurity concerns. With this free VPN software update for all AmpliFi users, Ubiquiti continues to disrupt the networking industry by delivering on performance and features important to users without subscription fees.

A secure network while traveling

Whether browsing online news at a local coffee shop or using mobile payment methods while running errands, Ubiquiti created the AmpliFi Teleport app to afford users the same security their home network provides, no matter where they’re traveling.

Take the AmpliFi Home Network wherever you go

Enjoy the comforts of home from anywhere. Watch local programming, video call to connect with loved ones and check smart home security from any iOS or Android device.

Share your network with your friends and family

AmpliFi users can grant access to friends and family to use their network through the AmpliFi app. Share the benefits of the Teleport app with friends and family members that live abroad or with loved ones that are traveling. AmpliFi users can manage what devices are using a secure connection and remove unwanted devices at any time.

Purchase an AmpliFi mesh router starting at $99 at, Best Buy and Amazon now to begin accessing a secure connection from anywhere in the world. The AmpliFi Teleport app is free to download and available on Google Play, iOS and Android TV. For more details, visit