akg k371 bt review AKG K371-BT Review

AKG K371-BT Review

In this day and age, everyone goes about their day with music accompanying them. Whether it’s going for errands, completing a job, or working out, good music produced by great headphones is a must. In our AKG K371-BT review, you’ll get all the insights about this amazing headset from AKG.

AKG’s legacy is in studios where musicians need audio equipment that deliver superior performance. With that, the company makes some of the best detail-oriented studio headsets, which are chosen by most recording artists.

However, most of these headphones cost a fortune and are not designed for daily use. But when it comes to AKG’s K371-BT, it’s a portable headset that is fairly inexpensive.

But before we look further into the K371-BT, our AKG K371-BT review will discuss its package and contents.

AKG K371-BT Packaging

Our AKG K371-BT review will first focus on the headphone’s packaging and what accessories AKG included in the box.

When we received our package, it came in a simple-looking, lightweight cardboard box. We assume that it’s recyclable since it doesn’t have any of the usual thick coatings or textures on it.

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The exterior of the box isn’t all that impressive. But that’s fine since AKG seems to want us to focus on what’s inside the box instead.

Inside the package, you will find the K371-BT along with some other items you’ll need for the headset.

We loved how neatly packed the headset is, and all other accessories were organised in a sightly manner. As for these included accessories, you’ll find an instructional manual and an AKG-branded carry pouch present.

Aside from these, you’ll find a coiled 3m ⅛” TRS to 3.5mm, and a 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter. There’s also a straight 3m ⅛” TRS to 3.5mm, and a straight 1.2m ⅛” to 3.5mm present.

AKG also included a micro USB to USB-A charger in the package, and we appreciate them for doing this.

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Now, our AKG K371-BT review will take a look and discuss the design and functions of this headset.

AKG K371-BT Review – Design and Functionality

AKG has done extremely great work of improving something that’s already good. They took the AKG K371 and added Bluetooth connectivity with good 40-hour battery life. And that’s without affecting its weight, acoustics, and comfort.

The K371-BT is a closed-back headset that comes with studio-focused neutral sounds. It’s usually compared to other similar products because of this feature, but the K371-BT generally wins in this section.

It’s a good thing that the acoustic experience didn’t change despite the shift to wireless. So, the K371-BT still sounds great, and you won’t need to worry about downgraded audio.

The headset is made entirely of synthetic materials like pleather and plastic, which actually form most of the headphone’s body. But despite being made entirely of these materials, the K371-BT has a nice and premium feel to it.

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It’s a headset that sports the classic slider design of the company. This comes with notches instead of elastics to properly hold the headset’s sides in place.

The slider piece linked to the K371-BT’s earcups is made of metal while the earcups itself are made of plastic. Its left side houses the touch controls right on the AKG logo.

When wearing the AKG K371-BT, we can say that it’s quite comfortable for an over-ear headset. Its earcups have soft and thick padding that doesn’t squeeze too tightly against your ears. The fit is comfortable, and there isn’t too much pressure on your head even if you wear it for hours.

We love how AKG designed and built their headset since even with a closed style, wearing it felt good. We had it on for hours, and we didn’t experience any discomfort or pain. Plus, our ears didn’t hurt and feel sweaty even during long hours of wear.

That’s because of the oval shape that the earcups sport. Even those with larger ears can easily wear the AKG K371-BT, and no part of the ears will get squeezed.

Aside from the earcups that sit comfortably on the ears due to proper pressure distribution, the headband is well-made too. It sits comfortably on the head, and you can wear it for hours without feeling any pain.

Overall, the headset feels well-made, and it’s got that classy aesthetic look thanks to the faux-leather finish on its headband.

Let’s squeeze in the included pouch for the headset in this section of our review. It may not be as good as a hard case, but it feels well-made and features a cinch at the top. It’s to help keep various things from getting inside.

Plus, it helps protect the AKG K371-BT from minor scratches and water exposure.

When it comes to the touchpad controls, the only visible switch can be found on the left earcup. To note, it’s what switches the AKG K371-BT on and off.

When the headset is connected, a little LED light inside the switch will glow blue. It’ll shift to white and start blinking if the battery’s level goes low, though it’ll stay steady when charging. Remember that it’ll switch off completely once the battery is fully charged.

For controlling the music, the K371-BT’s left earcup features a touch-sensitive pad. It’s quite similar to the right earcup’s non-touch-sensitive pad, and we think that it’s a great implementation from AKG.

Do note that its pad is a bit sensitive to swipes and double-taps. When you swipe up/down, it’ll increase or lower the volume. Swiping forward/backward will either skip forward/backward, while double-tapping will pause or play your music.

Compared to other touchpads on headphones, we can say that the implementation of the K371-BT is the best so far. Since the pad is relatively little and easy to remember by feel, you’ll get your desired response easily. Overall, it works efficiently and well.

When it comes to the AKG K371-BT’s microphone, it works excellently for calls. It’s positioned nicely on the left earcup, specifically in front of the charging port. Because of this, it makes it easier for the person on the other line to pick up your voice.

