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D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh Review

D-Link’s latest line of wifi mesh system brings more than just a faster connection. Paired with Wi-Fi 6 and MU-MIMO, it is sure to keep your devices well-managed and cared for. In our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh review, you’ll get to know first hand why this wifi system always stays on its toes.

D-Link is a Wi-Fi network and surveillance company that has been running the business for over 30 years. With their experience, it’s no joke that they can come up with such great products.

With that, let’s just jump right into it.

D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh Packaging

Before we talk about the product itself, we have to show you what comes with it when you buy it. Let’s start with the packaging.

Our package comes in a rectangular box which has the coloured themes of white and purple. You can see the product images in front as well as the logo and some of its features.

Dlink coverax Review 1 Dlink coverax Review 2

At the sides, you will find some diagrams which indicate the ports of the product. These ports are for the cables that connect to your main Wi-Fi router.

When flipping the package to its back, you will find the descriptions of the features the product has and a small layout of how it would look like at home.

Dlink coverax Review 3 Dlink coverax Review 4

Once open, you will find three mesh routers as well as a small box that holds the instruction manual, cables, adaptors, and sockets.

Everything is pretty much straight forward from there. All the pieces were neatly tucked inside the package.

With that set, D-Link puts into consideration the safety and quality of their products.

D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s now discuss the design and functions in our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh review. Our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh is made up of various components.

The D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh is a wifi system that provides one of the fastest high-speed connections. It is composed of 3 routers that connect directly to your service provider.

Each router is white and rectangular. White is a common aesthetic choice among appliances and goes comfortably well in most homes.

Dlink coverax Review 5 Dlink coverax Review 6 Dlink coverax Review 7 Dlink coverax Review 8 Dlink coverax Review 9

Other than its looks, the router contains 4 ethernet ports, an internet port, power button, WPS button and its port adaptor at the back.

Each of them has its adaptor and respective cable. D-Link provides its users with a sufficient amount of cables needed to run the system. Therefore, you won’t need to buy extra.

D-Link’s latest wifi system combines with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. This enhances user experience and boosts the overall connections of every device.

This makes it more stable and consistent which prevents any lagging or delays during usage. It also provides several intelligent AI features that focus on maximising the internet’s potential.

Our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh can reach up to 740 square meters. This means that you can enjoy a strong connection with your internet wherever you are in your home.

With the 3-pack, the D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh covers any dead zones within your home. This removes internet cut-offs thanks to the range of the COVR-X1873.

If you have the D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh installed but still need more coverage, you may also add an extra COVR-X1870 Point to extend the range of your wifi system.

The D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh works under one seamless network. With COVR, there will only be one wireless network name (SSID) for your home.

No need to worry about having to reconnect to another router and putting the password all over again as the COVR connects thoroughly.

Putting these into perspective, we see that D-Link is wise in focusing on efficiency and range. Having 3 routers to cover all parts of your home while effectively managing the connections can prove useful.

With all that, we are sure to feel connected. Now let’s check-in on some of the key features.

Key Features of the D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh

Other than its design and structure, we now look into some of the features this product has in our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh review.

WiFi 6 Technology

Every day, the world is changing. With innovations in technology to increase the livelihood of many, home appliances like wifi systems are no exception.

WiFi 6 technology is an upgrade to the previous wifi systems. It offers many features that focus on user experience, connection stability, and unprecedented efficiency.

Bigger homes require better systems. With the WiFi 6 technology, it has an extensive range and provides consistent connection as well as an exceptional capacity limit.

You can connect up to 4 times more than the Wi-Fi 5 technology. With that, you can have several devices connected at the same time without losing any strong connection.

With new parts, new systems, and a smarter better AI, Wi-Fi 6 provides a 25% boost in data rates unlike Wi-Fi 5. With that, this allows an unprecedented efficiency to occur.

Not only moving forward but keeping to the past, as Wi-Fi 6 technology supports all existing Wi-Fi devices. You won’t need a better device to use this wifi system as it continues to partner with them.

Smart Roaming

It can be bothersome to us when the internet suddenly disconnects whenever we move or transfer to another location. That’s why D-Link’s focus is user experience.

Smart roaming is an AI feature that intelligently monitors your device and checks if your connection is stable. Even as you move room to room, you can consistently stay connected.

It keeps your device connected to the strongest signal in the area. With this, it alleviates disconnection issues and instability of the internet within the device.

MU-MIMO Technology

Other than Wi-Fi 6 technology, we got MU-MIMO technology as well. For those of you who aren’t familiar, MU-MIMO stands for multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology.

What is the purpose of this? Well, the more devices that are connected to your wifi, the slower it moves. Most routers can only connect with one device at a time.

This is common with singular-user routers also known as SU-MIMO. Each gadget waits its turn to send and receive the data from the internet. Therefore, whenever a new device connects, the line gets longer.

