arctic pwm fan review Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB Fan Review

Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB Fan Review

When we think of good and effective fans, Arctic is a brand that comes to mind. They’re known for producing quality and great fans that a lot of people love. And today, our Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB fan review will focus on one of their products. 

The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB is a fan designed and optimised for static pressure. It ensures highly-efficient cooling even with greater air resistance.

That means, the product is ideal for both radiators and heatsinks. 

Continue reading our Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB fan review to get more details and insights about the fan.

Learn how well it performs, how it was designed, and what its functions, specifications, and features are. 

Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB Fan Packaging

The fan that arrived for our Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB fan review is the three-pack version. 

acrtic pwm fans review1 Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB Fan Review

The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB was shipped in a simple-looking cardboard box that had minimal packaging details. It was sturdy and durable enough to protect the fan inside so we don’t have any complaints about that. 

Arctic opted for a very simple packaging for the three-pack version, so you’ll only find a blue sticker in front. This label displays a few details and the primary specifications of the P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB. 

Just like with other products from Arctic, you won’t find any user guides or manuals in this package. What you can do is scan the label’s QR code which will take you to the company’s official website. This is where you can find the detailed user guide for these fans, and they even have visuals available. 

Inside the box, you’ll only find three fans and 12 self-tapping screws. You won’t find any lighting controllers provided. These screws are necessary for installing the fans on your chassis. 

Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB Fan Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s continue this Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB fan review and discuss the fan’s functionality and design. 

One thing we noticed that Arctic is continuously doing effectively is maintaining the core design aspects of their P-series fans. Five blades are still present which is the same design sported by the original P12 fans. However, it has a different layout because of the RGB implementation. 

The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB fan is rated for up to 2,000 RPM. It can reach a stand-still, hence, the 0dB in its name. Do note that this specific capacity can only work if the board you’re using supports the fan’s stop function. 

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The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB features a wide array of RPM. And by utilising PST, you can reach the same speed across all fans. 

We love that the blades of the P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB are translucent. Plus, their tips are linked to the translucent ring that runs across the diameter of the external frame. The centre features Arctic’s branding for added aesthetics. 

This P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB comes with 12 analogue RGB LEDs on its centre housing. You can control and manage these uniformly and are compatible with the standard RGBs of current motherboard companies. 

However, do remember that the company does not offer an external controller with the P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB.

Each of the fan’s mounting corners sports a grey-coloured cut to size anti-vibration pad that’s pasted. You’ll find two arrow symbols on the side frame indicating the airflow direction and orientation of its blade’s movement. These symbols offer a visual aid to newbies when it comes to determining the directions before the installation process. 

It comes with a four-arms assembly along the rear. It holds the fan blades and motor to the frame. In addition, it comes with a black-coloured sticker along the centre that has a power rating of the fan. This is in respect to the fan’s LEDs and motor. 

Fluid Dynamic Bearings

The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB utilises fluid dynamic bearings. And, the company notes that for the fan, they’ve utilised a mix of lubricant/alloy created in Germany. This is done to decrease friction within the bearing. 

In turn, this would generate less heat while enhancing its efficiency. Additionally, it will also boost the fan’s service life. 

Each of the fans come with a set of cables that route from the centre. There’s a 4-pin PWM cable with a socket. Plus, there’s also a 4-pin 12V RGB female connector with an elongated length on the male connector. 

This allows you to daisy-chain the fans for a more synchronous operation with a uniform effect. To note, the starting voltage of the fan is 5V, and it’s rated for 12V using 0.11A. 

Key Features of the Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB Fan

Its key features are what we’re discussing now in our Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB fan review.

Full RGB Colours 

The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB comes with 12 analogue RGBs present in its fan barrel. They can be managed in a uniform manner and are compatible with the RGB standards of top-notch motherboard manufacturers.

With these, the fan can be illuminated entirely and directly through the RGB mainboard connection. If not, you can also use an external controller and sync with the illumination of different hardware. 

0DB Mode + Zero RPM

The fan’s speed can be throttled to a stand-still using the PWM. It allows for an extremely quiet operation during IDLE, and simultaneously, it guarantees greater performance when necessary. 

Intense Smoothness, Less Vibration

The newly-developed motor from Arctic has an operating noise that’s barely audible even at the lowest speed. Additionally, the P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB features a rubberised contact surface which helps decrease vibrations to a minimum. 

Enhanced to Handle High-static Pressure

The fan works with high static pressure and a focused workflow. Thus, it ensures efficient cooling even if there’s greater air resistance. This is the reason why the P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB is ideal for radiators, heat sinks, and filters. 

0 – 2,000 RPM-Controlled via PWM PST

With a wide range of speed and its innovative PST (PWM Sharing Technology), its fans speed can be managed synchronously. This can be done with every other fan around. 

It’s a convenient feature since it decreases noise to a minimum while ensuring enhanced cooling performance. 

Top-quality Bearing

This fan features top-notch bearing which we’ve seen while creating this Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB fan review. Thanks to the lubricant/alloy combination that was developed in Germany, friction in the bearing was decreased. Not only that, but optimised efficiency was achieved. 

With this, lesser heat develops, lesser bearing noise is created, and the fan’s service life is extended as well. 


This section of our Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB fan review is where we’ll discuss its specifications. 

The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB’s speed is 0 – 2,000 RPM. It has an airflow of 48.8 CFM | 82.91 m³/h while static pressure is 1.85 mm H₂O.

The noise level of the fan is 0.3 Sone and its ambient operating temperature ranges from 0 to 40°C. 

The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB makes use of a standard fan frame with PWM PST controls. It comes with a 4-pin connector + 4-pin socket, while the fan’s bearing is a fluid dynamic type. 

The typical voltage for the product is 12V DC. Its starting and current voltages are 5V and 0.11A / 12V respectively. Its cable length is long enough as it measures 400m. The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB is 120 x 120 x 25mm (L x W x H) and weighs 131g.

Hands-on with the Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB Fan

Installing the P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB was easy, and it’s just like with all other Arctic products. We installed and secured it using the provided screws, then attached the PWM and 5v addressable connections to it.

Its ambient temperature was roughly around 33°C. At this temperature, the fans sat at around 36 dBA. These are very good acoustics coming from these fans, and we’re happy with their performance. 

Generally, the fans delivered excellently and provided what we expected from Arctic products. It’s undeniably powerful, mostly silent, and comes with stunning RGB lights. 

Arctic P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB Fan Review Summary

The P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB is an amazing fan from Arctic. And, it sports the same style as the classic P12 series fans with specially-designed blades. 

However, these fans differ from the original ones in terms of blade design. These sport translucent blades with translucent rings to get dynamic and vivid lighting effects. With this, you’ll get to enjoy the available 12 RGB lights set on the fan’s central housing. 

These fans are generally a compelling offer for users who are on a budget. Simultaneously, it’s also ideal for those who wouldn’t want to compromise on performance and quality. 

With that, we highly recommend the P12 PWM PST RGB 0dB due to its efficiency, quality, and performance. And that’s while keeping a reasonable price.  To get your hands on this set of PWM fans, you can purchase it from the company’s official site