Elgato Wave 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review

Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review

In our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review, you’ll find all the essential and essential information needed for this broadcast-grade mic.

Elgato is a brand that established itself as a go-to name for streamers and content creators. Specifically, they’re a company for people who want to step up their game in the field.

Following a procurement by Corsair in 2018, there’s been an admirable effort to expand and improve their product range.

The company’s freshest Stream Deck programmable hotkey pads and capture cards were well-received by the people. And after numerous teasings and quick peeks in the recent months, Elgato extended their reach by launching something extraordinary. They introduced their very first premium microphone, the Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone.

To give you an idea about this microphone, Wave: 1 is Elgato’s condenser mic that’s fully integrated with excellent technologies. It’s equipped with the Stream Deck support, plus, it comes with the company’s digital audio software.

We consider this as a highly brief but excellent introduction to the mic. However, it’s good to note that Elgato designed this product specifically for streamers and content creators. With that, you can imagine all the whistles and bells that this company has tossed into their latest product line.

If you’ve grown interested in this product, then continue reading our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review to learn more. But first, let’s check out its packaging and contents.

Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Packaging

This section of our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review is all about the packaging and contents included.

When we received our Wave: 1 microphone, it came in a blue-themed box displaying an image of the mic at the front. Wave:1, along with Elgato’s logo, is written at the top of the image. Below the mic’s picture, there are some notes about the product.

Elgato Wave 1 photos 01 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 02 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 03 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 04 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review

On the sides, you will find more details about the microphone, and again, the product’s name and Elgato’s logo. You’ll also find a list of the key features offered by the Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Plus, there’s also information on the items included in the box.

Looking at the back of the box, you’ll find another image of Wave: 1 being put to use. This rear portion of the box also provides a more in-depth description of the features present on the Wave: 1.

The other section of the package displays another image of the microphone. Plus, it shows the weight and dimensions of the product.

Inside the box, you will find the Wave:1 microphone itself. With it, you’ll receive a USB-C to A cable, as well as the boom arm adapter. Do note that Elgato also included a quick-start guide to make the entire setup process easy and quick.

Elgato Wave 1 photos 05 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 06 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review

Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review – Design and Functionality

Now in our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review, we’ll get into the microphone’s design and functionality.

When we first laid eyes on the microphone, our first impressions were indeed favourable and positive. It’s because of the sleek-black exterior and classy design of the microphone that’s easy on the eyes.

Since the company’s target audience are those who need to be seen, this microphone comes with adequate height and design. It measures 200mm high, and is generally a beautiful piece, making it a stunning addition to your studio’s environment.

The microphone has a solid build quality and is reflected in its weight of 555g. It comes with huge rubberised pads underneath its 100mm base, which aids in keeping the mic set firmly in place.

Elgato Wave 1 photos 07 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 08 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 09 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 10 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 11 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 12 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 photos 13 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review

You can have specific options too. The mic’s stand can be easily detached when mounting the microphone on a boom arm via the provided adapter.

We noticed that it looks perfect the moment we pulled it out of the package. It has that clean looking and gorgeous exterior that blends with its beautiful finish. The mic has a premium look and feel to it which we actually love.

Its black-clad hardware doesn’t make the Wave:1 stand out. Yet its subtly arched edges, dark black sheen, and nicely rounded corners give it that classy, quality, and premium appeal. Having this look and design, the Elgato Wave:1 still draws in some attention anyway.

This time, let’s talk about the microphone itself. The Wave: 1’s actual section has an integrated foam head, and also comes with a perforated metallic exterior.

Generally, we appreciate this type of design since you can actually knock and bash the microphone extensively. And this is without causing it any real or alarming harm. So basically, it’s a product that’s built to last.

Towards the bottom portion of the microphone, there’s a quick and easy control for adjusting and balancing its volume. You can push it to mute or unmute sounds immediately. Also, the microphone comes with a LED indicator ring around the area too.

The microphone’s base is weighted, so even a firm knock won’t topple over the Wave: 1. Its base will also keep it from sliding around while decreasing any resonance in the microphone.

We should point out that Elgato included a shock mount as well. Plus, they added an external pop filter should you require this.

When it comes to its volume wheel, it has notable tensions to it and is quick to adjust in little increments. However, the Wave: 1 has to get braced at the back while simultaneously hitting the mute button. If not, it will topple over since the button requires a firm press.

Along its sides, there are a couple of adjustment screws that allow the angle to be easily fine-tuned. On the other side, you will see a headphone jack and USB port.

Technically, the USB isn’t optional, though it provides both data and power between the PC and the Wave: 1. It also means that it can only be utilised with a computer. The reason for this is because the mic doesn’t come with an analogue output/input option.

Additionally, it comes with a headphone jack as well, so you can easily acquire lag-free and direct monitoring.

Its base features a rubber grip that stops the microphone from sliding. It also prevents the Wave: 1 from scuffing your desktop. Technically, it’s completely detachable too so that you can utilise your arms, tripods, or any mount of your choice.

Key Features of the Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone

This portion of our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review will focus on the product’s key features.

Upgrade to Quality Sound with Ease

Elgato Wave:1 is a complete solution that is ready to give your voice the best soundstage. It’s a broadcast-grade microphone with plug-and-play setup, and it comes with a mixer for blending audio sources effortlessly.

