D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT Review

In the world of the Internet of Things and digital living, more devices and products are becoming smarter. With that, our D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT review will focus on something smart just for you.

This smart bundle from D-Link comes with all the things you’d need to get your smart home’s security system working.

It’s a smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT with intelligent motion sensors, high-definition Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, plus window & door sensors. It can directly interface with free mobile security apps designed to exclusively function with these pieces of hardware.

Today we’ll be looking at the D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT to learn how functional and efficient it is.

This D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT review will give you insights on its features and specifications. You’ll also get details about its design, functionality, and performance.   

D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT Packaging

We’ll begin our D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT review with the smart secure kit’s packaging.

The three items are packed in individual boxes yet are all kept in a single huge box. This primary box displays an image of the three products at the centre. Its background shows a picture of a home.

Aside from the images, the upper left portion displays D-Link, While the opposite corner shows “Smart DIY Security Kit”. At the bottom and on the right of the images, different features and specifications are displayed for your convenience.

When you open the main box, you will immediately find three individual boxes that carry the 8330LH, B112, and B122.

The DCS-8330LH is the Smart Hub/camera, which is the primary hub for linking everything to. DCH-B122 is the Smart Motion Detector, while the DCH-B112 is the Smart Door Sensor.

D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT Review – Design and Functionality

Now in our D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT review, we’re checking the design and functions of this smart security kit.


The DCS-8330LH is the smart full-HD camera with an integrated Smart Home Hub. It’s a combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and IVA (intelligent video analytics) detection with a 151-degree view of your room. The view is excellent with 1080p full HD at 30fps.

It’s a truly smart camera compared to other similar products since it only alerts you when it matters.

Recording-wise, the DCS-8330LH comes with several options. These include the ONVIF Profile-S for simultaneous local recording to your NVR or NAS.

Cloud Recording is another option. It’s for the event when recording to the Cloud, and when you view videos from wherever you are.

The Micro-SD Card Slot is the last option for recording videos to a 256GB microSD.

The Design

When it comes to the design, the DCS-8330LH exhibits a regular yet modern smart appearance. It’s entirely made from white matte plastic while featuring D-Link’s logo printed on its side.

On the hub’s base, you’ll find two screw holes for mounting the camera to a surface, or on the ceiling. Also, you’ll find a micro USB power jack on the base, two rubber feet, and a QR setup code.

The actual camera can easily swivel back and forth to provide you with the best angle and field of view. On the camera, it sports a reset button, speaker, and a microSD card slot.


The DCH-B112 is the Smart Door & Window Sensor. It seamlessly integrates with the DCS-8330LH Amazon Echo Plus or Smart Home. This tool is an actual smart sensor that detects the closing and opening of your windows and doors.

You won’t have to worry about doors or windows left open since checking them on your smartphone is possible. A neat feature of this sensor is its Bypass Button. It allows you to open windows and doors without triggering its notification/alert.

This sensor is also battery-powered so that you can place it anywhere in your home. It also features tamper detection and can trigger automation with your mydlink smart plugs and cameras.

Not only that, but the DCH-B112 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

The Design

The DCH-B112 is a sleek and compact sensor with pre-applied 3M tape on the magnet and sensor.

There’s a QR code at the bottom of the door sensor and in the box as well. The sensor also features a pre-installed battery, and all you need to do is pull the tab out.

What’s cool about the DCH-B112 is the tamper detection feature. When the sensor is removed from the mounting plate, it immediately sends an alert to your phone.


The last piece of the kit is the DCH-B122 Smart Motion Sensor. It works great with the mydlink Smart Home Hub or even Amazon Echo Plus.

This smart sensor lets you get motion detection notifications on your phone. It has about two years of battery life and offers a tamper detection feature for peace of mind.

The DCH-B122 works notably when it comes to picking up unexpected movements. When we tried it, we were able to switch on the lights upon entering the room automatically. It is possible when you link the sensor with a mydlink Smart Plug.

