Be Quiet Silent Base 801 Review

Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review

In the modern world where aesthetics and cooling designs matter on computers, you need to pick the right solution. That is where our Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review comes in.

As PC enthusiasts evolve, they make sure they get the best out of their money. A lot of times, they want an overkill setup. PC Cases have been an essential factor, and they drastically improved in aesthetics in the past few years.

Introducing the Be Quiet! Silent Base 801; an excellent case for PC enthusiasts and gamers who want their PC to look cool. We picked up the silver colour since the black colour is so standard. Pairing this case up with RGB fans and PC parts make this case look astonishingly beautiful.

Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Packaging

The first section of our Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review is the packaging. Buying a feature-loaded PC case needs good packaging. Fortunately, Be Quiet! made sure that it doesn’t break.

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They secure their cases with styrofoam on top and to the bottom to prevent shattering, and that’s a good thing. The same goes for the Be Quiet!, but on top of that, they also put the two legs inside the styrofoam, so make sure to check everything before the PC assembly.

Once you take everything out of the box, you also get a manual if you’re a starter. You might not need the manual, as there are lots of guides on the internet.

Inside the case, you get two pre-installed Pure Wings 120mm fans at the front, and one at the back that operates only at 19.1 dB(A). You also get another box that’s tied on top, which includes everything you need to get started on building your PC. Inside the box, you get the extra velour straps, screws, and lots of HDD trays.

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We’re going to rate the packaging a ten out of ten, so let’s move on to the next section.

Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review – Design and Functionality

On this section of our Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review, we’re going to describe every single detail. Let’s start with the fitting.

Before you go and pick one of these, make sure your motherboard is supported. Otherwise, it won’t fit properly. You can get away with installing the motherboard if you correctly route the wires. Make sure to have proper wiring management to get the best out of this case.

In terms of motherboard support, it’s mostly standard ATX or smaller.

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On the bottom, you have the full coverage of the power supply and a massive spot for putting your wires if you don’t have a modular power supply. They also added blanking plates on the top of the cover, which can easily be customized.

One thing that other cases don’t have that the Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 has, is the massive sound deadening foam on the rear side panel and top. That makes the fans inside the case produce less noise to no noise at all. That said, even when you’re close to your PC, with this case, you don’t hear them.

The front side of the case is mostly out of steel. You also have two grills on the sides that suppress noise for intakes, but it seems to suffocate the front cooling a bit. Putting a radiator to the front, on the other hand, is better.

On the bottom, you get an extended removable dust filter by pulling it on the front. Since it’s an extended filter, it also filters out the rest of the bottom. The exterior also gets a dust filter, which reduces how long you need to clean your PC quite significantly.

At the back, there are two buttons, in which you can select which side panel to remove. Many PC cases don’t have this kind of feature, and Be Quiet! nailed it. The side panels can be a bit tricky to place, but it only requires securing it on the bottom part first.

The rear isn’t something special. You get what you also get in typical cases, and it fits the current generation. You get seven regular holes for slots, and you also get two sideway holes if you want to place a graphics card sideways. The power supply shroud is at the bottom, and you can quickly put extra wires there.

Underneath the case, you get an extra headroom for airflow, especially for the power supply unit. It also offers fan mounting holes for fans and radiators. You can put anything you want, except for larger motherboards and customized water containers, if you plan on liquid cooling.

Key Features of the Be Quiet! Silent Base 801

This part of our Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review, we’ll dig into the critical features of the case. We’re going to see if the pricing is right for the features you get.

Removable Filters & Brackets

The Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 is straightforward to clean. Everything is almost removable, even the motherboard mounting bracket. It makes everything a lot easier, especially when you always swap out parts. However, you still do need to keep an eye with your wiring management.

Excellent Cooling While Being Silent

The Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 has a 4-stage fan control on the front panel. It’s the same feature we see on Antec cases back in the day. This way, you can easily control the fan speeds on-the-go.

The casing also supports many mounting holes, which you can fit in a radiator. The area in which you mount fans and radiators has a proper dimension and provides most of the AIO or “All in One” Coolers. All in all, there are no complaints about the spacing.

For those who want to install water cooling in the Be Quiet! Silent Base 801, the housing has a functional space in the front for radiators. Keep in mind that it only supports up to 420mm in the length of the front, and 360mm on top.

Installing two radiators is only ideal if your GPU produces so much heat, and the air cooler can’t keep up inside the case.

Invertible Mainboard Carriage

The best feature of the Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 is the invertible mainboard tray.

Assembly with the case is straightforward. Unlike other cases that have many screws, this case does not require you to use your screwdriver as much. Putting in the parts, you have the option to still get a 3.5 inch HDD with the included hard disk cage.

If you have lots of 2.5 inch SATA drives, you can place them at the other side of the mainboard. It is ideal if you have lots of SATA SSD Drives. Installing the hard disk cage is very easy; it only requires one push from the other side.

Overall, the cooling capacity is awe-inspiring! To be honest, the front panel is suffocating the airflow. Removing the front panel drops the temperature even further.

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes of gaming to see the stable and hottest temperatures. The temperature with the front panel, however, is still acceptable. But again, liquid cooling is your best bet with this case.



On this section of our Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review, let’s discuss the overall specifications of the case. This part is essential so that you can select your pieces with the proper form factor.

The Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 is a Mid-Tower case that has a dimension of 282mm (W) x 552mm (H) x 539mm (D).

There are three colours available, which are Black, Silver, and Orange. We picked the Silver colour, which looks more metallic & durable.

There are two USB 3.0 ports on the front panel, one USB 2.0 port, one headphone jack, one microphone jack, and 4-stage fan control.

If you want a specific fitting for the motherboard, this case supports E-ATX, ATX, mATX, and mini-ITX.

When it comes to sizes and length, there’s also a specific dimension, and that includes the CPU cooler and the GPU. The maximum supported CPU cooler height is 185mm. The power supply’s fitting isn’t restricted as much, so be confident whatever the size of power supply you have.

Hands-on with the Be Quiet! Silent Base 801

This section of our Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review focuses on handling the case. Let’s see what experience we can get with this case compared to a regular budget case.

Building with this case requires no effort at all, except for the wiring management. You can easily remove the side panels by pushing the buttons at the back.

If you’re someone who has a small workspace for building computers, you wouldn’t have much trouble. Almost everything is removable, and installation is much more accessible.

Overall, this case is suitable for both starters and PC enthusiasts and it a high-quality case that we would recommend to anyone.

Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review Summary

All in all, Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 is an excellent choice for both PC enthusiasts and starters. It mostly depends on what looks you prefer, but many people have been impressed so far.

It has received a ton of reviews after the Computex 2018 event, and it’s still a trending case to this day. You can grab one at Newegg for 159.90 USD.

With that kind of price, it isn’t for anyone who has the cash to spend on an edible casing. The first thing you want to focus on is your PC parts. The case should be the last choice when computing your whole budget.

Depending on the parts you have, the building process may not be natural. You need to check the specifications first before getting your parts. The main focus of the Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 is the silent properties.

All in all, we are delighted with the product. Most people would buy a budget case. The most crucial PC part you must spend on is the power supply. Keep in mind that a computer case is mostly for aesthetics only.

Of course, a computer case with useful features is good but set your budget as minimal.

If you’re buying a case, the most important thing you should focus on is the airflow and dust filters. Keep your PC cool & clean all the time.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Be Quiet! Silent Base 801 Review! To know more about the product and the nearest available store in your location, visit their official website.