spons8nov2 23 How to Make Your Mobile Phone Faster for Gaming 

How to Make Your Mobile Phone Faster for Gaming 

Since you’re here, it’s safe to say that you’re not satisfied with your current phone’s gaming capabilities. Well, you’re sharing this problem with millions of gamers worldwide, including us. Most phone manufacturers always design their phones with a focus on battery efficiency and other tasks and functions, but gaming performance isn’t always their top priority. That, of course, is when you’re looking at non-gaming phones.  

But many mid-tier phones nowadays can support mobile gaming even though it doesn’t have specific gaming features. All you need is to optimize the phone to make it faster for gaming. It won’t take much of your time, and making this a habit can even improve your phone’s overall performance. Let’s start! 

 Check Your Internet Connection 

Before blaming it all on your phone, you should first check the status of your internet connection. Sometimes, we don’t notice that our old internet plan has become insufficient for various reasons — whether it’s a recent transition to remote work, new members of the household, or even just a new gaming hobby you’ve discovered. 

Regardless of the reason, you should check if your current internet plan (speed and data allowance) is still sufficient for your gaming needs. And if you think it is, perform a speed test to see if you’re getting the right speed from your internet provider. If you’re not satisfied with your current ISP, then look for a better, reliable internet service provider like HughesNet. 

 Check Your Phone’s Specs 

Next, check if your current phone can handle the game you’re trying to play. Key points to look at are the processor, which is the heart of your phone’s performance, RAM, GPU, storage, and display. These specs determine whether your phone can handle graphically demanding games or run them smoothly. If your phone is not suitable for most games, it may be time for an upgrade. 

 Optimize Your Game Settings 

Most games allow you to modify the settings according to your preferences. You can lower the graphics quality, adjust the frame rate and resolution, and more. There are no set guidelines for optimizing your game settings, but a good rule of thumb is the lower the graphics settings, the smoother your game will run. Experiment with different settings to find the right balance between performance and visual preferences. 

 Clear Your Phone’s Storage Space 

Clearing storage space on your phone is like making room in your closet for new clothes. If your phone’s storage is nearly full, it can slow down your games. To help your games run better, remove things you don’t need.  

Just like you’d give away old clothes you don’t wear, delete apps you don’t use, and get rid of files you don’t need. You can also put some of your stuff in a storage box (external storage or cloud services) to free up space on your phone. This way, your phone has more space to work, and your games will run smoother. 

 Monitor and Manage Heat 

Mobile phones easily get hot when playing for longer times. When it gets too hot, your phone might slow down to cool off and prevent damage. To keep your phone from getting too toasty, consider playing in a cool environment. There are also affordable cooling fans and cases that you can use to enhance ventilation and keep your phone’s temperature down while gaming. 

Close Extra Apps on the Background 

When your phone has too many apps running simultaneously, it can slow down your phone and affect your gaming experience. So, it’s always advisable to close or swipe away all the unnecessary applications that you’re not currently using or are not needed. Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of forgetting to do this once in a while. However, if you make this a habit, you’ll be able to notice the difference on how your phone operates. 

 Keep Your Phone’s Software Updated 

Just like your computer needs updates to work better, your phone does, too. Sometimes, not having the latest software can cause problems with your games. So, make sure your phone’s operating system and gaming apps are ALWAYS updated. Phone manufacturers often release updates to make your phone work better, which results in a better gaming experience. 

The Bottom Line 

Even though you don’t have a gaming phone, you can always make do with your current phone with a few optimization steps. Whether you have an iPhone or android, you can follow this guide to make your phone faster for gaming. These tips work best, especially if you play games like Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, and Mobile Legends. Have fun playing!