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JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review

Looking for a good set of earphones without having to deal with the wires? Or maybe you do have a wireless one, but they just don’t cut it? Well, look no further, because today we will be checking out the latest earbuds in our JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds review. 

JLab just recently launched their new JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds. It offers a quiet experience with its Active Noise Control feature. With stress-free customisable controls, it really makes it truly wireless.

Now, let’s head on to unbox the package and see what’s inside.

JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds Packaging

The JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds comes in a sea blue rectangular box. To open, you just slide the cardboard sleeve to reveal the main contents.

The product model can be seen in front of the box. This makes it easier to find when you go to any gadget store.

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To the image’s top left, you can find the brand logo of the company. And below, you will find some of the features the product holds.

At the back, you will find the features of the product together with its description.

In the bottom, a diagram of the earbuds and case can be seen.

Alright, now let’s head on to the core of our package. 

Inside the Box

Sliding the cardboard sleeve reveals JLab’s logo together with the main product and the instruction manual. The instruction manual gives us some quick documentation of the product.                                             

The JLab EPIC AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds also comes with its own app. It is available for Apple and Android devices. Just download and run the app to apply the features to your phone. You will find it within the instruction manual.

On the lower portion, you will notice sets of softgel ear tips. You can freely exchange the size of the ear tips with any of the given ones. 

The earbuds also come with its very own case. It has an integrated charging cable, which is the signature of the JLab Audio Headphones. A lot of JLab’s earbuds and headphones come with cases like these.

The case can also be set down on a wireless charging plate. This charges both the case and the earbuds. 

Upon opening the case, you’ll find the earbuds inside. They are held together with magnets, so they have a stronger hold. It keeps them safe and prevents them from bouncing around the case.

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With these, you’ll find that JLab caters to their products and the quality they hold. Now, let’s move on to the next part of our JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds review.

JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review – Design and Functionality

This time on our JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds review, we will talk about the design and its corresponding functions.

The JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds is dark, compact, and durable. It is slightly angled to fit the proportions of the ear. This angle helps direct the audio to the ear canal.

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With its angle directed towards the ear canal, it helps the user listen more attentively.

Towards the lower part of the earbud is where you will find the microphone ports. This is for chatting. So you won’t find any trouble when important calls come.

You will also see several holes around the earbuds. These are also microphones, but that is for the Active Noise Control. This helps prevent any unwanted sounds coming into your ear.

Surrounding the inner earpiece is the black soft gel ear tip that goes into your ear. It has some kind of suction placement which makes it tight and comfortable. 

This maximises the space within the ear canal for the audio. The ear tip also has several sets so they can be swapped easily. This helps keep your inner ears clean. 

The JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds is truly a work of art when it comes to design. It keeps the authenticity of a regular earphone mixed in with stylistic alterations.  

Key Features of the JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds

Now, we’ll discuss the key features of these earbuds in our JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds review. 

Longer Life Span

Usually, Bluetooth devices don’t have much of a battery life. But with the JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds, we get a whopping 48+ hours of Bluetooth playtime. This new battery allows the earbuds to last longer than what we had hoped for.


When they say wireless, they mean it. Wireless charging has been one of the best innovations of our time, and we don’t have to deal with cables, wires or cords. 

The JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless earbuds and its case both have wireless charging. When you have a wireless charging plate at home, you won’t need to worry. Just simply place the earbuds inside the case and put it on the charging plate. 

If not, the case also has a folding cable which is integrated within the case itself. This charges both the case and the earbuds. We can see that JLab’s goal is to remove the stress of dealing with wires. 


As mentioned earlier, JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds has its own app. This app has various software options for your earbuds and phone. 

With the JLab AIR ANC app, you’ll have full control. This is true, especially with the customisable ANC (Active Noise Control) settings, Be-aware feature and touch controls.

What is Active Noise Control? Active Noise Control removes unwanted noise coming to your ear. It also has an alternative side called the Be-aware feature. This is when the microphones receive outside sounds. This keeps you from harm when you’re out and about.

There are many options to choose from. You can switch between ANC and Be-aware. If it’s too much, you can easily adjust the way you want your ANC to run. Edit the ANC in the settings to maximise your earbuds potential.

Touch controls make managing your earbuds simpler. The setting allows users to personalise their own preferences.

An example would be, you want to change the song; so one tap could do that, and two taps could jump over or even three taps to shuffle.

