GoPro Hero 12 Black Review

GoPro recently revealed its latest flagship camera, and we will feature it in our GoPro Hero 12 Black Review. Based on looks, the product does not appear different from the Hero Black 11. However, it has numerous functions that let you do more as content creators and video professionals.

To learn more about this camera, continue reading our GoPro Hero 12 Black Review. We will discuss its design, performance, functions, features, and specifications to determine if it is worth purchasing. 

GoPro Hero 12 Black Packaging

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The camera ships in a premium-looking black box with an image of the product on its front panel. You will also find its name and the company branding in front. 

In the box, you will find the Hero 12 Black with everything necessary to begin your filming/photo-taking tasks. Here are the following items inside the package: 

  • Hero 12 Black
  • USB Cable
  • Camera Mount
  • GoPro Enduro Battery
  • Mount Bracket
  • Drawstring Bag 

Additionally, you can purchase the Max Lens 2.0 Mod with the product or separately.  

GoPro Hero 12 Black Review – Design and Functionality

Other than a blue-black finish with a 0.635cm 20 tripod thread, this camera looks physically like its predecessor. While writing this GoPro Hero 12 Black Review, we saw that the 12 and 11 Black have identical dimensions. So, having these is advantageous for people with GoPro accessories. 

The GoPro Mods that function with this camera include the following:

  • Media Mod
  • Max Lens Mod
  • Light Mod
  • Display Mod
  • Max Lens Mod 2

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GoPro claims that its design highlight for this year includes a tripod thread. The feature is essential for those using mini tripods/GorillaPods for DSLRs and mirrorless. 

Like the older GoPros, the Hero Black 12 is waterproof and can handle a 10m dunk. Since it has flip-out feet, you can set it on an action cam mount. 

The front has a full-colour non-touchscreen display, a camera lens, and a speaker/microphone. At the top of the Hero 12 Black, you will find a shutter button and one of three pinhole microphones.

Colour Touchscreen

Almost the entire rear of the Hero Black 12 has a full-colour touchscreen for adjusting the camera settings. It also functions as a viewfinder, making it quite convenient. 

The navigation system and on-screen menu hierarchy are more user-friendly than the earlier GoPro cameras. You can choose all command icons and menu options on display via touch, making navigating convenient and easy. When the camera faces forward, you see a mode button on its right.

Battery, Memory Card Slot, and Other Parts

On the left is a sealed compartment with a tiny door. It prevents water and dirt from entering and only opens when you pull down on the unlock tab. The battery, memory card slot, and USB-C port are inside.

While inspecting its design for our GoPro Hero 12 Black Review, we noticed the presence of distinct mounting fingers. It allows the product to link to any third-party mount and accessory. 

You can keep the built-in mounting fingers flush against its base and readily pull these out whenever necessary. Moreover, a standard tripod mount is also integrated into the camera base. 

Key Features of the GoPro Hero 12 Black 

Jaw-Dropping 5.3K Video

5.3K offers top-notch image quality and better resolution than 4K by 91%. Other than 5.3K, the Hero 12 Black captures in 4K, 2.7K, and 1080p.

Up to 8x Slo-Mo with the GoPro Hero 12 Black

Recording in 4K allows 4x slo-mo or 120 frames per second. You can also capture 8x slo-mo or 240 frames per second at 2.7K.

Ultra Durable and Waterproof with a Water-Repelling Lens Cover

The Hero 12 Black is waterproof and can go as deep as 10m. Its hydrophobic lens sheds water to maintain the clarity of your underwater shots.

Award-winning Video Stabilisation, Enhanced with HyperSmooth 6.0

One of the best features of the Hero 12 Black is its built-in video stabilisation. It made our video recording experiences more enjoyable when we tested the product for this GoPro Hero 12 Black Review.

HyperSmooth 6.0 improves the in-camera video stabilisation, allowing you to make the smoothest recordings. It has won an Emmy Award for Software Stabilisation and In-Camera Sensor.

Built-In Horizon Lock

Horizon Lock retains the horizon level when the Hero 12 Black rotates at 360°. It is an integrated part of HyperSmooth 6.0, which makes using the feature more convenient.

Longer Runtimes with GoPro Hero 12 Black

The improved power management allows the Hero 12 Black to deliver longer continuous recordings at 5.3K60 for 70 minutes. It can record over 1.5 hour-long videos at 5.3K40 and over 2.5 hours at 1080p30.

Cold-Weather Enduro Battery Included

The Enduro rechargeable battery uses advanced technology to boost performance in cold temperatures.

