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Schiit Modius DAC Review

Schiit is a name that does not need introductions. It is a brand many know in the audio market because of its excellent quality products. In our Schiit Modius DAC Review, we will discuss one of their offerings for amplifying and enhancing your audio experience.

The Modius DAC is a high-fidelity D/A converter and a capable, well-balanced product offering single-ended and quality output. It offers super high performance and optimised versatility. 

With it, you can link to any PC, streamer, tabled, CD player, or TV to enhance audio. 

To learn more about this product, continue reading our Schiit Modius DAC Review. Here, you will get information about its design, functions, features, specs, and how it performs. 

Schiit Modius DAC Packaging

Schiit delivered the Modius DAC in a box that resembles those used for other Schiit products. Its box features the company branding and some essential details about the Modius DAC.

Inside, you will only find a few items, which include the following:

  • Modius E Balanced DAC
  • USB Micro Cable
  • 5V USB Wall-Wart

Schiit Modius DAC Review – Design and Functionality

For this Schiit Modius DAC Review, we have the black Modius E. It features an ESS ES9028 chip, which swaps out the AKM DAC. It is a stripped-down DAC without a display/remote and does not even have a power button.

Speaking of power, you can self-power it via USB or the provided external 5V adapter.

Regarding the product, it exudes a sense of quality and durability. The housing is crafted entirely from metal, lending it a sturdy and robust construction. In addition, it is slim, compact, and lightweight, making it highly and conveniently portable.

The top cover, made of smooth aluminium, adds a delightful tactile experience.

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The sides and bottom feature thinner textured metal, avoiding any plastic materials. You will find a single button for switching between inputs on the front panel. 

At the rear, two stereo output connectors along the input ports are present. Inputs include Toslink SPDIF, Coaxial SPDIF, AES, and USB. Plus, it has a balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs.

When connected to a PC, there is no need for an external power source as it can draw power directly. 

Conversely, a passive input such as TOSLINK lets you power the unit via a USB power adapter.

Plug-and-Play Design of the Schiit Modius DAC

One of the highlights of the Modius DAC is its plug-and-play design with universal connectivity. Its USB connection allows you to use it with your CD player, television, computer, laptop, smartphone, and other gadgets.

Aside from that, it works on a low-power draw, so you can guarantee it will not damage your smartphone. It is an ingenious design you will not find on other balanced DACs currently on the market.

The Modius DAC is virtually compatible with almost any device with audio output. You can also choose from AES, optical, and coaxial digital audio sources. It lets you maximise each dollar spent on the product.

Key Features of the Schiit Modius DAC

The Modius has many noteworthy features, making it one of the best and most cost-efficient DACs. So, we will look into them in our Schiit Modius DAC Review.

High-Performance DAC and USB

The Modius DAC E introduces an exceptional DAC and USB interface, setting a new standard for high-performance audio. The exclusive Unison USB technology ensures seamless compatibility with modern devices. 

It is paired with the ESS ES9028 D/A converter and dedicated balanced and single-ended output stages featuring DC-coupled output. Modius delivers unparalleled audio performance, all at an incredibly affordable price.

Top-notch Versatility of the Schiit Modius DAC

Plug the Modius DAC E into any PC or streamer via the provided USB A-C cable, and you are set. You can also choose coaxial, optical, or AES digital sources and utilise the included wall power supply.  

Or, if you want to connect something with a low-power draw, use the provided wall power supply to remove this specific issue. What we speak of is drawing too much power error. 

Perfect Stack with Asgard, Lyr, and Jotunheim

The product features an exact footprint as the well-known mid-sized amp series. Modius DAC is ideal if you are searching for more connectivity than internal cards.

This DAC can work with anything, so you do not need one of the Schiit amps to use it. 

Designed and Built in Texas

It means most of the total production cost for this product goes to the companies manufacturing in the United States. The chassis of the Modius DAC are produced in California. However, its metal comes from Texas. Its PCBs are created in Nevada, California, or Utah. 

Although its wall warts are Taiwan-made, it is still quality-made and ensures 100% durability. 

Two-Year Warranty + 15-Day Return

The Modius DAC has a limited 2-year warranty covering labour and parts. Additionally, if, for some reason, you dislike your product, you can still send it. It is for a refund within 15 days of receiving the item. 

