goxlr review GoXLR Audio Interface Review

GoXLR Audio Interface Review

The GoXLR audio interface is a product from TC Helicon that caters to streamers and other content creators. Its purpose is to simplify audio mixing for streamers and make the streaming experience more streamlined.

For those looking to take their streaming seriously, the GoXLR is definitely worth considering. With the rise in popularity of streaming in recent years, products like the GoXLR have made it accessible to anyone. Let’s take a closer look at what the GoXLR has to offer.

GoXLR Packaging

Before we talk about our GoXLR review, we have to tell you all the items that come when purchasing this product. 

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Our GoXLR product comes in a medium white cardboard box. There, you will see the product’s image and its logo on the front of the package. 

Regarding the sides and the back, you will notice that it mostly contains the logo and the product’s image. There aren’t many descriptions or details regarding the product. 

With that, let’s jump inside. 

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To access the product inside, all you need to do is lift the cover. Inside, the product is wrapped in plastic and secured in place by styrofoam. This packaging design ensures that the product remains stationary during shipping and is protected from potential hazards.

The styrofoam serves as a reliable cushioning material to keep the product from moving around and sustaining damage. Meanwhile, the plastic wrapping serves as a barrier against any foreign substances that could harm the product.

Included in the GoXLR package are the product itself, a USB cable, an adaptor held in a small white box, and an instruction manual. The manual is a useful tool that provides guidance on how to set up the product and how to utilize its various features.

For beginners, the GoXLR may tgake a bit of learning to get used to. However, TC Helicon provides support resources on their website, including helpful tips on how to optimize performance and get the most out of the device.

The GoXLR package is well-designed and provides adequate protection for its contents. TC Helicon places a high priority on the quality and safety of its products both in and out of the store.

GoXLR Review – Design and Functionality

Let’s now divert our focus on the design and functions in our GoXLR review. The GoXLR is made to help streamers manage their audio mixes during their stream sessions. It provides several features that cater to editing, sound effects and more. 

Our GoXLR is a small black device that has various functions which focuses on sound quality and control. It is slanted downwards, which is a similar design to a keyboard structure. 

Due to the downward slope, this makes it easier for the user to reach the individual buttons and switches on the device. It also comes with customisable RGB lighting that can be reconfigured with the software program. 

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Let’s shift our attention to the design and functionality of the GoXLR in our review. TC Helicon created the GoXLR to aid streamers in managing their audio mixes during streaming sessions, with features for editing, sound effects, and more.

The GoXLR itself is a compact black device that prioritizes sound quality and control. It has a slanted keyboard-like structure that facilitates easy access to the individual buttons and switches on the device. Additionally, the customizable RGB lighting can be reconfigured using the software program.

The device boasts a 4-channel mixer that allows you to control the volume of all your audio sources in real-time, without needing to stop the stream. Each channel has a slider to adjust the volume and a mute button, making it quick and efficient to manipulate sounds during your stream.

The device also has four knobs, each with its own function: reverb, pitch, echo, and gender. These knobs make it simple to reconfigure sounds by turning them to the desired levels.

On the right side of the four knobs, you will find four buttons that have individual features. These are the Microphone, Robot, Hardtune, and FX buttons. The knobs and buttons work together to create vocal effects for your streams, similar to those used by professionals in the music industry, adding a creative and fun element to your streams.

At the bottom right of the device, you’ll find the soundboard and recorder. This can be used for on-the-spot riff sampling or cue bumpers during podcasting and streaming, opening up endless possibilities for creativity.

The device comes equipped with several inputs, including a microphone input, a line-in input, a headset mic input, a headset output, and a line-out input.

The microphone input is designed to capture your primary microphone, which is typically used to record your voice. Meanwhile, the line-in and line-out inputs are analog inputs and outputs, respectively.

Note that the headset mic input cannot be used simultaneously with the main microphone. On the other hand, the headset output is intended for your headphones or headset.

Furthermore, the GoXLR includes a USB cable outlet, an optical gaming outlet, and a power adapter outlet. The USB cable enables the device to connect to your PC.

To make the most of these features, take the time to familiarize yourself with each sound and learn how to blend them well. By practicing and experimenting with the GoXLR, you can enhance your streaming capabilities and become a better content creator.

Key Features of the GoXLR

Perfect Mixing

Audio mixing can be tiring to learn because it takes longer to memorise and master every individual function and feature. With the GoXLR, you don’t need to understand so many technical details but rather the functions it provides. 

