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VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review

Today, we are writing our VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review to discuss its notable 8-in-1 heat press machine. This product lets you make customised items like T-shirts, signs, and pillowcases perfect for personal or business use. 

VEVOR is a brand known for specialising in tools and equipment at low prices. Moreover, it offers everyone premium-quality products that are tough and durable. So, you can expect nothing less from its Heat Press machine. 

Continue reading this VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review to know everything about its design, functions, features, specs, and performance.

VEVOR Heat Press Machine Packaging

The machine ships in a standard cardboard box that is solid and durable to protect everything inside. There are thick cuts of Styrofoam inside, protecting the VEVOR Heat Press Machine and other inclusions. 

Other than the Heat Press, which is fully assembled with Platen Press, you will also find other items included: 

  • Hat Press
  • 2x Plate Presses
  • 4x Mug Presses
  • Removable Silicone and Cotton Pad
  • Screwdriver
  • Power Cord
  • Wrench
  • Operating Manual

VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review – Design and Functionality

Of course, we looked into the style and functions of the product for this VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review. It is a 12×15-inch heat press that uses the current two-layer insulation technology, which helps in optimising transfer performance. 

Its stability, motherboard, and temperature control device are further optimised. Plus, all accessories you need to get started are in the package, allowing you to create stunning results. 

We were able to experience its durability and performance while testing the product. However, we will discuss more of this topic later in our VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review. 

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Additionally, the VEVOR Heat Press Machine features massive heating plates, which are eye-catching based on design. It measures 30x38cm, spacious enough to work on various projects. 

Bottom Plate of the VEVOR Heat Press Machine

Its bottom plate is crafted entirely of a solid metal platform featuring a detachable, heatproof silica-gel pad. It works by absorbing heat to prevent instances of scorching. Simultaneously, it also aids in the application of balanced pressure. 

The top plate of the VEVOR Heat Press Machine is what heats up. It also requires proper adjustment to get the correct temperature transfer. We appreciate VEVOR for allowing users to change its temperature display to Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

Lastly, the unit is built from sturdy and solid steel, giving it a premium and solid feel. 

Key Features of the VEVOR Heat Press Machine 

Accurate Digital Controller

The VEVOR Heat Press Machine sports an attractive controller with a digital display and a button for convenience. It also has a user-friendly interface, so you only need a single press for quick operation. 

The LCD and its easy-to-use buttons make the VEVOR Heat Press Machine simple and convenient. With these features, you can effortlessly set your preferred parameters as needed. 

Additionally, once the machine achieves the set time and temperature, you will receive a notification stating it is complete. 

Durable & Reliable Handle

While writing this VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review, we noticed its upgraded rubber handle. It does not feel cheap and has sufficient thickness, making it more comfortable to grip. 

360-degree Rotating Design

This product features a swing-away, guide rail style that offers a complete range of pressure that goes evenly and directly. 

Since its arm can fully rotate at 360 degrees, you can allow it to move to the side. It may appear simple, but this feature helps decrease the chances of accidental contact with your skin/body.  

Moreover, you can position the arm to apply pressure downwards evenly and directly. Doing so further optimises the quality of your transfers. 

Adequate Details

The VEVOR Heat Press Machine features an adequately designed handle to help facilitate movement. It also comes with a dedicated button for conveniently adjusting height. 

Remember that this product will perform notably and smoothly when you set it on a solid and stable base. It will guarantee top-notch performance and impressive results for your project. o

VEVOR Heat Press Machine 2-layer Insulation Pad

The machine features two layers of thermal insulation pads, a 4mm aluminium-silicate insulation pad, and a 10mm thermostable sponge. These elements help optimise the transfer effect when working with the product. 

Complete Accessories

After unboxing the machine for this VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review, we realised VEVOR included the necessary accessories to begin printing. With these, you can start working on numbers, letters, or images on caps, T-shirts, ceramic plates, etc. 

Adjustable Spring Plate

We love that you can replace its adjustable spring plate with various accessories. You can change it to a mug or cap press without effort during assembly. 

Additionally, its round-shaped aesthetic is essential for distributing pressure evenly. In our opinion, this layout is more convenient than an entirely flat surface. 

8-in-1 Versatile Kit

Since it has a 30x38cm heat plate, you can enjoy worry-free creation since space will not be an issue. This product uses a stable, non-stick Teflon-coated platen that improves the outcome of your work. 

Thanks to these, the VEVOR Heat Press Machine is ideal for applying numbers, letters, and patterns on various products. 


  • Wattage: 1250W
  • Temperature Range: 200 – 450°F(95-232°C)
  • Timer control: 0 – 999 seconds
  • Adjustable height: 34.29cm – 43.18cm
  • Cord Length: 11.43cm
  • Dimension (w/ platen press): 38.73 x 38.1 x 43.18 (L x W x H)
  • Eight Elements
  • Platen Press (Teflon-coated): 30 x 38cm
  • Hat/Cap Press: 13.97×8.89cm (curved)
  • Mug Press Sizes
    – #1: 5.08 – 6.99cm in diameter (10oz)
    – #2: 7.62 – 8.89cm diameter (11oz)
    – #3: 12oz latte mug (Cone)
    – #4: 17oz latte mug (Cone)
  • Plate Press Sizes
    – #1: 20.32cm max diameter
    – #2: 25.4cm max diameter
  • Product Size: 38.5 x 29.5 x 35.5 cm
  • Package Size: 47.5 x 45 x 52 cm

Hands-on with the VEVOR Heat Press Machine 

We used this product for two weeks to test and determine its performance. In this VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review, we will discuss everything we experienced with it. But before we look deeper into this topic, we will discuss its setup process and precautions. 

