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Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset Review

The MMX 100 gaming headset is Beyerdynamic’s latest offering for people who love gaming and want awesome sounds. In our Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset review, we’ll talk about its design, features, specs and functions.

We’ll also share our experience when we tested the product for you to see how it performed. 

These will be vital in helping you decide if the MMX 100 gaming headset is something for you.

But before getting into those, let’s check out its packaging and contents. 

Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset Packaging

We were excited to receive our headset for this Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset review. And when it arrived, it came in a sophisticated-looking cardboard box that was durable enough to protect the items inside. 

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Beyerdynamic opted for a minimalist design for their packaging, and we love the clean and premium vibe it gives off. In front, you’ll only find an image of the headset along with Beyerdynamic’s branding and the product’s name. 

Inside, you’ll find the MMX 100 gaming headset with its detachable cable and mic arm. Along with these, you’ll also find an analogue cable 5-pin 3.5mm plug to 4-pin 3.5mm jack plug. There’s also an analogue cable 5-pin 3.5mm jack plug to two 3-pin 3.5mm jack plugs that’s 2m long. 

Other than these, you’ll find a gooseneck pop filter in the box as well. 

Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset Review – Design and Functionality

If you’re reading this Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset review, you’re probably someone who uses their headsets on console controllers. Or, you need an awesome headset while enjoying mobile gaming. 

But if you’re neither, don’t worry. Because this gaming headset is also great for those who simply want an efficient product for audio listening. 

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It comes with a 1.20m cable with a combination jack that’s compatible with devices featuring 3.5mm jack connections. With another 1.20m Y-splitter, you can easily use the headset on a PC with a mic & headphone connection. 

Its ear and head pads are extremely soft and are made from quality synthetic leather. This headset weighs 300g which makes it a comfortable item to wear even during lengthy gaming sessions. If you’re wearing glasses while using the headset, it’ll still be comfortable and won’t hurt along the ears or head. 

For the cables, they’re sheathed by a textile material across the board. When it comes to its temple, it’s flexible enough to adapt perfectly to your head shape. 

The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 features intuitive controls for your convenience, which is best especially for gaming. The wheel on this gaming headset controls the volume. Then, the button controls the mic’s mute function.

If the button is sticking out, that means the mic is one mute. With this, you can easily determine the mic’s status without removing the headset.

Key Features of the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset

Our Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset review will now look into the different key features of the product. What does it have to offer? Are they great and useful features? Let’s find out. 

Studio-grade Audio of the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset

For premium studio-quality audio, the company’s driver systems are the best Meta Picks for your ears. This is all because of Beyerdynamic’s years of audio experience combined with its passion for gaming.

Its integrated 40mm driver systems are enhanced for gaming by the company’s acoustic engineers. From there, they offer a high-resolution sound image in the process.

This results in precise and clear audio that’s audible in different genres.

For FPS games, precise audio localisation offers a clearer advantage in various situations. And for RPGs, the sound feels more realistic because of its unique sound image.

Sophisticated Design for Continuous Hours of Comfort

The headset blends Beyerdynamic’s classic aesthetics with functionality for the best gaming experience. Its top-notch aluminium headband works as the MMX 100’s binding piece. And to prevent head pressure points, the headband sports a synthetic leather band with memory foam. 

With this, you can ensure to have hours of wearing comfort. Plus, replacing these is easy and convenient thanks to its bayonet mechanism.

We’re also sharing the available colours here in our Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset review. There are two options to choose from which include black or grey.

Both look premium and sleek, so you won’t go wrong no matter which colour you choose. 

The Volume Dial and Mute Button for Easy Control

You won’t have to ever waste time searching for functions along your cable. That’s all thanks to a practical volume dial ensuring that the MMX 100 can be adjusted accurately and immediately.

Since there are intuitive controls, it means you can adjust the volume without having to exit your game. Plus, the microphone can be muted easily via the separate mute button. 

Meta Voice – Cardioid Condenser Mic

Unwanted background noises can get annoying especially in chats. And the worst thing it can do is break your team’s concentration and immersion while gaming. 

The stakes are high when gaming, and it’s crucial for voices to naturally transmit with little to no background noise. This is where the MMX 100 gaming headset can help since it features the new Meta voice cardioid condenser mic. 

Its 9.9mm capsule naturally and realistically replicates the voice image. Then, standard noise like keyboard and mouse clicks are all suppressed. 


This section of our Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset review focuses on the specifications of the product. This will help you decide if the headset is something fit for your needs. 

This dynamic and wired gaming headset sports a closed acoustic design and has an impedance of 32 Ohms. Its frequency response ranges from 5 to 30 kHz, and the product weighs 296g without its cable. 

It has an analogue, pluggable, and straight cable that’s 1.2m long, as well as a 2m-long one. Then, there are two analogue 5-pin 3.5mm cable jack plugs present. However, one goes to a 4-pin 3.5mm jack plug whereas the other to a 2×3-pin 3.5mm jack plug. 

Hands-on with the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset

Of course, we’re sharing our experience with the product here in our Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset review. This is what will help you completely decide if this gaming headset is for you. 

Audio Quality of the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset

For gaming, the MMX 100 had impressive directional audio that worked excellently for any type of game. We were able to hear the slightest rustling sounds that we never noticed before. Plus, the audio was immersive and satisfying no matter what title we played.

Its bass was powerful and crisp, but it didn’t sound excessively dominant. The gaming headset delivered crystal clear highs and fantastic mids which made the smallest details audible.

Whether the game was dialogue-heavy or full of growling motors and explosions, the audio never got mushy. Even during the fiercest battles, our voice chats with the team remained clear and easy to understand. Thanks to this microphone, we had the advantage in battles since we were able to communicate with our teammates properly.

When it came to music, the MMX 100 delivered a slightly bass-heavy profile. This isn’t even a surprise and it’s something expected from a gaming headset.

Although deep, the bass didn’t dominate the rest of the sounds. It wasn’t the bassiest headset, but its audio was impressive for music just like it was for gaming.

Video and film audio sounded wide, clear, and detailed with the MMX 100. This was even enhanced when tinkering with Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos.

The current microphone that was mounted on our desk took up a good amount of space. Luckily, we got rid of it since the mic on the MMX 100 gaming headset is of better quality. For a budget-friendly gaming headset, its microphone delivers the clarity that’s needed for calls and voice chats.

With this headset’s microphone, speech was transmitted cleanly, clearly, and naturally. We didn’t notice any loss of vocal characteristics which was surprising. Also, our chat partners found it easy to understand us in our voice chats and audio recordings.

We also loved that it’s detachable since it allowed us to remove it whenever we didn’t need this.  

Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Gaming Headset Review Summary

Headsets under the $100 range vary. While others deliver decent performance, a lot aren’t worth the purchase. But for Beyerdynamic’s MMX 100, it offers an excellent price to performance ratio.

This new headset from Beyerdynamic comes with all the impressive features in terms of audio quality, comfort, and microphone performance. And with its moderate price, the MMX 100 definitely stands out from the competition.

While testing the product for our Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset review, we noticed its flawless workmanship. Like all of Beyerdynamic’s products, it offered the highest level of comfort. We also love that it’s compatible with any device since Beyerdynamic provided two cables for different platforms.

Most importantly, it delivered superior audio quality for gaming, music, videos, and films. This headset significantly improved our listening experience with its detailed sound profile.

Overall, we were satisfied with the MMX 100 and we highly recommend this product. It’s one of the best you can get in its price range if you’re looking for powerful audio. 

If you think this gaming headset is what you need, you can purchase it from the company’s official website.