The touch controls release the stress of having to go through your phone to change the songs or to stop the music entirely. 

Presetting this may take time, but having the comfort to manage what your hearing effortlessly, definitely outweighs it.

The JLab AIR ANC app also gets software updates for your product right when they are available. This way, you won’t need to worry about how or when you will be upgrading the software.

Dual Connection and C3 Calling

One of the new features JLab has added to their earphones is Dual Connect and C3 Calling. With these earbuds, you’ll find that each earpiece is independent of each other. You have the option to connect to one or both earbuds and experience the same seamless connection.

C3 Calling grants a clearer experience with phone calls. One mic takes and removes outside noise while the other captures your voice for clean conversations.

Movie Mode

Sometimes watching a movie while commuting can be a drag if the lip sync is off. With Movie Mode, it elevates your watching experiences with super low latency. This reduces lag, so voices match up perfectly to the screen.

Wear Detect Sensor

The JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds is designed with an infrared sensor in each bud. When removing the earbud, the sensor will automatically pause whatever it is that’s playing. This is the same when putting them back on.



The JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds includes the earbuds pair, integrated charging case, three sets of silicone gel tips and 1 set of Cloud Foam™ Eartips.

The Bluetooth is a class 1 Bluetooth 5 with a range of 30+ ft. It weighs in 7g each and 57g for the charging case. It also has an IP rating of IP55 and a two-year warranty.


The speakers contain an 8mm Dynamic Neodymium Magnet with 20Hz to 20kHz. 

For the output, it has 110+/-3db. This indicates that in the middle of two frequencies, a frequency response graph of the speakers would not diverge over 3db. 

The microphone has 3 MEMS for each earbud, providing a total 40dB+/-3dB for both.


The JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless earbuds has 12+ hours. If we add the charging case, which is 36+ hours, we get a total of 48+ hours. For the ANC battery, with a single charge, you get 12+ hours ANC off and 8+ hours ANC on.

The earbuds battery contains a rechargeable lithium coin cell of 90mAh. This extends the life of the earbuds together with its other features. The charging case battery has a rechargeable lithium ion of 700mah.

Usually, you would have to charge the earbuds for a full 3 hours. But you could also do a quick charge which is 15 minutes. That roughly gives you 1+ hours of battery life.


The charging case has a USB Type A port together with its alternative wireless charging component. By having alternative ways to charge, your device becomes versatile in adapting to any situation.

Hands-on with the JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds

In our JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds review, we’re going to get our hands-on with the earbuds and see how it carries out. We tested both the earbuds and the AIR ANC App. Let’s start with the earbuds.

The Earbuds

JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless earbuds really went out of their way for this one. When setting up, there were no Bluetooth pairing problems. It was fast and easy to connect. With the Dual Connect feature, we didn’t have any trouble at all.

The App 

Moving on, the earbuds may look like your average wireless earbuds, but they provide tranquillity with their ANC feature. With ANC on, focusing on just the music helps keep a steady focus when doing daily activities. 

Even while watching a movie, ANC alleviated those unwanted sounds so we could enjoy the full experience. With the super low latency in Movie Mode, there were no bad lip syncs Bluetooth devices usually have.

When testing the app, we were able to manage our tasks effortlessly. There was no need to scavenge through the phone to alter any of our settings. With the touch controls, it allowed us to sort out our preferences. 

When having our options be managed so easily, it truly felt as if we were free. With just one tap, you could alter, change or even shuffle your music. This is one of the features we loved the most.

After testing the earbuds, the integrated charging case made it trouble-free to charge the earbuds anywhere. It acts like a power bank, where you can just quickly charge it wherever you are. No need to find any outlet.

In the end, the company definitely excelled in creating earbuds that would benefit everyone. Other than excellent, it showed us that there is always room for an upgrade. With the upcoming updates for the software app, we should be expecting greater things soon.

JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review Summary

The JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless earbuds is one of the best earbuds from JLab. As we anticipated, from a company that delivers such great headphones, we expected no less. It not only delivers what is advertised, but it makes a great partner for you.

Whether you want to jam to some amazing tunes, watch a heartfelt movie or just find peace and tranquillity; the JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless earbuds creates a safe space just for you.

With that, we end our JLab Epic AIR ANC True Wireless Earbuds review with no regrets. We find that you will love the earbuds just as much as we do. If you want to check out this product some more, you can check here for their official website.