All-New HDR Video

Among the features that impressed us while testing the product for this GoPro Hero 12 Black Review is its HDR. It is also called High Dynamic Range Video, an innovative camera function that enhances colour and detail. With the Hero 12 Black, this feature is available in 4K60 and 5.3K.

Widescreen, Vertical, and Full Frame Capturing

The Hero 12 Black lets you conveniently switch between Widescreen and Vertical Capture with a tap. You can also use Full Frame and change the orientation later when editing via the Quik app. 

Ultra Wide-Angle Digital Lenses

The exclusive GoPro digital lenses, SuperView and HyperView, allow for capturing ultra-wide 16:9 images and videos. You can also avail of the new Max Lens Mod 2.0, an accessory supporting wider shots. 

10-bit Colour for Better Image Quality

10-bit colour enhances colour depth, smoothens gradations, and makes your image more realistic. Professional creators can use GP-Log encoding with LUT to maximise the dynamic range before correcting the colour.

New TimeCode Sync

You can synchronise multiple Hero 12 Black cameras wirelessly via timecode, which you can find in the Quik app. It captures activities from different angles to create precise match-frame video edits.

New Bluetooth Audio Support

Use Bluetooth earbuds, Apple AirPods, or any other wireless mic during narration or interviews when recording with this camera. The Hero 12 Black also receives remote voice commands and notifies you via the wireless earbuds.

Stunning 27MP Photos + 24.7MP Frame Grabs

The Hero 12 Black has a 27MP resolution for frame-worthy photos. You can also do frame grabs with 24.7MP resolution directly from your videos.

Dual LCD Screens

Enjoy the smooth and snappy playback of your recordings on the rear touchscreen. You can also flip to the front to capture selfies.

Never Miss a Shot with Hindsight

Hindsight allows capturing footage up to 30 seconds before recording. If you press the shutter button too late, the Hero 12 Black can get the scene or image.

Scheduled and Duration Capture

Scheduled Capture switches the Hero 12 Black on and automatically captures a shot 24 hours before. Duration capture simplifies recording video clips from 15 seconds to three hours long.

Capture Images at Intervals

Interval Photo is a new feature that automatically takes photos at specific intervals. You can focus on your favourite activities and rely on the Hero 12 Black. 


  • Maximum Video Resolution: 5.3K 
  • Still Photo Resolution: 27MP 
  • Field of View: 177 degrees (maximum)
  • Battery life: Up to 155 minutes (continuous recording at 1080p30)| Up to 70 minutes (continuous recording at 5.3K60)
  • Displays: 3.56cm (front) | 5.76cm (rear) 
  • Port: USB-C 
  • Mounting Options: GoPro Mounting Fingers, 6.35mm tripod jack 
  • Memory Card Support: microSD (V30 or UHS-3 Rated)
  • Waterproof: Up to 10m without additional housing 
  • Dimensions (camera only): 7.18 x 5.08 x 3.35cm 
  • Weight (camera only): 153.9g

Hands-on with the GoPro Hero 12 Black 

We recorded different videos outdoors to see the image quality and resolution it delivers. Also, we tested its new and improved features to determine if this camera is worth the purchase. Our GoPro Hero 12 Black Review will discuss the controls and our user experience before focusing on image & video quality.

Like its predecessors, the Hero 12 Black is convenient and straightforward. GoPro streamlined its quick controls to provide a better user experience for new and advanced users. It also has a detailed menu for those who prefer adjusting more complex settings.

Capturing videos in different resolutions was impressive. All our recordings had excellent quality, and HDR provided superior detail.

The 10-bit colour, an existing feature of the previous camera, delivers better results in the Hero 12 Black. It worked with GP-Log, which GoPro implemented in this model for improved colour correction and grading. Plus, it provides more control over dynamic and colour range.

Its video stabilisation improved with this GoPro camera model, thanks to the horizon lock feature. This technology kept a steady point-of-view in our recordings, enhancing our video content quality.

GoPro Hero 12 Black Review Summary

GoPro brought back the best in Hero 11 Black and refined it with the new Hero 12 Black. Its improved features make it worth purchasing, especially the Easy Mode, which makes the camera novice-friendly. The advanced technologies and settings make it more appealing for experienced users. 

We enjoyed using this camera while testing it for this GoPro Hero 12 Black Review. It worked perfectly and delivered high-quality images and videos, which enhanced our content. Also, we did not experience any issues while using it.

We highly recommend the Hero 12 Black. It is excellent for anyone upgrading from an older camera or picking up their first action camera. This product ticks all the boxes for people who love travelling, creating lifestyle content, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Learn more about the Hero 12 Black by visiting the official GoPro product page