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Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU Review

Today, we’re writing our Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU review to check the company’s second-generation Ion PSU. The Ion 2 Platinum is an upgraded version of the original Ion Platinum, which is packed with your usual favourites.

These include the iconic UltraFlex cables, 80+ Platinum efficiency, and the fully-modular connections.

To learn more about the PSU, continue reading our review to know what else it has in store for you. But before we get more into the specifics, let’s check out what’s inside the box. 

Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU Packaging

When our unit arrived for this Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU review, we wanted to test it immediately. It was packed in a typical-looking Fractal Design package with an image of the PSU in front. Other than an image, you’ll also find Fractal’s branding, as well as the product’s name. 

If you want extra details, just check the box’s rear to find its features, specifications, plus a fan curve chart. The latter will display both semi-passive and normal mode fan curves for your reference. 

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Inside the box, everything is packed nicely and securely while the PSU is kept within a large block of foam. Then, you’ll find a zipper bag filled with DC cables just next to it.

Inside the package, the PSU also comes in a cloth bag. Then, all the DC cables are kept in a separate zip bag. Other than these, you’ll find the usual paperwork, mounting screws, and the company’s Fractal-branded Velcro cable wraps. 

When it comes to the PSU’s DC cables, you’ll get the primary 24-pin types with braided pins. Then, there are three PCIe cables with double 6+2 connections and two 8-pin (4+4) EPS cables. 

Lastly, there are three SATA power cables where two have four connectors each. Then, the last cable only has two connections and one legacy molex peripheral cable with four connections. 

Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU Review – Design and Functionality

This part of our Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU review discusses the design and functions of the PSU. It sports a dark stylish matte finish with a black theme. Then, it’s fully modular with cables including a primary board ATX lead, and a CPU EPS connector. 

Basically, you’ll get a lot of connections with this PSU from Fractal Design. 

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The Ion 2 Platinum is a compact unit that measures 150 x 150 x 86mm. This will allow you to easily utilise the unit in a space-constrained case. 

With its balck accents, the PSU gets that attractively nice and striking appearance. That also goes for the cables which have a sleek black and flexible sleeving, as well as the plastic connectors. 

The air intake covers most of the top portion thanks to the 140mm fan. Then, there’s a simple yet premium-looking grille over it, and this is something we appreciate. 

In front, we saw a little honeycomb air vent on the PSU. This allows for adequate airflow throughout the product and helps in cooling down the components while keeping them working efficiently. Additionally, the power connector and on/off switch is present in this area. 

There’s a labelled switch “Zero RPM Mode” which is on by default. This means that the fan won’t spin under light loads. When it’s switched off, the fan will continuously run on low speed for extra cooling. 

Both sides are minimalistic with a two-toned grey and black colour along with the company’s logo in small white prints. 

Along the rear, you’ll find modular connections of the primary 24-pin and four SATA/PATA connections. Plus, there are five 12V-only sockets for EPS and PCIe cables as well. You’ll also find the user-configurable semi-passive mode switch here. 

Along the AC inlet portion, you’ll find the standard IEC C14 mains inlet and mains power switch. More than half of the rear portion is concealed with the company’s unique grille pattern. Then for the lower part of the PSU, it comes with an electrical specifications list on a label. 

All the models include the company’s revolutionary UltraFlex DC cabling, and a super high strand count wire. The latter has a specifically formulated insulation for extreme flexibility, preventing any loss of efficiency or capacity. 

The UltraFlex cables twist and bend effortlessly to make installation in tight spaces easy. It also allows for precision cable routing to eliminate the hassles of traditional rigid power supply wirings. 

Protection Functions of the PSU

All the power supplies in this PSU have all the needed protection functions even under extreme conditions. Here’s a list of all the protections included:

  • OCP or Over-Current Protection which latches the power supply off if the provided rail becomes overloaded beyond the safe level. 
  • OVP or Over-Voltage Protection latches power supply off if voltages go higher than the specifications.  
  • UVP or Under Voltage Protection latches power supply off when the voltages go below the specification. 
  • SCP or Short Circuit Protection is a function that latches the power supply off when a short happens. 
  • OTP or Over-Temperature Protection function that works by latching off power supply when temperatures go higher than its specified value. 
  • OPP or Over-Power Protection is when the overall output power goes over the safety level. Here, the power supply will immediately latch off. 

