Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU

Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU – Power Your Gaming Rig

When it comes to cases, Fractal Design is a popular name that we often hear, but they also do much more than that, they’re also one of the companies that produce power supplies. The Fractal Design Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU is one of the key PSU’s that Fractal Design produces and is what we will be looking at today.

The Ion+ series, which is what we’ll be focusing on today, is the next huge step that Fractal took in their PSU series. From how it looks, the company is taking their PSU line quite seriously, and they’ve even come up with a brand new design ID, as well as an overall clean and sophisticated aesthetic. Interestingly, it is a custom-designed unit from Fractal and OEM High Power.

The unit that we’ll take a look at is the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU, and it is a platinum-rated product with a standard ATX size, plus a 150mm case length. The PSU’s specific length is between the regular 160mm and 140mm units that other brands, like Silverstone, have been exhibiting. But with the Ion+ 860P, it only means that it will provide additional room for keeping excess cables in front of its supply.

Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU Packaging

The Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU comes in a sturdy cardboard box that features an image of the actual PSU in front. To its left is the carrying bag where all the necessary cables are. You will find Fractal Design printed at the bottom left portion of the box, and to its right is the name of the unit.

Fractal Design ION Photos 1 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig Fractal Design ION Photos 2 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig

When you flip the box, multiple angles of the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU is shown, above these is the 80 PLUS certification together with the 10-year warranty logo. Fractal also displayed the key features of the PSU, as well as the fan curve graph that exhibits where the zero RPM, semi-passive method kicks in.

One of the smaller edges of the box displays every connector type included in the package. You’ll also find a breakdown of the amperage per rail & correlated Wattage together with the increasing total. In addition to these, there are mechanical illustrations of the PSU that displays measurements; the other compact section of the box is where you’ll find all the regulatory and labels written.

High Power inherently received all the certifications present, and these were acquired when they created the platform. With that, all these apply to the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU. For everyone’s convenience, the company included a thorough list of all the available plug types for your region, as well as the applicable EAN, UPC, serial barcodes, and JANs in a single place.

All in all, items that you’ll find in the package include the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU, a user manual, modular cables in a convenient carrying bag, a localized AC power cord, plus a screw pack that includes Velcro cable ties.

Fractal Design ION Photos 4 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig Fractal Design ION Photos 5 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig Fractal Design ION Photos 3 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig

Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU – Design and Functionality

The Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU is a fully-modular and high-performance PSU that operates in a whisper-quiet manner. It comes with improved cable flexibility and has superior output quality, making it a promising and efficient power supply for all.

This product from Fractal Design comes with the 860 Watt capacity, and it has the 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency, a complete electrical suite, and a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. If you take a look at the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU, it sports a simple yet sleek design that gives off a unique look that isn’t like most ATX PSUs around.

Fractal Design ION Photos 6 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig Fractal Design ION Photos 7 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig Fractal Design ION Photos 8 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig Fractal Design ION Photos 9 Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU - Power Your Gaming Rig

Generally, this PSU isn’t ATX compliant, but it is flexible to everything except for the ATX size specifications where the case is 150mm deep, which is a vital adjustment to fit a 140mm cooling fan. The case of the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU has a satin black coating that is very resistant to fingerprints and smears.

The company divided into two parts, the regular sticker with certifications and the electrical specifications of the PSU. They set the label with standard electrical details on the rear portion of the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU, making it visible from the end section of the case. When it comes to its aesthetics, the rear portion is rather interesting since the person who designed it discarded the usual circular or honeycomb vents and opted for a dot-like pattern instead. We also spotted a standard on & off switch and an AC cable storage.

When you look at the top and bottom sections of the PSU, these areas are smooth and clean. The company opted for a parallel wire-fan finger guard since it’s supposed to decrease aerodynamic noise compared to the usual circular guards. The PSU’s sides are almost just as clean, with only a tiny version of Fractal Design’s logo printed on each area.

When you take a look at the front area of the PSU, it’s considered the most appealing part of the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU. It’s because this portion houses eleven connectors for the modular cables and has a delicate legend painted between the series of connectors. All available connectors are black but are keyed to avoid confusing the wires and inserting them into the wrong connector. There’s also the Zero RPM switch that switches the PSU’s hybrid cooling method off or on.

By default, the PSU won’t start the fan until the temperature increases or requires it to do so, but if you prefer to have the fan switched on at all times, you can do this as well. Do note that it won’t affect the PSU’s thermal circuitry, and will continue to adjust the speed of the fan based on its operating conditions.

For its cabling, the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU has a long 600mm ATX, an ATX 12V 4+4 pin cables, a 700mm EPS 12V 8-pin, three dual-plug PCIe 6+2-pin of adequate length, plus 10 SATA and four Molex. There are a total of three cables for the SATA plugs: two houses four SATA plugs while the remaining stores two plugs. The two begin at 400mm with the first connector compared to the 500mm that we often see on other models.

