enermax new psu 2024 ENERMAX Intros PlatiGemini, World’s First 80 Plus Platinum PSU with Intel ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO

ENERMAX Intros PlatiGemini, World’s First 80 Plus Platinum PSU with Intel ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO

Taoyuan, Taiwan, March 21st, 2024 –ENERMAX, an industry-leading force dedicated to designing high-performance computer hardware and cooling solutions, announces its latest power supply and the PCMag CES 2024 Best Power Product award winner, the PlatiGemini 1200W, is now available. The PlatiGemini sets a new standard as the only 80 PLUS Platinum power supply that supports both Intel ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO standards. Designed for system integrators and professionals working on mission-critical projects, this revolutionary 12VO power supply, which removes the 3.3V and 5V lines, will reduce losses from energy conversion and align your workstation with stricter environmental standards.

World’s First* Dual-Standard 12VO Power Supply

The PlatiGemini, as the world’s first dual-standard power supply, supports both 24-pin mainstream motherboards and 10-pin energy-saving 12VO motherboards, offering versatility for current and future technological requirements. By supplying only 12 volts to the system components, the power supply eliminates the need for conversion to other voltage levels, reducing energy loss and improving overall energy efficiency. And with the support of the 24-pin mainstream motherboards, it ensures adaptability to any current or future tech needs, bridging the gap between different specifications, and being ready for sustainable computing.

Ensuring Peak Performance with High Energy Efficiency

The PlatiGemini is compatible with PCIe 5.1 and Intel ATX 3.1 standards, it can handle power surges up to 235% and is equipped with a native 600W 12V-12×6 cable which provides sufficient power for high-end graphic cards and demanding tasks such as content creation, virtual reality and AI. The PlatiGemini incorporates 100% industrial-grade Japanese capacitors and the power efficiency goes beyond the standards set by the 80 PLUS Platinum certification. It delivers up to 94% efficiency under typical loads and maintains up to 74% efficiency at a 2% load. This level of efficiency ensures energy savings, particularly in idle or low-load scenarios.

The Next Generation Patented Dust-Free Rotation Technology

Equipped with a 135mm industrial-grade dual-ball bearing fan, the built-in optimal semi-fanless technology allows the fan to remain stopped until you reach 60% working load or over-temperature, improving the overall system acoustics at low and medium workloads. The PlatiGemini also features ENERMAX’s next-gen patented Dust-free Rotation (D.F.R.) self-cleaning technology, which can expel dust through instant reversal fan spin when the system is powered on. The D.F.R. function also serves as a power-on indicator, monitoring the power supply’s activation in a semi-fanless mode. Users can also manually trigger the D.F.R. function with the D.F. switch button on the power switch side for active cleaning.

Add-ons to Make Your Cable Management and Life Easier

The power supply cables have been also upgraded to premium mesh-sleeved cables for enhanced cable routing. These flexible cables allow for superior cable management. An included 27-piece cable comb kit helps keep cables neatly organized and in good order.

Key Features

l   Integrated with Both Intel ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO Standards

l   80 PLUS® Platinum Certified and 74% Efficiency at 2% Load

l   Fully Modular with Native 600W 12V-2×6 and 12VO Motherboard 10-Pin Cable

l   Up to 235% Power Excursion

l   100% Japanese 105°C Capacitors

l   ENERMAX’s Dust-Free Rotation Technology with D.F. Switch Button

l   60% Load Semi-Fanless Technology

l   Premium Mesh-Sleeved Cables with Cable Comb Kit Included

Availability and Warranty

PlatiGemini 1200W is now available at the ENERMAX USA online store, Amazon USA, and ENERMAX USA authorized retailers and distributors.

The series will be available in Europe and other regions in April. For further details, please visit the ENERMAX website.

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