It can also trigger camera recordings whenever movements are detected at home. You can do this by pairing it with the Wi-Fi camera.

Just like the Smart Door & Window Sensor, this Motion Sensor is battery-powered for easier placement.

The DCH-B122 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and connects with Zigbee using a smart setup via the free mydlink application.


When it comes to the design, this Motion Sensor looks standard. It’s a bit small and discreet once you mount it on the wall. It features a PIR sensor at the centre, plus a LED status light at the top.

On its rear, you’ll see the QR Setup code which is also on the DCH-B122’s box. There’s a pre-installed battery, so you only need to pull the plastic tab to switch it on.

As for mounting, it’s straightforward. All you have to do is stick the mounting bracket to the wall, then put the sensor on the slot.

Key Features of the D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT

Now, our D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT review will focus on the different features of this Smart DIY Security Kit.

Built-In Tamper Detection

This feature will immediately inform you if someone is praying your sensor away from the door or window.

Supports Alexa, Google Assistant, & IFTTT

The kit easily and immediately integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo’s Alexa. It’s to achieve convenient hands-free voice control.

With IFTTT recipes, automate your other Smart Home compatible devices. You’ll save more time and enjoy a safer, more comfortable home.

Everything Works Together with the Mydlink App

Mydlinkapp makes your Smart Home highly responsive and within reach. With this application, you can connect and unify all of your Smart Home devices.

Enhance your mydlink Smart Full HD Wi-Fi Camera by linking it with other mydlink family gadgets. You can choose from a lot of Wi-Fi sensors, cameras, and smart plugs to create your perfect Smart Home surveillance.


This part of the D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT review is all about the specification of each Smart Security Tool.


The DCS-8330LH is a 1/2.7-inch megapixel CMOS sensor with a 3.0mm focal lens. It also has an aperture of F2.0.

For its angle of view, it has 126-degrees for the horizontal view, 63-degrees for the vertical, then 151-degrees for diagonal. For video resolution, the main profile is 1080p up to 30fps, while its second profile is 720p up to 15fps.

Its power adapter has 100 to 240V AC input, 50/60Hz, while its output is 5V DC 2.0A (micro-USB).


This sensor’s dimensions are 67 x 20 x 20mm and weighs 24.4g with the battery, and 14g without it. It uses a CR2 800mAh Lithium battery that can last up to three years, with 15 triggers per day.


The DCH-B122 uses a Zigbee TM connection with a 2.4GHz frequency. It measures 51.3 x 51.3 x 34.6mm. For its weight, it’s 44g with the battery, and 37.5g without it.

It uses a 500mAh CR-2450 lithium battery that can last up to 2 years with 15 triggers per day.

Hands-on with the D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT

This is the part of our D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT review that checks out the performance of the DCS-8331KT. Here, we’ll determine if it’s something worth purchasing and if it’s as good as what they claim.

D-Link’s security bundle integrates through the mydlinkapp. It’s not only fast, but it also connects each independent gadget over your Wi-Fi network. With that, you can easily monitor, schedule, and reset your system while on the go.

The sensor of the D-Link security bundle works excellently in detecting unexpected movement. When paired with the mydlink Smart Plug, it also switched the lights on automatically when someone walked into a room. When paired with the Wi-Fi Camera, it also triggered camera recordings immediately once it detected movement at home.

D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT Review – Summary

While there are a lot of available options on the market for smart home security, not all deliver efficient performance. Fortunately, the D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT is one of the best that we’ve used.

This security kit from D-Link comes with all the best features and is easy to install. Also, it’s easy to manage via the mydlink app, which offers a lot of options and settings to customise. Most importantly, it’s an affordable bundle that offers more than what you pay for.

To conclude our D-Link Smart DIY Security DCS-8331KT review, we highly recommend this security bundle. If you want this Smart Home surveillance system, you can purchase the security kit from the company’s official website.