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Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review

Today, we are writing our Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review that focuses on this audio interface. It is a sound solution that sports many features and inputs, which make it an ideal product to own.

For our review, the unit sports a premium looking black colour. It is an excellent choice for those wanting a unique aesthetic. 

The product does not look like your standard audio interface, making it an interesting item. The Live 100 also has plenty of notable features and specs that make it a good audio interface. 

Learn more about the product by continuously reading our Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review. We wrote all the information you will need to determine if it is something that will best suit your needs. 

But before we look deeper into the product, let us check its packaging and the contents Synido included. 

Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Packaging

Like the product itself, the package of this audio interface is eye-catching and unique. Instead of the standard colours on a cardboard box we usually see, the Synido Live 100 offers something different.  

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The package sports a violet and orange theme that mimics the unit’s colour. For us, this colour theme is pleasing to the eyes since it is not the typical-looking package you would often see. 

The front of the box displays the company branding and an image of the audio interface. On its rear, you will see the product layout diagram, the package contents, and product information.   

Inside the box, you will see everything nicely and neatly kept in an organised manner. We appreciate Synido for keeping all items in the container secure. That means you will not have to worry about damaged items during shipping. 

 Also, you will find the Synido Live 100 streaming audio interface with extra items. These include a USB-C cable, a 3.5mm cable, and the user manual. 

Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review – Design and Functionality

To continue our Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review, let us discuss its design & functions. 

However, if you want a standard yet more premium-looking product, you can opt for the black version. 

The Live 100 is a streaming audio interface for recording, streaming, and broadcasting. And despite it being wallet-friendly, the interface is designed using aluminium, making it feel sturdy and premium. The solid metal body of the Live 100 streaming audio interface efficiently shields noise interference. 

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In our Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review, we saw how Synido built its audio interface. And we can only say they did an excellent job with it since even its buttons had a solid feel. There were no wobbles on the buttons, even if these utilise hard plastic.

The Live 100 streaming audio interface also has rubber feet underneath to keep it stable and in place. So, it will not be easy to knock this over.

To make it simple, the Live 100 has an excellent design and build, and it functions as how it should. 

Key Features of the Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface

Now, our Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review will focus on the Live 100’s features. What makes it a product better than its competition? Is it worth purchasing, and will it serve its purpose?

Continue reading to find out. 

Excellent Design and Build 

Synido used a metal body for the Live 100 streaming audio interface to achieve better sound effects. We think it is an excellent option since the body can effectively shield noise interference. Also, it sports multi-core configuration lines present to guarantee signal transmission.

The body of this product also has a premium-looking black colour. It is also available in black if you want something that looks more classic.

Multiple Functions to Meet Various Needs

The Live 100 streaming audio interface is an excellent sound solution for your streaming, broadcasting, recording, and podcasting needs. It allows real-time monitoring, DSP noise reduction, one-click mute & ducking, voice changing, and digital reverb.

Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface – Singing Monitor & Live Streaming

The Live 100 offers a comprehensive workflow that includes a complete plug-in collection. It also provides efficient EQs, compressors, three microphone preamps, etc. 

Moreover, the feature supports real-time monitoring of singing without going to a recording studio. Thus, the product will allow you and other people to hear your voice.

Efficiently Supports Multiple Device 

There are instances when you are wearing your headphones while working on your PC. You could be gaming or editing videos, etc. And during these tasks, you sometimes need to listen to a voice message or take a phone call. 

Remember, you cannot access these via computer. It can be frustrating when you need to disconnect and remove your headphones and then switch to another device. 

The Synido Live 100 streaming audio interface is the solution to this problem. Since you can connect multiple devices simultaneously, disconnecting and reconnecting your headphones or earbuds is no longer necessary.

This product is also highly versatile since it is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android systems. It works with mobile phones, PCs, and tablets when streaming. With the dodge function for broadcasting, you can seamlessly switch between chat mode and background music.

User-friendly Even for the Newbies

The Live 100 is perfect for professionals but is also ideal for beginners who want to stream audio. It sports a user-friendly design that is extremely easy for audio processing for live streaming. 

What the company did was simplify the production process of the podcast. Synido integrated a few digital audio mixing tools into a single comprehensive solution. 

Since operating and using it is so intuitive and easy, you can jump into podcasting in a few minutes. You can concentrate on offering quality content and interacting with your audiences instead of getting distracted by tricky operations. 

Also, the available complete bundle helps clear the way for first use, providing everything you will need to begin. The good thing is that it is better quality gear than other products. 

Drive-free Plug-and-play Installation with the Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface

After switching the audio interface on via USB-C, you can plug in a matching microphone and headphones. Then, link your MP3 or phone via line-in or Bluetooth to include your favourite background tunes. 

