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Best PvE Weapons in Destiny 2: Season of the Witch

Whenever you are a returning or an active player, it is challenging to keep track of the everchanging meta to see which weapons perform the best at the current moment. Let’s look at several weapons that perform the most with the seasonal sandbox, figure out how to get them, and highlight certain perks you should pursue to reach their full potential.


While this Kinetic Exotic Bow always had its place among the powerful D2 weapons, its popularity is peaking now due to the mighty Intrinsic Anti Barrier Champion‘s effectiveness and hitting like a truck, even on the highest difficulties of the Endgame content, such as GM Nightfalls or Master Raids. Its ability to peek behind the walls has additional uses, such as locating the Wizards while fighting the Ir Yut boss in the recent Crota’s End Raid.

The Wish-Ender is part of the Forsaken Pack DLC and obtained by completing the Exotic Quest, which sends you on an adventure in the Shattered Throne Dungeon.

Quicksilver Storm

This Strand Auto Rifle (Kinetic by default and embraces Strand with the Catalyst Masterwork) is undoubtedly one of a kind, with built-in guiding micro-missiles and the Grenade Launcher alternative fire mode. It truly feels like a weapon of the future! While this weapon is not outright OP, it has one of the best DPS outputs in the Primary category and has excellent synergy with the Strand build, being able to spawn Tangles consistently.

You can buy the weapon from the Exotic Kiosk. If you’ve purchased any edition of the Lightfall Expansion, you will pick up your Quicksilver Storm for free.


Necrochasm Auto Rifle (Kinetic, this time around) has returned with the remastered version of Crota’s End Raid in D2. It’s a very powerful add-clearing weapon that triggers large AoE Explosions on precision kills, which in turn refill the magazine, and with the Desperation Perk, the rate of fire on this Auto Rifle goes to crazy 900 RPM, a mark no other gun in the game can reach. In the current meta, it is one of the best Primary Exotics in the game, and as a Weapon of Sorrow, it can be paired with the Necrotic Grip Exotic Gauntlets for a super powerful add-clearing build.

To add this weapon to the collection, players will have to defeat Crota, the final boss of the raid, acquire the Bottomless Pit Quest, and proceed to upgrade their base weapon from the Husk of the Pit to Eidolon Ally Legendary Auto Rifle, which is relatively easy. The hardest part is to farm the Crota’s End Encounters and complete raid Triumphs to gather 20 Essence of the Oversoul, which has a low drop rate. It is best to cooperate with dedicated Guardians using LFG channels to make the raid farming more efficient or consider the Destiny 2 Boost services if you don’t have the experience or time to participate in such a challenging activity.


Once a crazy powerful exotic, even after a series of Nerfs, it remains one of the best grenade launchers in the game. It is a great special weapon that you can fire and quickly switch to the main DPS weapon, while the Catalyst will auto-reload the next round, ready to fire on the following target location. A great AoE weapon with area control will be helpful in all sorts of Endgame content.

You can get the Witherhoard Kinetic Grenade Launcher from Exotic Kiosk in the Shadowkeep Exotics Category.

Osteo Striga

Since its introduction in Destiny 2, the Osteo Striga Kinetic SMG quickly became one of the community’s favorite weapons, and for a good reason. It has potent spreading poison damage, turning it into a great, if not the best, ad-clearing primary weapon. The gameplay is addictively nice and easy to use, with the bullets having auto-tracking on enemies. The stacking poison damage is even quite decent on a single target, combined with all the mentioned above, making it one of the monster guns for any D2 activity. Some players could argue that you don’t need other guns when you have the Osteo, especially with the Necrotic Grip Exotic Gauntlets.

Players must complete the Witch Queen campaign to get the SMG and acquire the weapon crafting pattern.

CALUS Mini-Tool

This legendary Solar SMG is one of the best weapons for the Solar Builds, with powerful Incandescent Perk and great survivability from the Unrelenting. The weapon is worth using the Deepsight Harmonizer to get the crating pattern.

You must purchase the Beyond Light expansion to access the Presage mission. When it’s active on the Mission Rotator, you can farm the mission for a chance to loot this SMG as one of the weapons from the Season of the Haunted. Farm the red border versions, unlock the crafting, and make your god roll.


The third incarnation of the IKELOS SMG is by far the most powerful one, with the addition of the Voltshot Perk and Rasputin’s Arsenal Origin Trait. IKELOS Arc SMG is extremely powerful and easily one of the best legendary primaries in the game – it melts through enemies and pairs with Arc 3.0 builds, while Voltshot can clear entire rooms.

Make sure to farm the Operation Seraph Shield when it’s on rotation – the SMG is one of the weapons from the Season of the Seraph included in the mission loot pool.

The Eremite

This High-Impact Solar Fusion Rifle introduced in the Season of the Witch has a unique combination of traits that can melt through the most powerful enemies with ease – Envious Assassin and Controlled Burst perks resulted in the highest DPS numbers among the Fusion Rifles, making it the best option for Boss DPS and any endgame content.

Apex Predator

The reintroduced version of this Solar Heavy Rocket Launcher elevated the weapon from one of the worst to the ranks of the best heavy options. The most stand-out perks that truly make this version of the Apex Predator special are the Reconstruction and Bait and Switch. These PvE perks applied to the Rocket Launcher created a borderline broken DPS option, making it one of the most desirable raid weapons in the game.

To farm the Apex Predator in the Last Wish Raid, players have to purchase the Forsaken Pack.


Another desired raid weapon is the Void Legendary Machine Gun – Commemoration. With the latest buffs to machine guns, this heavy weapon became one of the best options for sustained DPS against powerful ads, champions, and general clearing of endgame content. It can go through hordes of enemies with a single clip, and the god roll of Reconstruction + Killing Tally makes it one of the most reliable choices for the heavy slot.

You can get the weapon’s regular and red border versions from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, which requires the Beyond Light Expansion.

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