asus webcam c3 review ASUS Webcam C3 Review

ASUS Webcam C3 Review

The Webcam C3 from ASUS is a popular product that we’re looking into in this ASUS Webcam C3 review. This webcam is an excellent way to bring in new levels of personalisation to your calls with family, friends, and coworkers. 

The Webcam C3 has top-notch features and a well-made design for enhanced video and hardware performance. It has other notable elements which make it an excellent product, and you get all these at an affordable price. 

If you’re interested to know more about the webcam, let’s continue with our ASUS Webcam C3 review. Here, we can discuss everything about its performance, features, design, functions, and specifications too. 

ASUS Webcam C3 Packaging

When the package arrived for our ASUS Webcam C3 review, it came in a clean and simple-looking white box. 

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ASUS skipped on the fancy exterior of the package, so the entire unboxing experience was kept quick and easy. In front, you’ll find an image of the webcam while ASUS and its name are written above. 

Even inside the box, ASUS kept things simple. There, you’ll find the Webcam C3 and its documentation, nothing more.

ASUS Webcam C3 Review – Design and Functionality

We looked at and observed the product for this ASUS Webcam C3 review, and its exterior isn’t flashy at all. Its matte-black body is discreet yet attractive, and its integrated mount lets the webcam blend beautifully with your setup.

The primary unit of the Webcam C3 is similar to the size of compact-action cameras and video recorders.

Generally, high-quality webcams don’t sport a small body. That’s because good optics and a big sensor are necessary to capture a good image. Plus, these also require space. 

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This product is considered as a similar piece to classic devices without any special designs and decors. Since it has a utilitarian design, the ASUS Webcam C3 has great ergonomics.

Its body is made from non-marking plastic, except for the glossy surface along the lens. But of course, you won’t want to touch the lens portion since doing so might give low-quality images instead. 

Looking at the left and right portion of the lens are two mic holes. These are adequately distributed for optimised sound capture. Additionally, it comes with a LED that switches on when the webcam is active. 

For protection, things would be better if ASUS included a hardware case for the webcam when it’s not in use.

If you’re wondering if mounting the webcam was easy, we also looked into that for our ASUS Webcam C3 review. Yes, ASUS made mounting the webcam extremely easy and simple which makes it great for all users. 

You can mount it on your laptop, the table, or on your computer monitor. Its clip moves up to 90° so you can readily adjust the webcam’s vertical angle. The Webcam C3 has a 1/4″ thread along its base, allowing the product to mount easily on a tripod.

If you’re someone who streams often, the ability to do this is important. It offers you the flexibility to find the best angle and height when mounting the webcam.

The C3 comes with other fine-tuning adjustments like the horizontally adjustable base. It allows you to tilt the camera to the left or right and rotate the camera up to 360°.

Since the base isn’t designed for vertical adjustment, you’ll need to change the angle of the camera clip. This was quite inconvenient since we had to adjust the camera clip and move the screen for the best angle. But this wasn’t a big issue for us since the camera’s overall adjustment features were still flexible.

Key Features of the ASUS Webcam C3

Smoother and Sharper Video Calls and Streaming

The ASUS Webcam C3 lets you enjoy sharper video calls with crystal-clear sound. It offers crisp, detailed FHD (1920 x 1080) video. Also, its 30 fps allows for smooth and seamless streaming.

Connect Anywhere

You can place the ASUS Webcam anywhere, whether it’s on top of your monitor or on your desk. With its 360° rotation mechanism, it’s flexible enough to capture at any angle. Plus, its integrated beamforming microphone array ensures that it can pick up loud and clear sound.

Wider Field of View

The wide-angle lens of the ASUS Webcam X3 makes it suitable for telecommuting, and conferences. It’s also great for use in video chats if you’re with more people.

Beamforming Mic for Clearer Audio

The ASUS Webcam C3 features two integrated microphones with beamforming technology. This filters out ambient noise like keyboard taps, fan whirs, in-game sounds, and other voices. As a result, your captured voice is loud and clear.