This time, our AKG K371-BT review will discuss the key features of this headset.

Key Features of the AKG K371-BT

Closed-Back, Over-Ear Design

The AKG K371-BT’s over-ear and closed-back design offer an ergonomic fit. With that, you can enjoy low-frequency response and excellent isolation.

Sleek, Stylish, and Comfortable

The K371-BT is a lightweight headset with plush foam earpads for long-lasting comfort. It features calibrated headbands that are foldable, adjustable, and ergonomically contoured. As a result, you can have the perfect fit every time you wear it.

The meticulously machined hinge and slider added to the headset’s durability and precise fit.

Wired and Wireless Connection

With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can use the AKG K371-BT wirelessly for as long as 40 hours. Enjoy moving freely while using the headset. Another option is to plug in one of the included cables for wired operation.

This feature is useful if you’re worried about reliable connectivity or when the battery runs out of power.

The hybrid wired and Bluetooth design allows you to reference your mixes in both settings. This will ensure that your productions translate to various listening scenarios.

Additionally, there’s an integrated microphone, which is beneficial for phone or VoIP calls.

We’re going to talk about Bluetooth codecs in the product’s specifications in the next part of our AKG K371-BT review.

The Largest Titanium-Coated Drivers

This headset comes with 50mm titanium-coated drivers, which are tuned to the AKG Reference Response Curve. These provide impressive performance with its frequency response that ranges from 5 Hz to 40 kHz.

Unparalleled Fidelity

Accuracy is the most important when it comes to studio headphones. When you use the AKG K371-BT, you’ll experience the best sensitivity levels and free copper voice coils. These provide acoustic precision with clear and detailed bass, mids, and highs.

AKG Reference Response

The K371-BT headphones are designed to be on par with the company’s AKG Reference Response Curve. It’s the result of an extensive 5-year study conducted by HARMAN.

In the study, over a hundred subjects were tested on how they perceive audio. They were also asked for their preference for critical listening. With this new accuracy benchmark, you’ll experience precise and neutral sound.

Not only that, but this accuracy benchmark lets you hear clearer sound details. With that, you can make better decisions when mixing and editing audio.

Ideal for Mobile Lifestyles

The K371-BT headset is foldable, making it portable with its swivelling earcups. The hinge and headband are metal-reinforced, which add to the strength of the entire headset.

The company performed rigorous stress tests to ensure the headset’s reliability in the most demanding uses.

Precision Performance, Pure Freedom

Whether you’re a content creator, artist, video editor, podcaster, or engineer, the K371-BT will always put you in creative mode. First, its excellent design will keep you comfortable at all times. And with its dual connectivity options, you can enjoy convenience at all times.

For its audio, it delivers studio-quality sound, so you only get the best. It uses one of the best drivers to deliver detailed, neutral sounds that are precise. The K371-BT having all these features allow you to productively create content or enjoy each detail of your music.

Integrated Microphone, Convenient Calls

Whether you’re in a studio session or a conference call, everything will be more convenient for you. The K371-BT has a built-in microphone that allows for two-way communications.

It also has gesture controls so you can easily and quickly do things by simply swiping your finger. You can answer calls, play and pause music, adjust volume, and more.

Now, our AKG K371-BT review will focus on specifications of this headset.


2020 12 03 10 38 03 K371 BT Over ear closed back foldable studio headphones with Bluetooth AKG K371-BT Review

The headset has a 50mm driver and sensitivity of 114 (dB SPL/V @ 1kHz). For its impedance, it’s rated at 32, while the audio frequency bandwidth is 5 – 40,000 Hz.

Maximum battery life is 40 hours, and it comes with cables measuring 1.2m (straight) and 3m (coiled). The overall weight of the K371-BT is 300g. It comes with an adapter, which is good, and it’s 3.5mm to 6.5mm. As for the connector, it’s a 1.8″ TRS.

It’s good that the K371-BT is compatible with the PS4. You only need to plug it into the controller port, and you’re all good.

Do note that the microphone will not work for the PS4 or Xbox One. With that, it can only be utilised for audio when gaming. In addition to that, you can plug the headset into a ⅛” port of your PC if you want to.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The headset links via Bluetooth with support for AAC and SBC codecs. It offers excellent audio quality even in wireless mode since AAC and SBD offer tons of bandwidth for outstanding audio. You can enjoy and take advantage of it for gaming, audio streaming, and online consumption.

This time in our AKG K371-BT review, let’s go ahead and see just how well the K371-BT from AKG performed.

Hands-on with the AKG K371-BT

This is the part of our review where we get hands on and actually try out the K371-BT.

Sound Quality for Music

Wired or wireless, it doesn’t matter, because the K371-BT was able to deliver clear, crisp and excellent sounds that are detailed. We tried it on an amped wired setup, and it did become louder. It still sounded clear despite the increase in volume, which is good.

For the vocals, it’s one of the strongest point of the AKG K371-BT, all vocals sound great and crisp.

