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HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review

Today in our HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review, we will look into one of the higher-end audiophile products from HIFIMAN. Although the company released it in 2018, HE1000se is still among the best headphones on the market.  

The product integrates numerous elements that make it a favourite among audiophiles, but is it still worth it in 2023? Learn more about the product in our HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review. Get the details you need to know more about it to determine if it is worth purchasing.

HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Packaging

Like with all flagship headphones, the HE1000se ships in double boxes with an overwhelming amount of bubble wrap. HIFIMAN always goes overboard when packing products like this because it includes soft foam inside the box. However, we understand the abundance to ensure the product is well-protected during shipment. 

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HIFIMAN keeps the headphones in a massive package featuring an aluminium cover with its name and company logo laser engraved. Inside the box, you will see a velvet-like material protecting the cans. There is also extra foam for safeguarding the detachable cables. 

Overall, the packaging of HIFIMAN is top-notch, and you can see how much care they put into their products.

Inside the box, the HE1000se ships with three cables linked to the headphones featuring 3.5mm terminations. There is a 6.35mm, a 3.5mm, and a balanced 4-pin XLR.

HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review – Design and Functionality

When we unboxed it for our HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review, we saw how HIFIMAN placed more emphasis on its build. Unlike other similar products, they sport plastic and PVC leather on their body. The HE1000se only integrates metal parts, a more durable headband, and deeper, comfier earpads. 

Additionally, it has wooden accents that add hints of class, refinement, and aesthetics to the product. 

Its metal frame is reminiscent of Arya headphones since they have the same size and shape, making both very comfortable. However, the HE1000se comes in a different finish. 

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You can adjust the height of its comfort strap. With the help of an angle and swivel on its cups, the headphones contour nicely to your face. 

The HE1000se only weighs 440g, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear even during long hours of use. Because of its weight and design, you will not feel any pressure at the top of your head. Plus, cheek pressure is barely there, making it one of the most comfortable headphones on the market. 

Design-wise, the most evident innovation of the headphones is its thinner planar magnetic driver. With this incorporated into the product, you can have decreased power needs. So, you can enjoy using headphones that are more mobile-friendly and easier to drive. 

These headphones ensure comfort since their top pad is elastic, while their earpads are thick. It also offers enough breathability, reducing the chances of sweaty ears and heat build-up. The following aspects make the HE1000se an all-day type of product, which is perfect for everyone. 

Key Features of the HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones 

Why is the HE1000se still the top choice of headphones for audiophiles? Find out what makes it one of the best products as we discuss its primary features.

Nanometre Thickness Diaphragm 

This feature is a breakthrough core technology from HIFIMAN that is also a first in headphone integration. It is challenging to work with this material. But despite that, the company managed to use the film as the planar driver of these headphones. 

In turn, it offers remarkable audio for everyone to enjoy. 

Invisible Acoustic Stealth Magnet for Minimal Distortion and Turbulence

The shape of Stealth Magnets produces sound waves, unlike conventional ones. Instead, these let waves go through the magnets without creating interference. 

The design of this advanced magnet is acoustically transparent to help decrease wave diffraction turbulence. The latter lessens the integrity of sound waves.e

So, reduced distortion holds pure sonic output that is full-range and perfect.

Sporting a Patented Window Shade System

This feature helps meet the need for optimised open-back design and driver protection. So using these headphones will bring the ultimate audio experience and enjoyment. 

Asymmetrical-shaped Ear Cups of the HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones

When we unboxed the product for our HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review, we saw it sports asymmetrical-shaped ear cups. With these, you can ensure that the HE1000se will give you quality audio and 100% comfort. 

It forms naturally with the shape of your ear, so you will not experience discomfort despite hours of use. 

3.5mm User-replaceable Connector Style

This design lets you easily swap cables to provide maximum durability. Also, it is more customisable since it allows connector design replacements.

Metal Form and Top-notch Craftsmanship of the HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones

These headphones feature a CNC-milled metal body that is also hand-polished. It meets critical standards set by the company, which is why the surface finish is applied meticulously. 

The HE1000se is an outstanding product with its design, exceptional audio, and stunning craftsmanship that redefines the audio landscape.

Durable Detachable Cables

During unboxing for our HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review, HIFIMAN included three detachable cables featuring a variety of jacks. One has a 3.5mm jack, the other a 6.35mm jack, and the last an XLR balanced jack.


  • Impedance: 35Ω
  • Frequency Response: 8Hz to 65kHz
  • Sensitivity: 96dB
  • Weight: 440g 

Hands-on with the HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones 

We listened to numerous music genres during our tests to discuss the audio quality in our HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review. We focused on its frequency response, detail, imaging, and soundstage to determine if it delivered high-quality sound. 

When we tested the HE1000se, we immediately recognised the sense of space and air it delivered. It was highly transparent due to its ultra-thin diaphragms and open-back planar design. In addition, we noticed the extended frequency response from the lowest sub-bass to the highest peaks of the treble. 

The lows of the HE1000se are detailed, fast, and textured, making it among the best we heard. Its sub-bass performance delivered impressive extension, hitting the lowest frequencies effectively.

We loved the body and volume of its bass, which gave foundation to various tracks. Plus, it had top-notch clarity and tonal differentiation that only a few pairs of headphones could achieve. The HE1000se becomes ideal for grand classical compositions and EDM tracks because of its bass response.

These headphones had a superior mid-bass that blended excellently with the mid-range. Surprisingly, it was not overbearing, and the bleeding was minimal, which impressed us. The headphones controlled the lows well, complementing the subdued bass.

The midrange gave us balanced, natural, and detail-oriented audio.

Its midrange was not overly analytical and gave us natural tonality that blends when combining lows and highs.  

Additionally, it is not a forward presentation but right in line. Plus, its air and space provide room for the frequencies to shine. 

These headphones have a broad frequency range, but it is evident that HIFIMAN made one of their focuses the treble. It was clean, highly defined and extended high.

The treble of the HE1000se was crisp with adequate clarity and balanced decay. It was also free from distortion, creating the perfect environment for listening. When paired with a capable audio source, the headphones deliver top notes that float in an expansive space.

The HE1000se impressed us with its performance. The top notes offered a unique and more immersive dimension to all the music we played.

The soundstage of the HS1000se was well-implemented and expansive but not comparable to the HIFIMAN Arya headphones. Its depth and width were adequate to provide sufficient air and precision. As a result, the placement of instruments and micro-details had a three-dimensional effect, creating a vast and open space.

The HE1000se offered a more involving sound, which made us feel like the instruments and details surrounded us. Also, the three-dimensional effect felt like we were part of the music. It was more immersive than a massive soundstage with audio from the left and right.

Overall, these headphones have excellent transparency that will immerse any listener in any audio played.

HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review Summary

The HE1000se is a splendid pair of headphones that use proprietary HIFIMAN technology to deliver high-quality audio. Its build quality and materials are perfect for its price point since the headphones feel comfortable. Most importantly, these offer the sound of premium audiophile headphones.

When we tested the product for this HIFIMAN HE1000se Headphones Review, we had a fascinating listening experience. We enjoyed its impressive detail and spaciousness, regardless of the track we played. If you are looking for the most lifelike sound, the HE1000se should be your first choice of headphones. 

We highly recommend the HE1000se if you want reliable headphones that deliver pure, neutral sound with high resolution and detail. These headphones offer excellent soundstage and transparency, letting you hear everything in all recordings.

Learn more about the HE1000se Headphones when you visit the official product page of HIFIMAN.