Adjustable Clip

The 90° tilt‑adjustable clip fits different laptop screens and desktop monitors. You can also rotate it by 360° for more flexible placement.

Broad Compatibility

In terms of system compatibility, you can use the ASUS Webcam C3 with PC, Mac, and Chrome OS. It’s ideal for video calls, conferences, and eLearning.

Next in our ASUS Webcam C3 review, we’ll be discussing the camera’s specifications. This is where you’ll find out if your platforms and devices meet the system requirements of the product.


ASUS didn’t state the optical parameters of the Webcam C3’s lens. But some of its specifications include 1080p resolution at 30 fps. Given these details, this web camera is more than enough for video calls. 

For the viewing angle, it’s approximately 120° – 130°. It’s sufficient for groups of people like families who plan to communicate through video chats. To be exact, its viewing angle is suitable for three people.

The ASUS Webcam C3 utilises a wired interface with a USB-A connector. Plus, it has a fixed focus too. To see the product’s performance, we tested it to share our experience here in this ASUS Webcam C3 Review.

Hands-on with the ASUS Webcam C3

Setting up the ASUS Webcam C3 was a breeze. It was as simple as connecting the camera to our computer via the USB-A port since it’s a plug-and-play product. Unlike other web cameras, this didn’t require software or drivers to work.

Before using the webcam, we connected it with different systems. From there, we noticed that it was seamlessly compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. In fact, we were surprised to see that all of these immediately detected the ASUS Webcam C3.

So if you’re planning to get this web camera, don’t worry about it not working properly with other platforms. In our tests, it was ready for use once our system recognised the ASUS Webcam C3.

Since the setup process is extremely simple, we’ll now move on to the product’s performance. We’ll first talk about the camera’s image quality.

The first thing we did was test the ASUS Webcam C3 with video calls. We compared its video quality to our laptop’s built-in camera and of course, the C3 was better. Due to its better hardware, it offered significantly better video quality.

The ASUS Webcam C3’s larger camera sensor also created better image fidelity. With its full HD resolution combined, it was able to deliver finer details.

For the C3’s image processing, we noticed that ASUS added a filter to the video output. This made the final video’s colours cooler, emphasising green hues. We liked the preset colour filter, but it would be better to have the option to apply custom colour tones.

Another thing we liked about the ASUS Webcam is its field of view that was significantly wider than other cameras. With this product, we were able to move freely without some parts of our body disappearing from the frame. Also, we could fit in the video with other people without pushing the camera further.

To complete our ASUS Webcam C3 review, we also checked out the audio quality of the beamforming microphones.

As ASUS claimed, the beamforming microphones of the C3 really reduced ambient noise. At the same time, it captured our voice clearly and added emphasis to it.

In our tests, the microphones were able to transmit voices excellently. Even without noise cancellation features, the sound from fans, mechanical keyboards, and other ambient noise were significantly reduced.

On video calls, we noticed that talking at a normal volume was more than enough to be heard properly. Normally, we had to speak louder with other web cameras.

ASUS Webcam C3 Review Summary

The ASUS Webcam C3 is not a complete gaming solution, but it’s an excellent webcam for a lot of occasions. With it, you can stream and enjoy a clear video chat or conference. Since it’s integrated with a microphone that also performs well, chatting with high-quality audio is possible.

If you’re looking for a great yet budget-friendly web camera, the ASUS Webcam C3 is one of the best options. It has a plug-and-play design and it’s cross-compatible with various platforms. Plus, its small form factor makes it convenient to use and set up. 

If you’re looking for a user-friendly and well-performing camera that doesn’t have fancy features, we recommend the ASUS Webcam C3. It’s a great option if you don’t mind the preset colour filter and the absence of noise cancellation technology.

To purchase the ASUS Webcam C3, check the store locator in the company’s official site for authorised sellers near you.