All this will give you an audio editing experience for your voice that you will enjoy. 

High-performing 24-bit Chip

Synido upgraded the 16-bit version to a 24-bt audio chip. This upgrade from the lower audio bit has a higher dynamic range and decreased noise. The possible binary combination for this is 16,777,215. 

The presence of a high-performing 24-bit chip is that it removes all noise disturbances. And at the same time, it provides a continuously seamless output of top-notch sounds. 

The Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Supports Multiple Microphone Models

The Live 100 streaming audio interface is compatible with most microphones. As a result, you can connect XLR or 3.5mm models.

Bluetooth 5.0 for Better Audio Quality

With the latest Bluetooth 5.0, you can enjoy improved wireless connectivity using the Live 100 streaming audio interface. This new version of Bluetooth offers up to 2 Mbps speed, which allows for better wireless audio quality. It also lets you enjoy an enhanced connectivity range and faster operation.

Warm-up Sound to Drive the Atmosphere

When streaming, you will need sounds to catch the attention and excite your viewers. The Live 100 audio interface has three easily accessible buttons for custom sound effects and six for regular sound effects. 

This product also has easily accessible electronic music effects to enhance your content and attract more viewers. 

Easy Voice Change with the Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface

With the Synido Live 100, you can enjoy quick and easy voice changes. You only need to press one of the six voice change buttons as you speak to enjoy the effects.

Have fun with different sound effects with your voice while streaming quality sounds to your audiences. 

PC Control Panel

Although you can utilise the Live 100 without downloading software, you can download it to maximise the product’s audio interface. Also, the Synido Control Panel is compatible with macOS and Windows. This user-friendly software suite has customisable settings, and you can also save various effect parameters. 


We will discuss the product specifications in this Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review. The Live 100 measures 245 x 151 x 57mm and weighs 950g. It has a 16-bit (44.1KHz) sampling rate and a 2in/20ut interface.

The Live 100 has a 105dB dynamic range and an SNR of ≥105dB (music) and ≥96dB (on record). For its distortion, the product has ≤0.1% (Record) and ≤0.005% (Music).

Lastly, its maximum power output is 125mW, 32Ω earphones.

Hands-on with the Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface

We enjoyed using the Synido Live 100 streaming audio interface and ended up using it for over two weeks. So, we will share our experience with the product in our Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review. 

To make it simple, the audio interface from Synido is exquisite. It sounded excellent, with a clean, perfectly neutral, and quality sound.

The recording was clean, its audio was clear, and everything sounded crisp and perfect. There was no instance of noise, and our streams were excellent. 

When we tried auto-tuning, it generally worked efficiently on different interfaces. None of us around are singers. We think the Live 100 can be ideal for people who plan to do some musical or vocal work. 

It is excellent how Synido designed their product since we saw plenty of input and output to facilitate song creation. Because of this, the product is perfect for those who are just starting. 

Additionally, Ducking on its sound card works amazingly without any issues. We played some of our favourite background tunes via Bluetooth. 

When we spoke, the background audio weakened conveniently. We did not have to tinker with buttons or controls to decrease the music volume. This feature is what everyone, whether pro or newbie, would need during live broadcasts of singing or gaming. 

Overall, the Live 100 streaming audio interface from Synido is an excellent product. It gets the job done, sounds perfect and offers clean and clear audio. With that, we highly recommend this audio interface to everyone. 

Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review Summary

The Live 100 streaming audio interface is an exceptional sound solution. It delivers spectacular audio quality that sounds clean and perfectly natural.

We enjoyed the product while testing it for our Synido Live 100 Streaming Audio Interface Review. It has many features that provide the convenience that is perfect when multitasking. We also loved using its easily-accessible sound effects and voice-changing features.

The Live 100 streaming audio interface is impressive in terms of its compatibility with different microphones. Although we had various mics available, we did not have to worry about which one to use for testing. We appreciate Synido for delivering a highly versatile product at an affordable price.

Speaking of the sound quality of this audio interface, we highly appreciate the noise reduction feature. It effectively eliminated unwanted noise, and our voices were clear and audible in our test recordings.

The Live 100 streaming audio interface is also easy to understand. If you are a newbie who is only starting with audio production, the Live 100 is the perfect product. It has a plug-and-play design and simple controls, so you will not need to deal with complex settings.

Another thing that makes this product worth the purchase is it does not have a deep learning curve. Understanding how to use it will be quick and easy.

We highly recommend this product if you are beginning with various audio activities like recording, streaming, or podcasting. It is a flexible plug-and-play product that has a lot of impressive features. With its price, it is an excellent bargain.

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