Speaking voices are clear as well, and nothing ends up sounding too sharp. This is a sign of a high-quality product with well-tuned drivers. If you’re someone who enjoys listening to vocal tones more than the lyrics, you’ll also be pleased with K371-BT’s performance.

Vocals come through excellently when listening with this headset, and you can fully enjoy top-quality audio thanks to it. Plus, its flat and accurate frequency response across mids and lows make it ideal for editing. So basically, the AKG K371-BT tops it as an all-rounder headset.

The bass of the headset sounds pleasant, and it has that good rumble along the low end. For mid-bass, it’s less pronounced, so don’t expect it to blow you away with the bass when listening to music.

Despite this, it can deliver clear bass without filtering out the vocals or mid-range tone. If you’re looking for more on the low-end, then you might want to skip this since it’s meant for clarity.

Bass accuracy with this headset is outstanding. It follows the target curve almost precisely with only a bit of over-emphasis in low-bass, giving it a slight thump.

However, do note that the bass delivery noticeably varies across users. If you’re someone who’s sensitive to the fit, or if you wear glasses, repositioning the headset to sit on your head right may vary your experience when using the headset.

The K371-BT comes with a fairly-neutral and balanced sound profile which is excellent for various music genres. There’s a bit of extra emphasis on low-bass which adds some additional thump to the audio. Plus, the vocals and leads are easy to hear because of the almost perfectly-balanced mid-range.

We noticed a slight dip to the mid-treble. It tends to make the sibilants (T and S sounds), as well as the cymbals, sound a bit dull. However, this may not be audible to everyone.

We love the K371-BT’s mid-range frequencies since these were accurate and detailed. This is actually true and quite beneficial since the bass is controlled.

It then allows for mid-tones to easily and clearly come through. These follow the target curve perfectly, almost without any deviations. Thus, it provides accurately present leads and vocals, which is great.

The K371-BT’s treble accuracy is perfect. We did notice a bit of over-emphasis on the high mid-treble range. But despite this, it’ll likely be left unnoticed with adequately high frequencies.

Though you might end up noticing the little dip in the low, mid-treble. For us, it caused some vocals and the cymbals to sound quite dull in a couple of audio. But again, it may not be audible to some.

As for the high-end treble, it avoids any issues with sibilance. That’s because AKG doesn’t depend much on treble to add crisp details. We can say that they’re quite average when it comes to the high-ranges.

So if you’re someone who cares a lot about the distinct treble, then the K371-BT might not be the ideal option for you.

Since this is a closed-back headset, do not expect that the K371-BT will provide airy and huge soundstages. With that said, the soundstage is highly reasonable to have for these types of headsets. However, don’t expect the K371-BT to compete with the performance of open headphones.

But compared to over-ear wired headsets, the K371-BT is very well-balanced. It gave us incredibly accurate sound reproductions that are ideal for various music genres and the like.

Game Audio Quality

Of course, our review won’t be complete without testing the headphones’ sound quality for gaming.

When we used these headphones for gaming, we had a great experience. The enhanced trebles were useful in FPS, while its bass made the game audio more immersive.

The V-shaped sound signature enhances specific sound effects, so it’s good to use for games that require certain flexibility. In addition to that, we didn’t hear hissing or humming when audio wasn’t playing, and that was a good thing.

Some gamers usually have issues with audio latency when using other headsets. But with the AKG K371-BT, we didn’t encounter any of these problems while playing games.

Through our tests, we didn’t experience audio latency issues with this headset using Bluetooth connectivity. But if you’re worried about the audio quality and reliability in Bluetooth mode, you can use wired mode instead. The headset also comes with two types of cables, and that was great.\

For the AKG’s K371-BT’s battery life, it delivered everything that the company claims. Although it doesn’t have the most long-lasting batteries, a single charge lasts for 40 hours, which is long enough. Its battery is also solid since it completes its 40 hours of playtime before completely running out of power.

Unfortunately, this headset doesn’t have quick-charging features. But charging its empty battery for two hours gave us 100% power, which is good enough. Even its charging time is also true to its claims, so we’re happy with that.

Aside from it being long-lasting, the headphones automatically shut off when no audio is playing. Even if we occasionally forgot to switch the headset off, we didn’t notice the battery draining because of it.

The built-in microphone is functional, but not suitable for clear in-game communication. It has an embedded pin-hole microphone next to the headphones’ micro-USB port, which picks up voice well.

To test the microphone, we tried recording some audio, and these were clear enough for voice calls.

AKG K371-BT Review Summary

If you look at other products within the same price range, the AKG K371-BT is one of the best. Aside from its comfort and audio quality, its Bluetooth connectivity is excellent.

What we appreciate even more is that it also allows wired connectivity for people who still prefer traditional operation. Plus, its build is of premium quality, and with its durability, the headset is sure to last.

To summarise our AKG K371-BT review, we recommend this headset if you’re looking for something versatile. It can function as Bluetooth headphones or studio headphones, which make it an impressive product.

If you want to get your hands on this headset, you can purchase it online via the company’s official website.