However, it is good to note that a minus of 15% will be applied to the restocking fee.

Continue reading this Schiit Modius DAC Review to learn its specifications and how the product performed during our tests.


  • Highest Output: 2.0V RMS single-ended, 4.0V RMS balanced
  • SE or Balanced Outputs:
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz, +/-0.02dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: over 118dB with or without external power, referenced to full output
  • Intermodulation Distortion: 0.0004% with or without external power
  • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: 0.0003% with or without external power
  • Crosstalk: -125dB, 20-20kHz
  • Inputs: USB, Toslink SPDIF, Coaxial SPDIF, AES
  • Sample Rates and Bit Depths: 16-bit 44.1 kHz to 24-bit 192 kHz
  • USB Input Receiver: Schiit Unison USB
  • D/A Conversion IC: ESS ES9028
  • Analogue Stage:
    – LME49724 for balanced output
    – OPA1656 for SE output
    – Both are independent and DC-coupled with film capacitors and precision thin-film resistors 
  • Output: XLR balanced and RCA single-ended
  • Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Power Supply:
    – USB-powered with +/-5V switching rail generator
    – Auxiliary USB input for 0mA power draw devices (e.g. tablets and phones) 
  • Dimensions: 22.8 x 15.24 x 3.8cm
  • Weight: 0.9kg

Hands-on with the Schiit Modius DAC

How does it perform? Is it as good as claims? 

In this part of our Schiit Modius DAC Review, we will share our hands-on experience with Modius DAC. We tested it for a week to determine if it was as efficient as other products from Schiit. 

When we played a track for the first time, we immediately noticed its rich detail.

This DAC delivered an expanded soundstage, which allowed us to hear more nuances in different songs, regardless of the genre. It offered incredible detail, all while keeping everything nice a clear. The clarity of the audio really helped to bring out each of the instruments in hte music.

Aside from detail and clarity, we loved the clean sound of this Modius DAC.

The Modius DAC delivered livelier audio with an extended touch and was more consistent. The boosted sub-bass enhanced the overall audio quality of the original Modius but decreased its warmth. 

We listened to various genres to hear how the DAC would enhance the sound.

The midrange of this DAC was also detailed and impressive. Highs were also good and not overpowered, which provided a good balance for the overall sound.

Distortion was barely audible, even when we increased its volume levels. It was almost inaudible, making this DAC a perfect steal considering its price.

The Modius DAC delivered high-quality audio with more impactful sounds. These made our audio more fun and addictive, yet easier on the ears. We tried listening to music for one whole day and did not experience fatigue.

With the Modius DAC, Schiit aims at music lovers who want to listen critically and observe each detail. This product allows you to hear nuances like the subtle details of stringed instruments, the full vocal range of a singer, etc. 

What makes this DAC even better is it delivers all these for a more affordable price. With its audio quality, recommending the Modius DAC is easy.

Schiit Modius DAC Review Summary

Before using a DAC, knowing its purpose is essential, and you must remember that it will not replace high-quality headphones. It will require you to invest in those before considering a DAC that will enhance the final output. However, a good pair of headphones with a good DAC will significantly change your music-listening experience.

The Modius DAC offers excellent value for money. Testing it for our Schiit Modius DAC Review improved our audio experience by delivering adequate detail and clarity. Plus, it works for music and games, so we recommend this DAC to gamers.

Aside from high-quality audio, this DAC has an excellent build and design. Its brushed aluminium body is also compact, offering a premium look that suits any aesthetic. Plus, you can choose from black or silver versions.

Conventional or old amplifiers are often unable to handle digital signals, making them unable to detect digital sources. As a result, they are unable to find digital audio files. Fortunately, the Modius DAC solves this issue.

This DAC is an excellent product for an average user who wants to enhance your listening experience. It also works for audiophiles who need quick tools for audio enhancements. 

We highly recommend this all-around DAC for any user who wants an affordable way to upgrade audio. Its premium build, portability, plug-and-play design, high-quality audio, and compatibility with digital sources make it an excellent DAC. It is the perfect product for an aurally impressive solution. 

Visit the official product page of Schiit for more details about the Modius DAC.