epson et m1120 banner Advantage Accounting Chooses Epson EcoTank Mono Printer Solution

Advantage Accounting Chooses Epson EcoTank Mono Printer Solution

As a company who is constantly advising their clients on how to create cost savings and efficiencies, Advantage Accounting recently had a cost-saving decision of their own to make – which office printer to buy. When they assessed all the options they chose the Epson EcoTank Mono ET- M1120 printer.

Advantage Accounting’s Chris O’Dea explained, “We did a lot of research and the EcoTank Mono ET-M1120 printer was recommended by several retailers due to its fast printing capabilities and cost savings in regards to ink usage. In other words, it came with a strong word of mouth recommendation.”

The ET-M1120 comes with some eye-watering stats and boasts the latest in Epson inkjet printhead technology which enables it to print 6,000 pages in black at less than half a cent per page – just $0.004 cents to be precise. The cost efficiencies don’t stop there as not only does the printer come with 5,000 pages worth of ink included in the box, but replacement ink bottles cost just $24.99 – and that gives you another 6,000 pages of printed A4 documents.

O’Dea continued, “You just can’t beat the EcoTank Mono for printing speed and cost-effective ink usage. The speed combined with its compact form factor, WiFi capabilities and cost savings in ink consumption makes it a no-brainer for the small office.”

Advantage Accounting has a small office with high volume printing. They use the EcoTank Mono for printing multiple tax returns per week, financial statements, source documents from emails and many other day-to-day printing tasks.

Chris O’Dea concluded, “ the EcoTank Mono saves us money on ink consumption. Its ability to connect to multiple devices via WiFi also saves us time. When you combine all those positives, the EcoTank mono printer is truly a valuable asset in the Advantage Accounting office.”

The Epson EcoTank Mono ET-M1120 can be purchased from and all authorised Epson retailers and resellers for an RRP of $249.