Our GoXLR offers an intuitive solution that fits into the generation of streamers today. It provides simple and easy to understand functions that can be learned in one sitting. Together with the 4-channel mixer, it makes audio source management and sound mixing much efficient. 

Smooth Operations

With all the various physical switches and buttons on the board, it makes it easy to access these specific functions and change presets. You can personally customise the board to your preferences and set sound cues before your streams. 

Thanks to that, you won’t have to change anything within the software on your computer. This also eliminates distractions when streaming. By that, your experience will only be better and more fun for both you and your audience. 

On-The-Fly Sampling

GoXLR has a feature that allows the streamer to record samples in real-time. With that, you could record specific sounds for bumper cues during the stream. This only adds to the whole experience and engagement for your audience.

There is also a “Cough” feature that instantly mutes yourself. This helps in sudden situations where you need to mute the main mic as it may pick up unwanted sounds. It also blocks certain words, which can save you from being banned on the platform.

Homemade Studio

There are several vocal effects you can use during your stream to variate your voice. These effects are Reverb, Echo, Pitch Shift, Robot, Gender Bend, Megaphone and Hardtune. 

When streaming, it is always important to find different ways to entertain your audience. With that said, this feature can help in bringing new content to your platform. This helps build your community within your stream and develops a relationship with your viewers. 

Audio Engineering for Beginners

The GoXLR also comes with software that can be installed on your computer. This program focuses on helping streamers, broadcasters and gamers alike. It gives you uncomplicated controls to help you start. 

Additionally, it allows you to use custom audio effects such as equalisers, de-essers, compressors, and gating controls. Use the program to fit your playstyle and work around it for better overall performance.

This helps in fine-tuning the quality of the effects on your voice. It offers no delay and is easy to manage. You can customise these settings within your PC before or during your stream. 

Midas Touch

Our GoXLR comes with a premium low-noise Midas mic preamp. This increases the overall quality of your sound input. It grants a professional broadcast quality to your streams. With that, you can officially be the streamer you set yourself to be. 

RGB Styling

As a potential streamer, style plays a major role in bringing in an audience. People like looking at the setups of streamers and how they use them. The GoXLR comes with a fully customisable lighting option. 

Thanks to that, you can optimise your lighting with the gaming rig you already have. This helps you set your style and adds your own flair to your streaming sessions. 

Hands-on with the GoXLR

goxlr review 10 GoXLR Audio Interface Review goxlr review 11 GoXLR Audio Interface Review

The GoXLR’s 4-channel mixer allows for the simultaneous use of up to 4 audio sources without any difficulty. During our testing, we seamlessly connected our microphone, music, and game sound effects with no issues.

We had no trouble adjusting the volumes and effects, making it effortless to mix the audio during our gaming sessions. We even experimented with the microphone sound effects and found them to be entertaining.

While the GoXLR certainly simplifies audio mixing, the quality largely depends on the microphone’s capabilities. We were impressed by the consistency of our recordings and sampling when mixing sounds.

By fine-tuning our presets with the software program’s assistance, we could adjust our sound frequencies to our liking, making the editing process enjoyable.

We wanted to evaluate the efficiency of using GoXLR during streaming and how it could benefit beginners. We were curious to see if the features are user-friendly enough for people with no prior experience to understand and start streaming easily.

To our surprise, we were able to set up and configure our audio sources, add vocal effects, and even sample some sounds within an hour. This indicates that the GoXLR is user-friendly and easy to use for beginners.

We also wanted to assess if GoXLR provides enough options for average streamers. With its many functions, it can be overwhelming for some.

However, the device offers a simple premade setup that anyone can use when starting, making it easy for users to explore their options and functions. It also allows users to master mixing, recording, and editing sounds, building their knowledge and enabling them to create more complex and engaging sounds.

Overall, the GoXLR is an outstanding device that is perfect for beginners starting their streaming journey, as well as for experienced streamers. TC Helicon has done an excellent job with this product.

GoXLR Review Summary

In conclusion, our review of the GoXLR has led us to highly recommend this audio mixer to anyone interested in taking their streaming to the next level.

Designed specifically for streamers, the GoXLR offers a diverse range of functions and vocal effects that are easy to use and understand, making it accessible to both beginners and veterans. With its studio-quality effects, you can entertain your audience and create your unique sounds by sampling various sounds.

The GoXLR provides an added level of convenience and efficiency when it comes to streaming, allowing you to easily manage your audio sources and fine-tune your sound to your preferences. Overall, we believe the GoXLR is an intelligent and reliable device that can significantly enhance the streaming experience for all users.

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