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Kiwi Ears Quintet Review

Today, we are writing this Kiwi Ears Quintet Review to discuss a product from a relatively new brand. It has acquired notable acclaim thanks to its outstanding value-for-money products. Its current release, the Quintet in-ear monitors, has a notably distinct configuration. 

This product has one DLC (diamond-like carbon) dynamic driver, a planar magnetic driver, and two balanced armature BA drivers. It also has a PZT (piezoelectric) bone conductor. 

To learn more about this product, continue reading our Kiwi Ears Quintet Review. We will discuss its design, functions, specs, features, and performance. 

But before we get into detail, what did Kiwi Ears include in the box? Let us find out. 

Kiwi Ears Quintet Review Packaging

The Quintet box comes in an elaborately designed cardboard sleeve dominated by an image of the IEMs, as well as the stylised Logos. Removing the sleeve reveals a simple black cardboard box with a stylised Kiwi Ears logo at the front. 

When you open the box, you will find the Quintet IEMs and all other accessories, including the following:

  • One Carrying Case
  • Silver-plated Copper Cable
  • Six Silicone Ear Tips

Kiwi Ears Quintet Review – Design and Functionality

The design of its shells sports a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. Its faceplates display a subtle matte silver finish to avoid instances of glare. Plus, it contrasts nicely with the glossy and gently contoured black coloured shells.  

When we unboxed it for our Kiwi Ears Quintet Review, we assumed it was heavy due to its solid appearance. However, its shells are lightweight, and the fit is comfortably accommodating.

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The shell housing employs a dense, shadowy resin reminiscent of the material in the Quartet IEMs. It effectively conceals the intricate drivers Inside.

While the faceplate has a subtle and unassuming design, its anodised finish has proven remarkably resilient for everyday use. It resists smudges with excellent efficiency and remains devoid of the slightest micro-scratches.

On one IEM faceplate (right), a muted Quintet logo adorns the lower portion of the shell. The other faceplate showcases the Kiwi Ears logo, which is elegantly stylised.

The Quintet has a stock cable with a 4-core construction of oxygen-free, silver-plated copper. It sports a 3.5mm single-ended plug and a 0.78mm 2-pin connector. 

The cable exhibits remarkable durability and a sleek, glossy exterior. The semi-transparent casing, tinted in black, offers a glimpse into the inner workings, showcasing the silver-plated copper wires within.

The plug has gold plating and a meticulously crafted cylindrical metal casing adorned with the Kiwi Ears logo. A distinctive feature of the cable is the presence of a chin strap. It shares the same impeccably polished cylindrical metal finish band and is free from branding.

Key Features of the Kiwi Ears Quintet 

The Quintet is a unique pair of IEMs that use multiple drivers, but why is it one of the best? Learn more as we discuss its primary features and determine if it meets your audio demands.

Four Driver Types and Five Drivers on Each Side

Each side of the Quintet uses five drivers of four different types, resulting in high-resolution audio. Its output is comparable to professional-grade studio monitors.

Kiwi Ears used a 10mm DLC driver as the subwoofer due to its high tensile strength and responsiveness. It produces impactful bass with fast decay speeds. Two Knowles balanced armature drivers offer natural, resolving mids for enhanced audio quality.

Balanced Tonal Signature

One thing we noticed during our product tests for this Kiwi Ears Quintet Review was its balanced sound signature. Kiwi Ears values balanced sound signature when creating their products, and it took almost one year to develop the Quintet. Combining all driver types caused engineering difficulties but resulted in a balanced tone.

The Quintet also accurately presents the best qualities of each driver. It offers a fast and powerful sub-bass with a 9dB shelf transitioning into flat mids at 300 Hz. This mid-bass shifting guarantees a slight warmth in the lower mids, retaining the neutrality in the upper mids.

With a balanced tonal signature, the Quintet can reproduce natural and clean audio without bloating and muddying. The treble peaks at 3 kHz to match the acoustic perception of the pinna (outer part of the human ear). It is also highly detailed with sparkles without harshness or shrillness.

The Quintet offers an excellent sound that gradually fades into the upper treble, extending until 40 kHz. As a result, these IEMs have better resolution with an airy soundstage and atmosphere.

Micro Planar Transducers (MPT) 

Achieving a high-quality ultra-treble is challenging for IEMs. Although BA drivers are compact, these have to limit timbre quality and output while offering a low ultra-treble extension. EST drivers are difficult to use in multi-driver setups due to low output and can sound metallic at high voltage.

To solve these issues with drivers, Kiwi Ears developed a new ultra-treble tweeter measuring only 5mm. It has a tremendous 118dB output. 

The MPT drivers efficiently produce sustained high frequencies from 4 to 40kHz. It maintains stable and constant sound pressure to make up for the diminishing treble output of BA and EST drivers. As a result, it offers high flexibility in tuning the MPT to match other drivers like DD and BA. 

MPT drivers also offer a more natural tonal texture than BA and EST drivers to achieve a better integration in the mix. Thanks to the MPR drivers, we enjoyed the audio quality of these IEMs while testing for the Kiwi Ears Quintet Review.


  • Type: In-Ear Monitors
  • Drivers: 1x Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Dynamic Driver, 1 Piezoelectric (PZT) Bone Conductor, 1x Planar Magnetic driver, 2x Balanced Armature (BA) Drivers
  • Cable Type: 3.5mm Stereo Cable
  • Cable Length and Material: 1.2m, High-quality Oxygen-free Silver-plated Copper Cable
  • Connectors: 2-pin, 0.78mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 30kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 106dB

Hands-on with the Kiwi Ears Quintet 

This product has a de­ep, strong bass. Unlike some he­adphones with a V-shaped sound, it’s not too intense­. The focus on the bass makes the­ sound warm and rich.

The Quintet’s midrange offe­rs crisp clarity. The lower midrange has a warm sound, making a cle­ar and pleasing sound.

The upper midrange­ sound is top-tier, offering clarity and space. Wind instrume­nts sound sharp, and female vocals are e­nergetic. This gives the­ overall sound character.

We e­xamined the treble­ in our review. It’s dynamic and mystical.

Cymbals and wind instruments de­liver an exciting ene­rgy. We noticed some hissing, but it was still okay.

De­tail-identifying separate cymbal strike­s was easy. The ene­rgy in high-pitched sounds took the auditory journey to anothe­r level, leading to an imme­rsive experie­nce.

The Quinte­t shines with the way it handles high note­s and in-depth audio details. It can make any vocal pe­rformance sound great.

You’d think the high note­s might tire your ears, but they don’t. Not e­ven the loud trumpets.

The­ Quintet sounds larger than life – that might be­ too much for some. There’s some­thing special about its melodies and arrange­ments that stick with you, especially the­ first time you hear them.

Did we­ mention the Quintet’s soundstage­? It’s wide, really wide. It doe­sn’t matter if the sound is close or far; the­ quality is the same. It might not be totally life­like, but it’s a thrilling listening expe­rience.

The de­pth of the Quintet’s sound is impressive­. It’s rare to find earphones at this price­ that can offer such a full sound. It’s like expe­riencing sound from all directions, making for a unique liste­ning experience­.

Kiwi Ears Quintet Summary

The Quintet is a unique IEM with superior audio quality. It has a perfectly balanced sound signature, especially considering its price. Plus, it has an impactful bass, crisp mids, and brilliant highs, making its sound distinctive as its driver setup.

We enjoyed listening to various tracks while using these IEMs for this Kiwi Ears Quintet Review.

We highly recommend this product to anyone who wants affordable IEMs that deliver an enjoyable listening experience. Learn more about the Quintet when visiting the official product page of Linsoul