Setup and Precautions When Using the VEVOR Heat Press Machine

Here, we will share a step-by-step process to start using the product. Following this will help you properly transfer any design without too much hassles. 

Set the VEVOR Heat Press Machine on a Solid, Flat Surface 

Before working on any project, it is necessary to place the heat press on the correct surface. Set the product on a robust, solid, flat table or workspace to avoid problems and issues.  

Remember to place the VEVOR Heat Press Machine on a sturdy surface. If unsure, refer to the manual included in the package to determine how to set the machine properly. 

Set the Machine to Get the Correct Temperature

You should set it to the correct temperature/pressing time after placing the VEVOR Heat Press Machine on a sturdy surface. It is an essential step based on the material you plan to use.

The manual is handy, so refer to it whenever necessary. It provides instructions and details on ideal temperature and time settings for materials. 

For optimal results, follow these guidelines in the user manual, such as the ideal temperature for printing on shirts. For the latter, make sure that the heat is 200 degrees. 

Place the Material on the Surface Before Applying Adequate Pressure

If you want to work on a T-shirt, ensure the VEVOR Heat Press Machine has adequate heat. After achieving the required temperature, set the fabric flat on its lower plate. 

Check if the fabric is correctly positioned without any wrinkles and folds. From here, you can apply the necessary pressure via its adjustment knob/level.

Remember, knowing the thickness and type of fabric you will work with is essential when doing such projects. 

Begin the Heating Process

After determining the proper pressure and temperature of the machine, you need to decrease the level of its upper plate. From there, close the heat press based on your timer. 

Remember to always set the timer according to the suggested pressing time. The time for each material varies, and using the wrong one could cause problems for your project. 

When you finish, you can start the heat-pressing process. Here, the VEVOR Heat Press Machine will release heat and pressure to help transfer your design to the material. 

Keeping the product closed to touch the material is vital for the pressing time. 

Let the Material Cool Down 

Once the pressing time is complete, you will hear the beeping notification from the machine. You can now open the VEVOR Heat Press Machine and remove the material carefully. 

However, ensure the machine has cooled down before removing any material or sheet. Additionally, study the manual to determine how to use the product correctly for other items like mugs. 

Safety Measures When Using VEVOR Heat Press Machine

We appreciate VEVOR for including safety features in the machine, providing a sense of security for its users. For instance, its swing-arm design lets the product rotate 30 degrees. It prevents possible contact when heating components – a common accident when doing such projects. 

Of course, the safety precautions are available in the included manual. It is best to check it out before using the VEVOR Heat Press Machine. 

To give you an idea, here are some quick safety tips to follow before working on your prints. 

  • Open the window for proper ventilation.
  • Only use the appropriate materials when doing the project.
  • If you have long hair, secure your hair back and tie it in a bun if necessary.
  • Avoid leaving the heat press unattended during use. 
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and keep liquids away from the machine. 
  • Do not wear loose clothing while working with the VEVOR Heat Press Machine.

VEVOR Heat Press Machine Performance

We tested the VEVOR Heat Press Machine with various items to determine how well it would perform. Surprisingly, it was user-friendly and more sturdy than we expected. We did not have to worry about the press moving around since its weight kept it in place.

Another noticeable aspect of this product was its heating since its temperature was even all around. As a result, we did not have failed prints during our tests.

The game-changer in the VEVOR Heat Press Machine is its swing-arm design. Aside from its stylish appearance, it was practical for smooth and precise operation.

We also loved the signalling capability of this product since it offered added convenience. Its beep was audible and notified us when the transfer was nearing completion. Plus, it automatically powered down once the process ended.

The two-layer insulation technology kept the temperature consistent. Its surface remained at only 50-70­°C on the surface even though we were working at 215°C. This surface temperature was lower than conventional shirt press machines with 70-100°C temperatures, making it safer when we used it.

The VEVOR Heat Press Machine is an excellent product that is easily recommended. It has many impressive features that make printing more convenient.

VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review Summary

We loved this VEVOR Heat Press Machine. Its size makes it easy to move around and store when not in use. The company included all the necessary accessories, including heat transfer paper, vinyl sheets, and more.

The integrated digital controller of this product is another aspect worth mentioning in our VEVOR Heat Press Machine Review. It allows adjusting and setting the precise temperature and timer depending on the material type you are working on.

Another thing we loved about the VEVOR Heat Press Machine is the size of its work surface. Since it has adequate space, you can work on T-shirts, trousers, pillows, aluminium cards, bags, and more. It is a highly versatile product that allows you to work on many items, and the sky is your limit.

The VEVOR Heat Press Machine has an adjustable pressure on the heating plate, allowing for more efficient printing. It is also easily replaceable with accessories like the mug press and cap press when you want to add designs on mugs and caps.

This product is for anyone who wants a reliable heat press machine that offers excellent value for money. It is user-friendly, allowing amateurs and professionals to enjoy making items with heat-pressed designs. It is an excellent upgrade for home printing businesses that need more efficient machines.

Visit the official VEVOR product page for more details about the VEVOR Heat Press Machine.