WD Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review

WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review

Our WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review focuses on the gaming drive and what it has in store for us.

Generally, a usual concern with the Xbox One and other gaming consoles is where to keep all the purchased games. And with the ever-growing selection of game titles popping out, your internal hard drive will fill-up in a snap.

Looking around, you’ll notice the number of hard drives available for boosting storage for your PC and gaming consoles. But with WD or Western Digital, they recently announced some new products under their WD Black line.

Today, we’re taking a look at the WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive for the Xbox One. We’re checking its specifications, features, and performance. We’re also taking a look if it’s something worth the purchase.

So first up on our WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review is what’s inside its package.

WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review – Packaging

What we got from Western Digital is this WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive. It has a clean and simple-looking package with only a few details about the drive.

WD Black P1 Game Drive Photos 1 WD Black P1 Game Drive Photos 2 WD Black P1 Game Drive Photos 3 WD Black P1 Game Drive Photos 4

At the bottom of the box, you’ll see the drive’s size and its performance quality. The centre displays an image of the drive to give you an idea of its design before purchase.

When you open the box, the first thing you’ll see is the game drive kept in place. Western Digital ensures that their products are secure to avoid damages and the like.

Other than the WD Black, other items present in the box includes a USB cable. Specifically, the cable is a USB 3.0 A male to a micro Type-B. Other items in the package include a few important literature like the user manual. It’s good that the company kept the quick start guide straightforward and easy to understand.

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Next on our WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review is its design and functions.

WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review – Design and Functionality

The WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive is technically a straightforward storage device that is designed specifically for gamers. It has a cool-looking design and adequate space to store all the games in their library.

This game drive solves the classic issue of not having adequate internal storage space. By utilizing your PC or console’s USB port, you can immediately boost storage efficiencies and capabilities.

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Generally, a lot of people aren’t up for installing new internal drives. They don’t want to deal with having to use tools, assign drive letters, and select file formats for use. Luckily, the WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive is formatted. It will also have a drive letter right after you plug it into your PC or console.

For aesthetics, the WD_Black P10 is an outstanding-looking drive that would perfectly suit your gaming rig or console. It also has a fairly adequate measurement that allows you to set it next to your other devices. This gaming drive also supports total read speeds of 140MB/s for both its read & write.

Furthermore, the WD Black P10 2TB Game Drive doesn’t support encryption, which is a big plus. Since gaming consoles don’t usually have a mechanism for opening encrypted drives, the WD_Black P10 won’t require reformatting. With that, you can readily use the game drive upon installation.

Key Features of the WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive

Larger Storage for an Expanded Realm

You’ll need more space as your game library grows to store both old favourites and new titles. The P10 Game Drive comes in various storage capacities, the highest one being 5TB. With that, you won’t have to delete other older games to make room for new ones.

Take your Game Library with you

With the WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive, you can get into the game with ease, no matter where you go. It’s not only portable, but it also features a highly durable form factor allowing you to take your library anywhere. All you need to do is plug it in, and play any of the games you’ve stored.

Designed for Enhanced Gaming

Western Digital ensures that everything in the hard drive can help bring your game to the next level. It offers speeds of up to 140MB/s2 and up to 5TB storage capacity. It provides excellent performance for a highly enjoyable gaming experience.

Tested and Proven

Gamers trust every product under WD_BLACK. For this series, Western Digital’s mission is to dedicate a brand to save games and improve gameplay. It offers optimized speed boosts, and a 3-year warranty, making it a highly dependable product. The P10 2TB Game Drive is something you can count on as you play your games.

No Worries

WD_BLACK delivers the necessary performance for your console or PC while providing adequate storage for all of your games. It’s highly reliable, so you won’t have to worry about your hardware, its remaining storage space, and more.

Next on our WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review is the product specifications.


The WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive uses a USB 3.2 1st Generation interface and a micro B connector. It is compatible with devices such as the Playstation 4 Pro or PS4 with 4.5 system software or higher. The drive can also work with the Xbox One, macOS 10.11+, and Windows 8.1, 10.

It measures 4.65 x 3.46 x 0.5” (L x W x H) and weighs 140g in total. The company also included a 3-year warranty for everyone to take advantage of.

Next on our WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review, we’ll get more hands-on for in-depth details about the drive.

Hands-On with the WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive

This section of our WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review focuses on the performance quality of the game drive.


Installation was quick and easy since the WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive is formatted right out of the box. Because of this, it will automatically receive a drive letter, once you plug it into your computer or console.

Generally, it’s a perfect game drive for people who don’t want to bother with manual installation with tools and such. It’s also perfect for those who don’t want to deal with selecting a file format and then assigning drive letters.


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During our tests, the WD_Black P10 acquired about 136mbs read and 133mbs write. We also tested it with our PS4. Surprisingly, all the games stored in it loaded just as fast as the ones saved in the console’s internal drive.

The drive’s performance is fantastic and it has excellent speed that’s more than adequate.

We can say that it’s a perfect drive for people who want to have immediate add-on storage for their consoles. Launching the games stored in the drive worked excellently, and it delivered speeds like traditional hard drives.

The WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive is a reliable product for gamers who need additional storage capacity for their games. It’s a simple plug-n-play drive with stylish looks that will appeal to a lot of people. Most importantly, it delivered excellent performance, which is why we’re giving it five stars for its efficiency.

WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive Review Summary

The WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive is a drive designed for gaming, but it’s not only for storing games. Anyone who needs a portable drive for storing all kinds of files can use it. While most portable drives are useful for game consoles, the P10 is easier to use. You can utilize this gaming drive out of the box, unlike other drives that require reformatting before use.

In addition to that, Western Digital promises that the P10 is built to last. Its solid and professional-looking form factor is highly durable, which is one of the reasons that justify its price.

Overall, the WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive delivered an excellent performance. Although it’s not comparable to your gaming rig’s directly connected hard drive, it’s a gamer’s best solution for storage expansion. Western Digital deserves applause for creating a portable hard drive for gamers to take their games anywhere. It’s also an easy and convenient way to extend your storage.

To conclude our WD_Black P10 2TB Game Drive review, we highly recommend this product. If you want to get your hands on this, it’s available for online purchase from the official website.