What’s considerably handy is the flexibility of all these cables, making the process of routing them through the case holes extremely easy.

The fan that’s inside the Ion+ 860P PSU is an FDB model that measures 140mm x 140mm x 25mm. It sports a counter-balanced magnet to decrease the bearing’s axial tension, and it also has an advanced fan geometry for balancing static pressure and airflow.

This PSU includes an aerodynamic stator with fixed wiring to lessen any occurrences of turbulence. The company has notched the blade edges to decrease fan humming at a heightened speed. It’s also possible for you to notice the piece of plastic that’s concealing a quarter of the fan. If you do, don’t worry about it because it’s intentional. Fractal included it to direct the airflow specifically over vital components on the PCB.

Taking a look inside, you’ll see that Fractal Design’s OEM partner, High Power, produced this power supply. The design they utilized is a Synchronous Rectification that’s necessary for enhancing efficiency using low conduction loss. High Power is combining a performance step-down DC-DC circuit to improve the voltage regulation and ripple suppression. Additionally, there’s also a Metal Oxide Varistor or MOV utilized for transient protection and the AC line surge.

The Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU utilizes quality Japanese capacitors throughout its entire design, including two fine Japanese 105C-rated capacitors from Rubycon. Both are rated at 400V 470uF for a maximum output of 940uF.

Because of its high-rated capabilities, the PSU only has a couple of small heatsinks present. These are over a single side of the PCB design that cools specific components. The Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU also provides you with Over Voltage Protection, Over Power Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature protection, as well as Over Current protection.

Key Features of the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU

Semi-Passive Zero RPM for Pure Silence

The Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU features a zero RPM mode that is user selectable. It maintains complete silence when operating under light loads. During heavy loads, you can barely hear the custom-tailored 140mm fan with FDB bearings. The cutting-edge UltraFlex cable twists and bends without effort, making cable routing and installation easier than ever.

UltraFlex Cable

With the special insulation and ultra-high strand count wire, you can effortlessly bend or twist the UltraFlex DC cable. Fractal offers this type of wire for easy cable-routing for when you install your Ion+ 860P PSU.

Additional Power and Reduced Heat

Rated 80 PLUS Platinum Efficiency, the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU offers the highest quality of electrical output while keeping temperatures as low as possible.

Inaudible with Seamless Performance

The Ion+ 860P equips the company’s custom-made Dynamic Series 140mm fan, offering long-life Fluid Dynamic Bearing and low minimum speed. With the user-selectable Zero RPM mode, the fan can deliver silent and passive operation during light loads, or operate continuously at low speed for further cooling.


For the specifications of the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU, it has a platinum 80 PLUS certification and fully-modular cables that go along with it. The type of fan that it utilizes is a custom 140mm FDB bearing under Fractal Design’s Dynamic series, which makes the PSU even better.

Its total operating temperature at full load is at 50-degrees Celsius, and it has a semi-passive operation that the user can choose (zero RPM). It comes with C6/C7 sleep state compliance while the PSU’s approvals & certifications include FCC, CE, TUV, EAC, cTUVus, RCM, BSMI, CCC, WEEE, RoHS, and CB.

The Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU’s input voltage is 100 – 240V AC, its input current is 10A / 5A, while the input frequency ranges from 50 – 60Hz. This PSU has a life expectancy (MTBF) of 100,000 hours at total output loads, with ATX 12V 2.4 | EPS 12V 2.92 for the PSU specification compliance. When we speak of its standby efficiency, the Ion+ 860P PSU comes with Erp 2013 ( < 0.45W @ 230, VAC 45 mA load on + 5Vsb.

The PSU sports a 12V rail, and all its capacitors are Japanese-made. With that, you can guarantee that capacitors, as well as its other parts, are top-notch and of quality. For the unit’s measurements, it is 150mm x 150mm x 86mm and weighs 1.665kg only. And for convenience, the company included a 10-year warranty along with it.

Fractal Design Ion+ 860P PSU Summary

A lot of PC builders would not think of Fractal when asked about power supplies. Even some experienced builders may not even know that the company has produced power supply units, but the Ion+ 860P can change that.

The Fractal Design Ion+ range of PSUs covers every common wattage segment, making it an outstanding re-entry into the power supply market. The number of connectors is one of the best things about this series, and it comes with a 0dB fan switch for complete silence under low loads. This feature is the most notable element of this PSU since it gives users the option to enjoy full silence or to keep its cooling on always-on mode to ensure low temperature at all times.

Although we’d keep the fans off at low operation, we know that a lot of users opt for always-on cooling, and we appreciate the company for giving options for all users. Additionally, it comes with a flexible cable that allows for easy setup. With this cable, you can install the PSU without effort since it’s bendable at any angle.

To conclude, the Fractal Design Ion+ 860P is an excellent PSU to consider, and this might be the power supply unit that you’ve been looking for.