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7 Christmas-themed Movies to Watch on Netflix  

Halloween is already over, and that leaves us with the most anticipated Holiday of the year. Christmas is a magical time when most people are happy, excited, and festive. After all, it’s regarded as the most beautiful time of the year. There’s also one thing many people love to do during the Christmas season aside from panic buying, and that is to binge-watch Christmas-themed movies to further boost their festive spirit.  

So, to get your holiday feels started, we’re here to share 7 Christmas-themed movies that you can watch on Netflix right now. Since some of these films are already Christmas classics, you might also be able to find them on other streaming platforms like Hulu, Disney+, Dish TV, and more. Let’s begin, shall we? 

The Christmas Chronicles 

Why not start this list with a bang? Christmas Chronicles is the so-called seasonal masterpiece Netflix has released in recent years, which, in many viewers’ opinions including us, can compare to most Disney+ or Pixar movies (a.k.a the powerhouses of Christmas films).

The Christmas Chronicles is about two siblings who have decided to place a trap for Santa to capture him on Christmas Eve. Then, when the plan goes sideways, the two siblings ride with Santa and his elves to save Christmas within the next two hours. 

A Boy Called Christmas 

If you’re up for a charming movie with a simple story and meaningful messages about life, A Boy Called Christmas is a good film to watch. In the film, you will meet an ordinary boy who begins an adventure to look for a village called Elfhelm. To find this, he needs to navigate through the dangerous snowy mountains with his talking mouse and a reindeer.  

If you don’t really believe in Christmas, this is a movie you should watch. Its simple yet effective storytelling is just superb, which makes every bit of the movie worthwhile. 

The Christmas Chronicles 2 

If you’ve watched The Christmas Chronicles 2 and loved it, you need to watch The Christmas Chronicles 2. In this movie, Kate (now a teen), one of the two siblings, needs to work again with Santa Claus because of a Santa-hater who wants to sabotage Santa by kidnapping two innocent kids in an attempt to get into the North Pole, where Santa’s Village is located, and destroy it. 

Operation Christmas Drop 

Operation Christmas Drop is a feel-good Christmas film about a congressional aide who was sent to an Air Force base located at a beachside. Her mission was to find reasons to defund this facility, but the captain in charge knew better. As she explores the facility, she discovers the true spirit of Christmas as the military personnel participate in a decades-old tradition of delivering supplies and gifts to remote islands during the holiday season. 

The Princess Switch Series 

What Christmas movie list would be complete without The Princess Switch series? Currently, there are three films under this franchise, and the 4th one is yet to be confirmed. It’s about two ladies who look identical to each other, but they’re not related. One is a baker, and one is a Princess who’s about to get married. When they cross paths, they’ve decided to switch lives for two days — and that’s when the adventure starts. 

Love Hard 

Have you ever been catfished? If yes, then you should give Love Hard a watch. It’s about a girl (Natalie) who hasn’t had any luck with love and falls for a guy (Josh) on a dating app. Since they live far away from each other, Natalie decides to surprise him during the holidays. Little did she know, she’s the one who’s going to be surprised as she discovers she’s been catfished. 

Holiday Rush 

Holiday Rush is a meaningful Christmas film best watched with family, especially if you have kids. This movie is about a radio DJ who lost his job as his four kids share their pricey Christmas gift lists.   

When this happened, his aunt and producer thought of a plan that would keep him on air — but with a sacrifice: they needed to live a simpler life than what they were used to. This movie is really heartwarming. 

Final Thoughts 

The Christmas season is what many people look forward to every year, and it’s best spent with your friends and loved ones while binging on these seven Christmas-themed movies you can watch on Netflix and other streaming platforms. Advance Merry Christmas and enjoy watching!  

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