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Place and Trace: Early Theft Detection, 24-7 Monitoring with Smartphone Notifications 

Smart Chain Accelerator, (, a division of Irvine-based Procon Analytics, is introducing Place and Trace, an affordable GPS device with pinpoint accuracy that can greatly assist consumers and law enforcement with recovering stolen vehicles and valuables. This virtual security guard is a physical unit that links with your phone to provide a simple and convenient way of keeping track of your vehicle, boat, RV, watercraft, equipment, and other valued possessions.

Place and Trace features the latest battery, cellular, and GPS technology in providing real-time monitoring to aid with rapid theft recovery. Place and Trace can last about four years on a single charge, and its compact cellular technology can notify users immediately through a phone notification whenever there is tilt or acceleration suspicious activity, but it also connects to a recovery hotline and the local police department to ensure their valuables are safe and recovered immediately when stolen.

“There are many home security products from pet trackers to parents using the GPS on their kids’ phones to keep tabs on them. What about the other things you value?  Place and Trace is for all those other things in life you want to stay connected with and protect,” said Daniel Walpole, chief revenue officer at Smart Chain Accelerator.

Benefits of Smart Chain Accelerator’s GPS unit, Place and Trace, include:

  • Easy to use: Place and Trace orders can be made online in under 90 seconds. Smart Chain Accelerator has made it simple for anyone to download the app, register your account, activate the unit, and pair it with your phone within a few minutes. The app can manage multiple Place and Trace valuables at the same time and is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • Affordability: Only a one-time purchase price is needed with no recurring fees or contracts. The app is free, and the device has a four-year battery life.
  • Accessibility: The Place and Trace hardware can be placed virtually anywhere. It works best when the device has a good line of sight to the sky with no metal obstructions above it. Place and Trace can be easily secured with zip ties or Velcro.
  • Accuracy: A team of recovery specialists work directly with customers and their local police departments to ensure the property is returned as quickly as possible. The device itself has a location accuracy within 2.5 feet.
  • Rapid Response and Recovery: Place and Trace has a 94% Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) success rate and an average recovery time of less than three hours.

So far this year, Walpole said of 104 vehicles stolen that were equipped with the company’s advanced GPS technology, 91 percent were recovered in as little as four minutes.

Smart Chain Accelerator has launched an Indiegogo campaign, (  ), to spread awareness about Place and Trace among consumers and the investment community. Place and Trace is available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $99.

ABOUT Smart Chain Accelerator

Today, Smart Chain Accelerator, a division of Irvine-based Procon Analytics, connects thousands of businesses to powerful analytics and customer insights that help to make smarter, faster, and more profitable business decisions.

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