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Why Cable Management Is Important For Your Computer’s Performance

One of the major factors when it comes to computer performance is airflow. If your computer is not getting enough air able to pass through the computer case then you are going to find that the performance of your hardware is going to be hindered.

When people are building their brand new gaming rig, they tend to focus on the key components such as the motherboard, CPU, and GPU, often not lending much through to the other areas of their PC build. One of the most often overlooked of these areas is that of  cable management. 

In the hurry to get their new PC built and turned on as quickly as they can so they can jump straight into gaming, it is common that people often skip taking the time to properly plan and organise their cables. You know the old saying, “out of sight and out of mind”, this is often what comes to mind once they close up their computer case and power it on.

The thing that they are not realising however, is that this poor cable management is most likely having a negative effect on their brand new gaming computers performance.

The Importance of cable management

Cable management doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing in the world, however it is incredibly important if you not only want a system that looks amazing, but performs at its peak as well.

A better looking gaming PC

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Firstly, the most immediate benefit that you will see with good cable management is that the aesthetics of your gaming PC are going to look so much better. 

By taking the time to route your cables properly and by hiding them away inside the case it will put much more visual emphasis on the other hardware that is in your computer. What is the point of spending all that money on the latest graphics card if you can’t show it off properly. 

If you are someone that likes to make use of RGB lighting, not having a rats nest of cables strewn around the case will mean that RGB lighting will be more effective. With the RGB lighting not being obstructed by cables, it means that the lighting will be able to accentuate the inside of your case better.

Improve performance of your gaming PC

Performance is the big one here. When it comes to computer performance, airflow is king. If you are not getting enough air going through your computer case and passing over your hardware components you are going to see a drop in performance.

This is where cable management is critical.

Think of it this way, you can build the best computer that you can afford with amazing hardware, cooling fans and CPU cooler. But what happens if there is no clear pathway for the air to go once it is inside your computer case because all of your PSU cables are all over the place? Simply put, the airflow will be limited.

If air cannot freely pass over your computer’s hardware components, those components are unable to stay cool so their temperatures keep rising. As this hardware keeps getting warmer you will start to notice what is called thermal throttling. Thermal throttling is a process that is designed to help keep your computer hardware safe when they start getting hot. It does this by reducing the performance of the hardware to try and keep temperatures lower.

By having properly managed cables inside your case you are leaving all of the interior free for cold air to be easily drawn into the case, pass over the hardware to keep it cool, and finally exhaust the warm air out of the case on the other side. 

An easier building experience

Finally, good cable management just makes it easier to build your computer. If you are building a new computer, or upgrading an existing one, you want the process to be as trouble free as possible. Afterall, the easier it is, the less mistakes can happen.

By taking the time to place your cables properly and manage them, you will leave a much larger working space inside the computer. This allows you to get hands on with the computer hardware more easily and to access the more hard to reach areas of your computer case and motherboard.

Not only does good cable management make it easier to build a computer, but it also gives you more space so that you can fit larger hardware into the case. This is especially important with some of the higher end graphics cards that often come in extended lengths.

Tips when it comes to cable management

In order to get the best cable management possible there are a couple of things that you can look at to make things much easier for you.

Get a modular PSU

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This is the single best thing that you can do in order to very easily get great cable management. Power supplies come with a lot of cables, and we mean A LOT. The problem with this is that you often only need to use a small number of these cables with your computer build. Often, all of the cables are permanently attached to the power supply which means that all those unused cables will take up a whole heap of space in your computer. This is where modular power supplies come into play.

Modular power supplies are a god-send when it comes to cable management. They are power supplies that allow you to only connect the cables that you want to use. This means that the only cables that are in your case are those that are going to be connected to something. As a result this leaves so much more free space inside your build.

One of the best modular modular power supplies is the Fractal Design Ion+ 2 Platinum modular power supply. This power supply not only offers platinum certified power up to 860W, but it also comes with fantastic UltraFlex cables which help improve cable management and airflow even better due to their lower profile.

These UltraFlex cables are super flat PSU cables that make use of an increased strand count and a reduced diameter that is only 0.08mm. This not only provides you with an incredibly flat cable, but it also gives you added flexibility of the cable which makes routing the cables significantly easier than other PSU cables on the market.

Being an 80 Plus certified PSU, you can assure that you are getting the cleanest power possible that runs at peak efficiency and with reduced temperatures. Supporting the latest ATX 2.52 standard, the Ion+ 2 Platinum PSU is THE choice when it comes to a high performance power supply that can handle everything in your gaming PC without breaking a sweat.

Choose a quality case with cable management in mind

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When it comes to cable management one of the most important things to consider is the computer case itself. There is no point in getting a fantastic modular PSU and great cooling fans if the case itself is poorly designed.

You need a case that was designed with cable management in mind.

A perfect example of a case that was designed from the ground up with cable management and airflow in mind is the Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact. This case not only looks stunning but it is a beast when it comes to airflow and cooling. It sports a mesh design which allows for large amounts of air to be drawn into the case, and with incredible cooling hardware support the performance of the case is fantastic. Coupled with plenty of places to route and tie your cables, cable management in this case is incredibly simple.

By choosing a case that offers various options of where to run and fit your cables, it will make the entire cable management process much simpler and will greatly improve the performance of your gaming PC.