Everyone knows that because every device wants a piece of the internet and the router can only do so much to handle so many devices. This is where MU-MIMO shines.

MU-MIMO grants router communication with multiple devices at the same time. This reduces the time each device has to wait significantly for a signal.

With that, it dramatically boosts your network. Focusing on the overall wifi experience for all users, MU-MIMO is the best program for your wifi system.

Smart Steering

We talked about the latest Wi-Fi and programs but now let’s talk about a smarter network.

Smart steering is a feature where the wifi detects a wireless device and automatically directs it to the best available frequency band when connected.

Why is this optimal? Thanks to the smart steering, the wifi can accurately pinpoint devices that lack a stable connection and support them. Keeping the devices connected consistently.

Parental Controls

One thing to be aware of is that the internet can be a double-edged sword. Although the internet provides a vast knowledge of the world, it is also open to malicious and explicit content.

That is why parental controls are a key feature here. Thanks to the parental controls, you can manage and monitor your internet’s content.

This allows you to filter out any dangerous websites not suitable for young audiences. It also keeps track of what is being searched and accessed from your internet.

Simple and Easy

Our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh is easy and simple to set up. No need to worry so much about all the technical details. It comes with an instruction manual which is relatively easy to follow.

Once installed, just connect it to your service provider, make a few tweaks, and done. You are ready to start using your new D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh wifi system.

Expandable Network

With all that’s been said, if you already have this system and feel the need to add more, you can do so without any hurdles.

D-Link has many more add-on wifi routers that you can install separately. With the One Seamless Network feature, it will automatically sync with your other wifi system.

Just head on over to the official website and check out more of their products to expand your network at home.

Overall, with Wi-Fi 6, MU-MIMO, and smart steering in play, you can expect only the best when using the D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh system.


2021 03 02 10 27 14 AX1800 Dual Band Seamless Mesh Wi Fi 6 System 3 Pack

Our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh review wouldn’t be complete without understanding the product’s technical details. The D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh has many intricate parts.

Our D-Link COVR-X1873’s Wi-Fi speed can reach up to 1200 + 574 Mbps. With this, you won’t need to worry so much about slow internet.

D-Link COVR uses Gigabit Ethernet which is common among the average people who have wifi systems at home.

The routers each have 4 Ethernet ports as well as a power button, WPS and an internet port.

There is also a guest network available within the wifi system. For wireless bands, it supports dual-band devices.

COVR is the line of series for the mesh system which is under D-Link. It uses Wi-Fi 6 technology and is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

For its security, it has WPS, WPA3-Personal and WPA/WPA2-personal. With a firmware upgrade which is OTA.

Don’t be intimidated by all of the technical details because you will learn this over time as you install and use the wifi system. If you’re not sure, check the manual or go over their website.

Hands-on with the D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh

 We will now check to see whether this product is worth your money in our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh review.

In any case, it is important to understand the qualities of the product by testing. Whether they stay true to what they advertise or not, we will find out.

Installation was hassle free. As we said, it is simple and easy to understand as long as you follow through with what the manual tells you to do.

The whole installation process took roughly 10 minutes to complete.

What we wanted to do for testing the product was to determine how fast the router could go, the consistency and stability, and its coverage.

2021 03 02 10 31 10 Speedtest by Ookla The Global Broadband Speed Test

The D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh surprisingly was able to hold speeds consistently with no speed dropouts noticed. We soon added more devices to check whether the connection would lessen.

To our amazement, we noticed that adding more devices didn’t change or alter the speed nor the connectivity. With the MU-MIMO feature in place, it was sure to handle all our devices.

For the coverage, we tested this by refreshing the data speeds while moving away from the router. Even though we moved away, the change in speed was only small. Although we were large distances away from the network we still received solid speeds. With the help of Smart Steering and Wi-Fi 6 technology, it only made it perform better.

Smart steering played a role in our test as it helped stabilise devices that lacked a strong connection. It directed the signals to the best available frequency which ultimately provided a better experience.

All in all, the D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh is an amazing piece of technology with the hope of bringing the world closer than ever before through efficiency and reliability.

D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh Review Summary

Before we conclude our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh review, we will give you our final thoughts on the product.

The D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh is a state-of-the-art wifi system that ultimately immerses the user’s experience effectively. With the intelligent built-in programs designed to establish proper and effective connections, it is sure to keep your devices alive.

Paired with Wi-Fi 6 and MU-MIMO, it is bound to push past the limits of what regular wifi systems can do. With that, it brings quality and efficiency in hand.

To conclude, we were left in awe at what the D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh can do. It was a blast testing this product and we highly recommend it for anyone looking to upgrade into the future. With that, we end our D-Link COVR-X1873 AX1800 Mesh review.

If you are looking into buying one of D-Link’s products, then click here.