Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A RGB review

Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler Review

Arctic just launched a new A-RGB CPU cooler under their flagship Freezer collection. So of course, we’re checking it out here in our Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler review. 

The Freezer A35 A-RGB for AMD systems is packed with an efficient 120mm P-fan with 12 A-RGB LEDs.

The Freezer line continues the company’s tradition of offering excellent durability and cooling performance.

Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler Packaging

Let’s start our Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler review with the cooler’s packaging and contents. 

The front showcases an image of the cooler with the Arctic branding found on the box’s upper-left corner. The name of the unit is also presented along with the product’s primary features. 

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Both sides of the box show details about the Freezer A35 A-RGB. These spots also showcase QR codes that either lead you to more details or technical support from Arctic. 

On its rear, more details about the cooler are present. Then, another QR code is present which leads you to the online manual that’s written in different languages.

Inside the box, Arctic made sure to pack everything securely. What you’ll find inside is the Freezer A35 A-RGB, two mounting modules & mounting screws, plus four nylon spacers.

There’s also a 0.8g  syringe of the MX-5, which is an ultimate-performance thermal paste.

Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler Review – Design and Functionality

After unboxing the product for our Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler review, we saw the fan’s plastic case. It takes a considerable amount of space, specifically where its lights are projected. 

The product is exclusively-made for AMD CPUs, while another version (i35) is exclusively for Intel CPUs. 

This cooler comes with a compact dimension which provides unrestricted memory slot compatibility. The mounting system that Arctic used has two spring-loaded screws. It’s easy to handle and allows ideal mounting pressure.

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The entire design of the product is quite similar to the ones you’ll find on modern cooling systems. It has sawtooth-like indentations that allows for better air penetration in a more silent manner. 

Its heatsink is entirely made of aluminium with dense fins combined in layers. It has copper tubes set in between for a simple yet rugged design. Overall, there are 54 fins that are 0.4mm thick.

As for the block itself, it comes with an attractive shiny black finish on it. 

The heatsink block gets installed on the fan case via tabs. This specific design prevents you from using other fans for it. This specific design is exclusive so that the fan and heatsink will be used together. 

With this product, you’re getting an extremely solid and high-quality air cooler which sports an addressable RGB lighting. What makes it even better is its all-black and sleek design. It also sports the 12mm P-fans that ensure effective cooling even during increased air resistance. 

At the top of the cooler, you’ll find eight heat pipes that are all evenly distributed. These continue down towards the heatsink planes until they meet through four-externally visible pipes. They form a cold plate in conjunction with the cooler’s aluminium filling. 

The system is held in place via two aluminium braces. These bring the cooling media in contact with the CPU socket. 

We’re also talking about the A-RGB lighting in our Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler review. We love the inclusion of these, and they can be managed independently, allowing you to get the iconic rainbow effect. Of course, you can also get other lighting options available. 

The most notable characteristic of this cooler is its lighting. Arctic opted to integrate it into its axis to adequately distribute light throughout the cooler’s translucent blades.

You can directly link the fan via a 5V 3-pin RGB header on the board. And, it’s compatible with the latest motherboard connectors and software. Alternatively, the product can even be illuminated using an external controller and synced with lighting of other hardware. 

In addition, the system comes with a 5V-DG to link it to any board and synchronise it. Plus, it’s compatible with ASUS, ASRock, and Gigabyte as well. 

Key Features of the Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler

This is where our Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler review focuses on its different key features. What does it have in store for us that makes it better than the rest? Let’s find out.

Modern Design and Optimum Performance in a Compact Package

The Freezer A35 A-RGB combines a modern, black design, whisper-quiet operation, and optimum performance. Its four offset heat pipes allow the cooler to enable quick heat transfer into the heatsink for efficient dissipation.

MX-5 Thermal Paste

Arctic packed the Freezer A35 A-RGB with a 0.8g syringe of their ultimate-performance MX-5 thermal paste. With its low viscosity, applying a thin layer significantly reduces heat buildup between the heat spreader and cooler. Also, it’s neither capacitive nor conductive so even beginners can use it safely.

