ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch Review

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In our ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch review, we’ll look into an extremely useful and convenient product from ATEN.

ATEN is known as a Taiwan-based company specialising in KVMs, or keyboard, video, and mice switches. They’ve recently included control systems for energy-intelligence power distribution units, AV control systems, various USB converters, switches, and cables.

Chances are if your PC or Mac host requires connection to multiple devices, ATEN’s US3342 2-Port USB-C sharing switch is the answer.

To put it simply, the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch is a peripheral sharing device. It enables you to share files between four USB devices with two laptops that are USB-C compatible.

A lot of people share files between devices, making this product a must-have for all. So if you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to get more insights about the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch.

Before we get deeper into our ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch review, let’s check its packaging and inclusions.

ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch Packaging

When we got our hands on this sharing switch, it came in a typical-looking cardboard container. It sports a simple and minimalist theme that gives off a clean, premium feel to it.

The front displays an image of the sharing switch, while below it is the unit’s name. Above the image are the key features that you’ll get to enjoy when using the product.

The rear portion of the package displays more details about the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch’s features. Plus, an image of the product’s front and back portion are displayed. It gives you an idea of which port is needed for specific uses.

Other than the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch, you’ll also find two USB-C Gen 2 cables. There’s also a remote port selector and an instructional guide.

Next in our ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch review, you’ll learn more about the product’s design and functions.

ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch Review – Design and Functionality

This portion of our ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch review will focus on the sharing switch’s design and functionality.

The rear portion of the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch features two USB-C ports that are marked as hosts. When connecting two hosts using the supplied 1m USB-C cables, it offers 3A or 5V/2 downstream power to ATEN. Plus, it gives power to its four sharing ports too.

The third USB-C port is necessary for PD 3.0. It’s for up to 85W of upstream power for pass-through to a single host. However, do note that you’ll need a 3rd party power pack to achieve this.

You can utilise any version of USB-C’s or even the Thunderbolt 3 host. The thing here is, its maximum data transfer rate will be the lesser rate of the USB-C host version.

In front, you’ll find three USB-A and a single USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 port. These four output ports share 5V/2A 10W provided by the host. Do note that these ports share the 10Gbps dynamically.

With the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch, you can effortlessly and immediately switch PCs via the remote port selector push-button. It comes with a LED light indicating which PC is active.

It gives the power that matches the USB-C Windows or Mac laptops. Moreover, it comes with PD Profile specifications of 5V, 15V, 9V, and 20V.

Key Features of the ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch

Let’s now discuss the key features of the product in our ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch review.

This sharing switch is packed with tons of conveniences that will surely pique your interest. Plus, these are likely essential for your needs, so let’s go and check them out.

Easy Device Sharing

With the ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch, you don’t need to deal with plugging and unplugging repeatedly. Connect your USB-C enabled laptops to the sharing switch, and you can control the two systems with ease. You’ll only use one set of peripherals to share data between the computers and multiple USB devices.

Aside from eliminating the need to plug and unplug, you won’t have to configure network-based client setups.

The Exclusive BEZEL X Function

BEZEL X software’s exclusive function allows the US3342 to connect two laptops and share files. All you have to do is drag and drop the files from one screen to another. It works for both Mac and Windows, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility.

Use Two Computers as They Are One

Switching between two computers has been easier than ever. The Mouse Switching technology allows you to move files effortlessly. All you have to do is drag the cursor across the screen’s border and towards the target computer.

There’s no need to configure settings or click specific buttons.

With Mouse Switching, you can work faster and spend more time on creating and producing.

Faster than Ever

Aside from unique functions that offer convenience and quick operation, the US3342 comes with 10Gbps transfer speed. With this, the sharing switch creates a direct link between the two connected computers for faster file transfer.

The Clipboard Sharing feature allows copying & pasting or dragging & dropping files from one laptop to another without using storage devices. As a result, it reduces the transfer time. Since it works with 10Gbps transfer rates, you’ll enjoy speeds 20 times faster than USB 2.0.

Power for Your Laptop and All Other Devices

The US3342 comes with 85W USB-C power delivery 3.0 pass-through, which charges one of your laptops. It can also charge other power-hungry devices like external hard drives and gaming devices.

Even if your RGB gaming rig is power-hungry, you can still use your favourite peripherals to work and play. You can utilise your favourite mouse and keyboard to work and play, even with a power-hungry RGB gaming rig.

Share Without Limits

You can work and share files seamlessly with the US3342. It works whether you transfer files from Windows to OS X, Windows to Windows, and OS X to OS X.


This is where we discuss the specifications of the sharing switch in our ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch review.

First, the ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch has two computer connections. Specifically, these are two black USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C female connectors.

As for the device connections, there are three black USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A female connectors (blue). Plus, you’ll find a Type-C female USB 3.2 Gen 2 (black) connector as well.

For power, there’s a USB Type-C female connection supporting USB PD 3.0 at 5V, 15V, 9V, and 20V output. It operates at 0-40℃, has a storage temperature of -20-60℃, while humidity is 0–80% RH, non-condensing. Additionally, its input power selection is a remote port selector/software.

When it comes to its physical specifications, the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch has an aluminium housing. For its weight, it’s 0.26kg with dimensions of 14.30 x 9 x 2.38cm.

Hands-on with the ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch

This time on our  ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch review, we’ll get hands-on with ATEN’s sharing switch. Before talking about its performance, let’s see what the BEZEL X software can do and what it has to offer.

BEZEL X Software

The BEZEL X software is an auto-sensing program for both your Mac or PC. It functions by informing the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch to shift from one host to the other.

This software is considered embryonic at V And although it functions efficiently for peripheral sharing, its drag-and-drop sharing needs a bit of work.

Luckily, we can trust ATEN to keep things up-to-date for its future versions for Windows and macOS.

With the software, you need to connect two hosts to establish a screen share and USB-C peer-to-peer network. Doing so will allow you to easily drag and drop files, as well as keyboard and mouse sharing.


When it comes to the US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch’s performance, we can say that ATEN did a great job. It has a perfect concept, and when everything’s working, it functions splendidly and is very convenient.

There were no major issues when linking multiple devices, and file-sharing was overall seamless. Though it did disconnect our wireless mouse once when a linked computer was on sleep.

But when it comes to switching between computers, everything was seamless, and no issues occurred. Just note that you’ll need to use a button to switch manually between devices.

ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch Review Summary

The ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch is perfect for those hosting two devices and wanting to share peripherals. It’s a quick way to transfer files and use two different systems without additional configuration. With that, you can also share peripherals, external drives, printers, scanners, and more between the two connected computers.

Aside from its compact design and unique features, it worked excellently during our tests. We didn’t encounter any issue, which makes it even better.

The US3342 is a great addition to your system, especially if you’re a content creator, programmer, developer, and more. It makes dual-system operations faster, easier, and more efficient.

The US3342 is a compact and efficient all-in-one solution if you use multiple devices and need desk space.

To sum up our ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Sharing Switch review, we highly recommend this product. If you want to get this sharing switch, it’s available for purchase from the company’s official website.

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