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KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review

We are excited to discuss the revamped version of the original LSX in our KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review. 

The LSX II may appear like the original in terms of looks, but these speakers have more to offer. KEF has integrated several upgrades, optimising its audio for a better and more enjoyable listening experience.

Our review will discuss its features, design, functions, specs, and performance. These details will tell you how impressive the latest version is, making it a product worth purchasing. But before we delve deeper into the speakers, let us check its packaging and contents. 

KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Packaging

Our speakers arrived in a thick cardboard box that will protect the product during transit. The colour we have for our KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review is the cobalt blue variant, which looks splendid. 

It was fun unboxing the product since opening the package made it seem like we were pulling out a present. Revealing the speakers was a treat because it has secure packaging, and KEF included other items inside. 

Other than the LSX II Wireless, you will also get the following items to start using the product: 

  • Power Cords
  • An Interspeaker Cable
  • One Remote Control
  • Quick Start Guide and the Warranty and Safety Information

KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review – Design and Functionality

The LSX II Wireless still sports a stylish and attractive design like its predecessor. These are single-rounded block speakers with a soft quality material wrapping around their edges. 

As we mentioned earlier, the colour of our speaker is cobalt blue. Aside from this, you can choose from other shades, including black, red, white, or Soundwave. 

Soundwave is a champagne-gold shade featuring wave patterns on its material. It also has a blue colour at the centre. 

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Earlier in our KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review, we said its design is perfect. It is because it can blend perfectly with your home decor and interior. Or it acts as an eye-catching visual for your entertainment system. 

No matter how you arrange your space, the LSX II Wireless will look amazing. Plus, it will add to the aesthetics of your set-up. 

The speakers have a compact design and form, measuring 24 x 16 x 18cm (HxWxD). It will fit anywhere you place it, but remember it has a bass-reflex port facing the rear. 

The base of each speaker has an adequately-sized mount. That means you can easily set them on a speaker stand without problems. 

Uni-Q Drivers

Each LSX II Wireless features the Uni-Q driver that measures 95mm in diameter. These also feature a bass reflex port along the rear panel of the speakers. 

Aside from having a plastic cabinet, KEF also integrates Class D amplifiers for its Uni-Q driver (100W) and tweeters (30W). 

KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Inputs

kef lsx ii review5 KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review kef lsx ii review7 KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review kef lsx ii review8 KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review kef lsx ii review6 KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review

Wireless systems are convenient since it allows you to link your audio with ease. With these speakers, that is what you will get. 

After setting up the LSX II Wireless, you can play your favourite tunes through Bluetooth or WiFi. But if you need the speakers wired, you have several options. 

These include optical/3.5mm aux inputs, USB-C, and HDMI ARC inputs. The last two are new elements integrated into the speakers. 

The presence of an HDMI ARC is convenient since it helps make it simple to control several A/V gears. We will discuss setting up the speakers later in our KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review. 

KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers IR Wireless Remote

You get an IR wireless remote with these speakers, which helps you pause/play, change inputs, and adjust the volume. It is a necessary addition since the speakers do not have physical controls. Instead, they feature colour-shifting light rings that flash to determine the selected input. 

To give you an idea, you can find the light ring underneath the Uni-Q of the main speaker. 


One of the most notable aspects of the LSX II Wireless is having plenty of connectivity options. Also, its app helps you reach your preferred streaming platforms. 

For connections, you can link your speakers via Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and Google Chromecast. You can also stream straight from TIDAL and Spotify Connect. Moreover, it is Roon-ready and also supports hi-res audio. 

We appreciate that Connect App from KEF can access Deezer, Amazon Music, and more. Plus, it also gives us EQ settings and source selection options. 

Key Features of the KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers

What makes this product one of the best high-fidelity wireless speakers? Find out as we discuss its primary features in our KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review.

KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers – The Best Partner for All

Audio plays a significant role in home entertainment, and LSX II Wireless enhances the experience by delivering high-fidelity sound. It enables wireless and wired connectivity, making it excellent for music, movies, TV, gaming, and your personal working space.

High-Fidelity Audio

The LSX II Wireless offers superior-quality audio and can stream up to 24-bit/384kHz. With these speakers, high-fidelity sound is accessible to more people.