Key Features of the Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU

We’ve listed all the key features of the PSU here in our Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU review. This will help you know what elements of the product make it a crowd favourite. 

80 PLUS Platinum Certified PSU

The Ion 2 Platinum is certified for optimised electricity use and decreased heat generation. The 80 PLUS feature certifies products that have over 80% energy efficiency at 20, 50, and 100% rated loads. It’s also for those with a power factor that’s 0.9 or greater at 100%.

Premium Capacitors for the Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU

This product is equipped with premium 105-degrees Celsius Japanese capacitors that offer superior durability and reliability. Having these will greatly improve the performance of the product, giving you more convenience when utilised. 

Semi-passive Mode

User-selectable semi-passive operation allows the product to work passively in low-load situations or extended low-speed fan operations. This is for decreased component stress when being used. 

The presence of this feature helps keep pure silence under light loads. And, it also keeps the customised 140mm fan with FDB bearings barely audible even under heavy loads. 

Fully-modular Style and Design

This design of the Ion 2 Platinum is perfect for decreasing clutter while also maximising the ease of installation. Combined with Fractal Design’s UltraFlex, you’ll get to enjoy better and more efficient cable management. 

All their models have two 8-pin ATX 12V/EPS cables to guarantee compatibility with the latest motherboards around. 

Custom-tailored Fan

The Ion 2 Platinum sports a high-performing Dynamic Gp14 140mm fan that’s customised for PSU use. It comes with a notably low minimum speed and a long-life FDB bearing. 

Compact Advantages and Convenience

Its compact depth of 150mm is essential when installing the product in compact cases. Not only that, but it offers extra room for cable management in bigger cases. 

Warranty and Protection

The Ion 2 Platinum from Fractal Design comes with an extensive 10-year warranty plus a maximum electrical protection suite. Having this type of warranty for the product ensures that it’s going to be long-lasting as an investment. 


The specifications of a product are extremely vital. So, we’re including this PSU’s specs in our Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU review.

This product has a platinum 80 PLUS certification and it comes with fully-modular cables too. For its fans, it works with a 140mm FDB-bearing Fractal Design Dynamic Series fan. Also, its maximum operating temperature at full load is 50-degrees Celsius.  

This PSU has semi-passive operation and is user-selectable too (Zero RPM). Then, it comes with Japanese-made capacitors, has a life expectancy of 100,000 hours, and a 10-year warranty.

Its PSU specification compliance is ATX12V 2.52 and EPS 12V 2.92. Then, its input voltage, frequency, and current are 100-240V C, 50-60 Hz, and 10A/5A respectively.

Power Supply Operating Noise 

We checked the PSU’s noise levels and we were around 75cm away from the product. To give you a much better idea, this distance is usually between you and your desktop computer. 

Do note that this is a subjective test. We just wanted to see if this PSU would make a ruckus when used under heavy loads.

Even under load the PSU is almost completely silent. You really need to put your ear next to it in order to hear and real noise from the fan.

During our tests for this Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU review, we noticed something about its hydraulic-bearing fans. We love that these have smooth-running motors that prevent any annoying noise during operation. 

Overall, our conclusion here is simple: the PSU worked silently and provided quality performance despite the load conditions. 

Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU Review Summary

Fractal Design’s series of Ion PSUs earned recognition as a high-quality source of power for all types of builds. And this second-generation model proves that with its additions like 8-pin CPU cable and upgraded ATX features. 

The Ion 2 Platinum is nearly identical to its award-winning predecessor in terms of its appearance, features, and components. But of course, the newer model offers enhancements, resulting in better performance. 

When we tested the product for our Fractal Design Ion 2 Platinum 860W PSU review, it performed excellently. The PSU produced tighter rails and operated with less noise compared to its predecessor. 

Overall, the Ion 2 Platinum from Fractal Design is a professional-grade PSU. With its impressive features, high functionality, and unparalleled performance, it will suit everyone’s needs, including the most demanding requirements. And because of that, we highly recommend this product.

To get your hands on this PSU, check out Fractal Design’s product page online.