Optimised Fan for Heatsinks

The fan installed in this CPU cooler benefits from all the P-fans’ advantages. With its low vibration, hydrodynamic plain bearing, and power-saving motor, the fan can work quietly and efficiently. 

Even with the high density of the fins, the fan guarantees high static pressure since it has concentrated air flow. This feature makes the fan best for heatsinks and radiators. In addition, this fan’s speed can be dynamically controlled via PWM.

Unlimited RAM Clearance for Better Installation

The Freezer A35 A-RGB  is specifically designed for AMD’s AM4 chipset. With that, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary mounting material which simplifies the overall installation process

For this CPU cooler, Arctic utilised a simple mounting system with spring-loaded screws. As a result, it delivers optimum contact pressure and thermal compound distribution. Since the Freezer A35 A-RGB also has a compact design, you can enjoy the unrestricted RAM compatibility when installing it.

A-RGB LEDs to Make Your System Shine

With 12 A-RGB LEDs in the Freezer A35 A-RGB’s fan hub, you can make your system’s design stand out. You can control it autonomously from each other and enable various lighting options. Additionally, the fan can be directly connected into the 5V 3-pin RGB header.

Another option is to illuminate the A-RGB lights with an external controller and synchronise it with other hardware’s lighting.


Of course, our Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler review won’t be complete without looking through its specifications. This is to let you know its components and if the product is compatible with your system.

The Freezer A35 A-RGB works with the AMD AM4 chipset and has an unlimited RAM clearance. It works excellently in ambient temperatures between 0 and 40°C. This CPU cooler’s dimensions are 91 x 133 x 158.8mm (L x W x H) and it weighs 734g.

The Freezer A35 A-RGB’s heatsink features four heat pipes and 54 aluminium fins that are 0.4mm thick. 

For the preinstalled fan, it has a diameter of 120mm and features fluid dynamic bearing. Its speed ranges from 200 to 1700 rpm, while noise levels are at 0.35 Sone. Also, it uses a 4-pin connector and its current is 0.11 A.

Arctic also guarantees the product’s long-term reliability since it’s backed by a 6-year warranty.

Hands-on with the Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler 

We tested the product for our Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler review. By doing this, we can share with you our observations while using the cooler. It’s to also let you know if this product will suit your needs.

First, we’ll discuss the installation process.

To install the product, the first thing we needed to do was disassemble the fan from the cradle. We needed to use a long screwdriver to remove the screw that was sitting below it.

Next, we matched the PWM connector with one of the “CPU_FAN” sockets. We also connected the 5VDG connector directly into one of the motherboard’s controller inputs.

Overall, installing the Freezer A35 A-RGB was a quick and easy process, thanks to its design. Once we were done installing the cooler, we tested it to see its cooling capability and efficiency.

The Freezer A35 A-RGB impressed us with its exceptional performance. The four Direct-touch heat pipes and redesigned fins delivered excellent heat transfer from the CPU into the heatsink. With its P-fan and high-quality MX-5 thermal paste combined, the cooler’s heat dissipation was great.

Since its cooling performance was great in our tests, we’re sure that it’s highly capable of keeping temperatures low. 

For its lighting, it was vibrant and it made our system’s overall appearance look significantly better.

Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler Review Summary

Arctic’s coolers will always be one of the top choices, and that doesn’t change with the Arctic Freezer A35 A-RGB. It may be an exclusive model for AM4 sockets, but that makes installation more convenient.

This cooler is visually appealing and has a durable construction. And of course, it only gets better with its thick heatsink and copper heat pipes that allow for efficient cooling. Plus, it has a great fan that offers excellent airflow while operating with low noise.

Overall, we appreciate this CPU cooler and we highly recommend it. For its compact design, it offers aesthetics, impressive features, and unparalleled performance, making it an excellent addition to your build.

What do you think about this product after reading our Arctic Cooling Freezer A35 A-RGB CPU Cooler review? If this is what you need for your AM4 build, you can purchase it from the company’s official site.