Plug and Play with Your Laptop, TV, and Other Devices

The LSX II Wireless can connect with multiple devices. You can link it to your TV with the HDMI ARC or to a laptop via USB-C.

In addition, the speakers also work with CD players, gaming consoles, and turntables. Plus, the dedicated output for a KEF subwoofer lets you enjoy audio with boosted bass.

When connected to a TV using the HDMI ARC, it supports up to 16-bit/48kHz lossless audio quality from CDs. Plus, dialogues have no lag issues. Furthermore, left and right channel speakers also help the LSX II Wireless deliver a broader soundstage that premium soundbars cannot.

KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Connectivity – Enjoy All the Music

The advanced W2 wireless platform of the speakers guarantees pristine audio quality with no fuss. With these speakers, you can enjoy your music how you like it.

Compact Speakers with Massive Sound

KEF upgraded the LSX II from the first generation to enhance the audio resolution while improving its balance. The company tuned and boosted the bespoke Digital Processing algorithms in the MIE (Music Integrity Engine).

KEF optimised the MIE for the Uni-Q driver array, ensuring sound with perfect timing, clarity, accuracy, and increased balance.

Hear Every Detail from All Angles with Uni-Q

Uni-Q is a unique technology and is an essential building block that completes the signature sound of KEF. The company engineered the Uni-Q to deliver optimal performance in the LSX II Wireless. 

The driver array works as a single-point source to expand the sweet spot of the audio. The sound disperses more evenly, allowing everyone to enjoy the same detailed and natural audio.

Effortless Multiroom Experience with the KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers

The LSX II Wireless can give you a multiroom audio experience when paired with other similar speaker systems. Connect it with the LS50 Wireless II or LS60 Wireless.

With these speakers connected, you can use Roon, Chromecast, or AirPlay 2 to fill the whole house with music. This feature is ideal for parties that need loud music for all rooms in your home.

Seamless Home Integration

LSX II Wireless improves your daily life by allowing seamless integration into your smart home. You can play and browse music, choose sources, or use play/pause controls via your smart home app. These speakers make your life convenient while making your entertainment enjoyable.

Aesthetics by Michael Young

Michael Young, one of the most prominent individuals in the industrial design world, designed the LSX II Wireless. He is known for his sophistication and minimalism.

Young reduced the design of the LSX II Wireless, striking the perfect balance between form and function.

Designed for Different Spaces

LSX II Wireless delivers unparalleled audio quality and a compact body to fit any setting. These flexible speakers have dedicated accessories, including P1 desk pads, S1 floor stands, and B1 wall brackets. You can place the speakers on a desktop/bookshelves, floor stand, or a mount on the wall.

Next in this KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review is a list of product specifications. Knowing these details will tell you if your system is compatible with the product. 


  • Driver Unit:
    – 12th Gen 4-inch Uni-Q with MAT
    – 5.25-inch Uni-Core Force Cancelling Driver
  • Built-in Amplifier Output Power (per system): 1400W
  • Optimal Room Size: 10-200m2
  • Maximum Source Resolution: Up to 24-bit/384kHz, MQA^ and DSD supported
  • Wireless Platform: W2
  • Streaming Protocols Support:
    – AirPlay 2
    – Bluetooth 4.2
    – Google Chromecast
    – Roon Ready
    – UPnP Compatible
  • Compatible Streaming Services:
    – Spotify
    – Amazon Music
    – Podcast
    – Tidal
    – Qobuz
    – QQ Music
    – Internet Radio
    – Deezer
  • Output: 2x RCA Subwoofer output 
  • Inputs:
    – USB Type A (service)
    – Digital Coaxial
    – Analog RCA
    – RJ45 Ethernet (network)
    – RJ45 Ethernet (interspeaker)
    – HDMI eARC
    – TOSLINK Optical

Hands-on with the KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers

These speakers work perfectly with the KEF Connect App, which is efficient, effective and reliably stable. You can access online radios, your favourite music streaming services, and much more through this. 

The app also provides many EQ adjustment options and calibration functions to optimise your audio. It works by assessing the acoustics of your space, manipulating and improving your tunes for a better listening experience. 

The app is available on iOS and Android, which is excellent since anyone can download it conveniently. You can control the speakers via the app or continue using the included remote. 