Brilliant Design

The Elgato Wave:1 has an elegant design and delivers impressive audio quality.

WAVE Link Software

WAVE Link is the intuitive software optimised for content creation. It provides full control over your Youtube video, Twitch stream, and podcast audio.

Integrated with LEWITT Audio

Elgato equipped Wave:1 with LEWITT’s audio technology. LEWITT Audio is a company in Vienna, Austria that produces thoroughly calibrated microphones in world-class testing facilities. This is why the company’s microphones are used in top recording studios.

Amplification without Clipping

While you’re live, you don’t have to watch levels or try to save distorted audio during post-production.

When the input levels reach their peak, Elgato’s exclusive Clipguard technology immediately reroutes sound via a second signal path. Here, the audio runs at a lower volume.

As a result, the audio output sounds clean, no matter how loud your voice is.

Better Workflow with Stream Deck

The Elgato Wave:1 is fully compatible with Elgato’s Stream Deck products, providing full control on your studio. Also, Stream Deck works with WAVE Link, the software used for Elgato Wave:1.

With that, you can easily assign keys to mute audio sources, adjust volume levels, and skip tracks. Also, it enables you to create Multi Actions for simultaneously changing audio, camera settings, and lighting with one tap.


2020 06 20 08 59 04 Window Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review

Now in our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review, we’ll look further into this microphone’s specifications.

The microphone consists of a 17mm Electret capsule and features a cardioid polar pattern. Elgato gave it a 24-bit resolution with a sample rate of 48kHz.

The Wave: 1 comes with a 70 – 20,000 Hz frequency response. It also has -25dBFS for minimum gain, and 15dBFS for maximum gain when it comes to sensitivity.

This microphone from Elgato gives off 120dB for max SPL, yet it reaches 140dB when it’s Clipguard engaged. Also, the Wave: 1 has a dynamic range of 95dB yet is 115dB when it’s Clipguard engaged.

The microphone also makes use of a USB Type-C interface which is essential in today’s gadgets.

When it comes to its dimensions, the Elgato Wave: 1 measures 141 x 66 x 40mm. For its weight, it’s a total of 555g. The base only weighs 310g while the microphone and U-mount are only 245g.

System Requirements

If you’re using Windows, the operating system that’s compatible with the Elgato Wave: 1 is Windows 10 (64-bit). You’ll also need to have 4GB for your RAM, and an integrated USB 2.0 port.

Yet if you’re a Mac user, you’ll need the macOS 10.15 or newer, plus a 4GB RAM as well. Plus, you’ll need a built-in USB 2.0 port to adequately use the mic.

Hands on with the Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone

This time, we will get more hands-on with the microphone. We’re going to see if it performed well and if it’s worth the purchase. To learn more, continue reading our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review.

Elgato Wave 1 screen photos 1 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 screen photos 2 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Elgato Wave 1 screen photos 3 Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review

WAVE Link is the suite for tweaking the Elgato Wave: 1, and it’s available for Windows 10 and macOS. This software allows you to create and keep track of two independent output mixes. With that, it will be easier to control what you and your viewers can hear.

It also enables you to do on-the-fly switching between the two mixes with just one click.

Additionally, you can mix any eight channels you want when launching WAVE Link. This provides complete control over music, game audio, and Twitch content.

WAVE Link offers a clutter-free interface, making it intuitive and user-friendly. Its firmware updates are smooth and quick, and there are options to disable low-cut filters and clip guard. If you’re an advanced user, you can set WAVE Link as a master audio source in OBS Studio.

WAVE Link also lets you filter sounds via specific channels. Plus, you can choose the audio input you want to hear via speakers/headphones. It can be done by deselecting or selecting the headphone icon in any available channel.

Moreover, you can use WAVE Link with OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. Simply locate the sound settings tab and set WAVE Link Stream as the mix/auxiliary device. For the sample rate, set this to 48kHz and see to it that Windows has the same settings.

The first thing we looked at was the microphone placement. It’s good that you can position it any way you want. However, do note that Elgato suggests that you tilt the mic lightly away, and not have it towards you.

For its sounds, it produced excellent output, and everything was clear and crisp. We didn’t have any problems when using it, and everything went smoothly as well. Voice recording was fantastic and it would be perfect for streaming on Twitch and YouTube.

As for setting up the microphone, it was quick and easy too. Thankfully, the user guide was helpful to make the connection process effortless.

Basically, the Wave: 1 proved exceptionally well during the microphone test. Though even if some keystrokes were heard, it was quieter than what we were expecting.

Overall, the Wave: 1 Microphone performed great, and we’d highly recommend this to everyone requiring a microphone such as this.

Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone Review Summary

The Elgato Wave:1 is a simple microphone with amazing build quality and physically appealing design. Not only that, but it also offers impressive broadcast-grade audio quality. Another bonus is its user-friendly software that provides a lot of sound control.

Out of all the desktop microphones we’ve tested, the Elgato Wave: 1 is one of the best. While there are a lot of available and cheaper options, this one offers everything in a single package. In fact, we won’t be surprised if this becomes the top-selling entry-level microphone in the streaming industry.

In conclusion to our Elgato Wave: 1 Microphone review, we highly recommend this product. If you want to get your hands on this microphone, it’s available for purchase on the official website.