Its interface is organised, well-thought-out and every option is organised thoroughly. You will also find logically categorised streaming options, making music easy to find and play.

The KEF Connect app provides options on how the speakers should behave. These include adjusting the wake-up source, power-saving modes, LED light, etc. 

It also offers access to more advanced volume settings. Plus, you can set these at the highest level. Overall, the options in the KEF Connect app are flexible.

EQ: The Normal and Expert Adjustment Menus

There are two adjustment menus available, namely Normal and Expert Mode. 

If you want more access to things like frequency settings to adjust the product, your best option is expert mode. However, Normal Mode is ideal for a convenient and more automatic approach. Here, you only need to walk through several questions to adjust the performance of the LSX II Wireless. 

Questions asked would be similar to the following: 

  • Are the speakers on a desk or a stand?
  • The distance between the speaker
  • The size of your room
  • How lively or quiet the space is, etc. 

You will find a pop-up with related answers if you have specific questions. 

Interestingly, you can also select from the provided subs from KEF. Or, you can opt for a custom setting where you must answer several questions to dial things.

We love the flexibility of tweaking the system, allowing us to enhance its physical placement. It is all thanks to the tuning options and app configuration pages available. 

Moreover, plenty of equalisation settings are adjustable for tapering/boosting audio. Its default setting gave us a clear and realistic representation of its capacity.

Setting up the KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers

The LSX II Wireless is a simplified, two bookshelf speaker sound system. These individually powered and amplified speakers also wirelessly communicate with each other, so a cable between the two is unnecessary.

All you need to do is position the speakers where you want. Whether you place them far apart or next to each other, the LSX II Wireless will work perfectly.

Performance and Audio Quality

The LSX speakers have always been highly regarded for their exceptional wireless audio experience. With that, the LSX II takes it a step further by enhancing the sound quality over the previous model. 

One notable aspect is the impressive volume output. With its distinct concentrically mounted drivers, these speakers possess an astonishing loudness considering their compact size. 

We were expecting that due to the small size of the speakers that they would have difficulty filling a room. To our rusprise they were able to effortlessly fill the room with resounding audio.

The thing that susprised us was the bass that these things throw out. The LSX II’s were able to easily reach the lows without any distortion whilst also providing amazing clarity in the bass. The bass was punchy so that is never overpowered other aspects of the music and never sounded muddy.

The Uni-Q driver produced a stereo image with excellent layering of the elements of each track we played. Guitars, bass, drums, and vocals were all audible and detailed with these speakers.

Moreover, the whole tonal presentation was inviting due to the natural warmth of the audio. It delivered focused and precise audio. Its overall sound was high-quality, which we highly appreciate.

Listening to music on these beauties was pure joy. Being able to hear new things in your favourite audio tracks thanks to the clarity and detail of the LSX II’s adds a new level of music listening enjoyment.

In addition to listening to our favourite tracks, we also made sure to connect them up to our TV via HDMI. When watching movies these speakers provide a substantial improvement when compared to the TVs inbuilt speakers or soundbars. The stereo separation was amazing which led to a much more immmersive movie watching experience. The bass output enchanced action scenes and truly added to the overall audio quality of the movie.

KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review Summary

The KEF LSX II is an impressive high-fidelity speaker that can meet the needs of all. It allows streaming music via WiFi or Bluetooth and even integration into a multi-room system.

Its compatibility with most devices makes these speakers superior, from desktop workstations to televisions and gaming consoles. Whatever you do, you can enjoy the high-fidelity audio of the LSX II Wireless.

When we used the KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers Review, we enjoyed its sound quality regardless of the connected device. It enhanced the audio of our music, movies, and games with increased clarity and more audible details.

This superior wireless speaker system delivered an impressive sound we enjoyed listening to for long hours. The LSX II Wireless is a highly versatile product that works as a primary speaker system and an addition to a multi-room sound system.

Aside from high-quality audio, the LSX II Wireless has other reasons why it is an excellent product. One includes the compact and minimalist aesthetic that suits any home. Another reason is its user-friendliness and compatibility with many devices and services. 

You can enjoy streaming high-quality and lag-free music with a stable internet connection. We recommend these speakers if you want simplicity, versatility, and premium audio quality packed in a compact body.

Visit the KEF official product page for more details about the LSX II Wireless Speakers.