keymander 2 review

Keymander 2 Mobile Review

Are you a PC gamer, mobile gamer, or both? Have you ever thought of bringing your PC play style to your mobile games? Here in our Keymander 2 Mobile review, you’ll discover possibilities like no other.

IOGEAR’s latest product, the Keymander 2 Mobile offers an excellent connection. This allows you to play your mobile games using a mouse and a keyboard. If you’re a console gamer, you can also connect your controller to your phone.

Now, let’s jump right into our Keymander 2 Mobile review.

Keymander 2 Mobile Packaging

Before learning about the product in our Keymander 2 Mobile review, let’s check out the package it came in with.

It’s best to know all the items that come in the package.

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The Keymander 2 Mobile comes in a small grey and green box. You will see the image of the product and several diagrams on the front.

At the back, there are several descriptions of the product’s features and functions, which are written in different languages. They go into detail about the technical information that talks about the material, dimensions and more.

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Inside the package, you’ll find the Keymander 2 Mobile, its adapter, mouse adapter for iPhone/iPad/AppleTV and Google Stadia. Other than these items, there’s also a USB micro to Type-A cable, a quick start guide, and a warranty card.

The items here are wrapped in plastic to keep them safe from damages. With that, we can tell that IOGEAR keeps their products safe and secure through their packaging.

Keymander 2 Mobile Review – Design and Functionality

Alright, let’s go on to the design and functionality in our Keymander 2 Mobile review.

The Keymander 2 Mobile is a keyboard/mouse adapter that acts as a gateway to a vast variety of connections. Whether it be your phone, tablet, Apple TV and more, Keymander 2 Mobile has an option for you.

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Thanks to this device, veteran PC gamers can get the same feel without having a computer. You can enjoy a variety of games on your phone while playing like you usually do. Even if you aren’t a PC gamer, you can now experience PC master-race gaming.

The Keymander 2 Mobile is a small gadget that stands only 2.6 inches tall. It features a grey and green theme, while its structure is very modernised and simple.

One distinct feature that makes this version different from the Keymander 2 is its mobile stand on its top. This stand supports the back of your mobile or tablet device and keeps it propped up when gaming. It makes it easier to see the screen and helps position yourself when gaming.

You’ll find two USB ports that allow access to a USB keyboard and mouse at the back of the Keymander 2 Mobile. Other than that, the port for the adapter is present to keep the device running consistently.

When looking at the right side, you will see another port, which is used for your gaming console controller. If you are more of a controller type of gamer, this slot fits you the best.

You can connect your Apple iOS devices or even the Apple TV with the Keymander 2 app. This app allows not just Apple but Android smartphones as well.

Key Features of the Keymander 2 Mobile

Moving on from the product’s physical characteristics, we go over the features in our Keymander 2 Mobile review. These features represent the unique characteristics of the product.

Shift but Don’t Change

Mobile gaming has recently gone up the ranks in terms of the player base, community and games. It is getting more popular with more people having access to games with these devices. Gamers, whether PC or console users, can now play with their smartphones.

What’s great is that since the smartphone is portable, you can take your gaming anywhere. But what it doesn’t bring is the same feeling playing on a PC or console.

It feels different playing without some type of controller making the movements in the game.

That’s where Keymander 2 Mobile comes in. This solution allows you to play games on your phone while retaining that same gaming controller feel. You may have shifted your platform for games, but that doesn’t mean you have to change the experience.

This is even better for those who don’t have a PC or console gaming experience. Now, they can learn how it is and experience macro and micro-management and more. Thanks to that, you can easily shift your keyboard and mouse skills to your mobile devices.

Mobile Device Gaming

The Keymander 2 Mobile has a wide variety of options to choose from. You can play over a thousand mobile and cloud-based games with Apple Arcade, NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Google Stadia library.

These applications contain a large number of games that are compatible with the Keymander 2 Mobile. With your iOS device, you can look to take out the competition with the edge of the keyboard and mouse function.

All we talked about was keyboard and mouse gamers, but what about the controller gamers? Well, you can also connect your controllers to the Keymander 2 Mobile using a micro USB cable. You can enjoy your games with that same console feel, whether it be Xbox or PlayStation controllers.

KeyMander Mobile App

Connections are easier than ever with the KeyMander Mobile App that lets your smartphone sync with the Keymander 2 Mobile. The app has a ton of features and functions that give you the advantage to take over and win.

You can reconfigure your settings, optimise your layout and fine-tune your macro and micro-movements. Apart from that, it works well with the latest cloud streaming services. Mobile gaming streamers can use this feature to further optimise your content.

One of the best features this app has is the shared game profiles. You can find other people who have tested games and set up profiles, and use their profiles as well. Thanks to this, you can use the best profiles available to be part of the ever-changing meta.

Simple Setup

Setting up your Keymander 2 Mobile is simple and easy. Just connect your phone, tablet or Apple TV to the Keymander 2 Mobile using the KeyMander 2 app. From there, you should follow the procedures provided and get started.

The Keymander 2 Mobile isn’t just for gaming. You can also use it for other tasks like creating documents, setting up messaging, email and even drawing. Make your life easier with a home office setup right through your smartphone.


Moreover, our Keymander 2 Mobile review will discuss the product’s technical aspects. Let’s begin with the product’s dimensions.


The Keymander 2 Mobile measures 6.6 x 9.2 x 7.8 centimetres and only weighs 0.12 kilograms. It is a very small device, so you won’t notice its presence much.

Hardware Requirements

The Keymander 2 Mobile has several hardware requirements. For Sony PlayStation brand PS4 wireless controllers, it is connected via a micro USB cable. Microsoft brand Xbox One wireless controller with Bluetooth model 1708 also uses a micro USB cable.

iOS 13+ devices with Bluetooth 4.0 support the Bluetooth low energy feature. This makes it less draining during use. Your iOS device should have the Bluetooth 4.0 version to run at its full potential.

Regarding its proper use, you should have a USB keyboard and mouse to make the connections possible. Wireless keyboard and mouses will work, but they must have a USB adapter to connect the Keymander 2 Mobile.

One important factor to note is that the game you have must support controller functions. Otherwise, the device will not work.

Hands-on with the Keymander 2 Mobile

Previously, we discussed the specifications and technical information of the product. This time, we’ll further discuss its functions and features.

In our Keymander 2 Mobile review, we do this by testing the product. Testing it allows us to learn more about the product and help us verify the company’s claims. Whether they are true or not, we will learn where the product succeeds or fails.

Setting Up

We had some extra controllers, keyboards and mice we could use to test this product out. Setting up the product with our mobile devices proved to be simple, thanks to the KeyMander 2 app. It easily and quickly synced with our devices.

Through the app, we saw several profiles already offered to us, and it suggested that we take what previous people have used for their settings.

For us, we wanted to start from scratch, so we optimised and tweaked our settings. Reconfiguring our settings wasn’t too much of a hassle since we were used to it. But since the app is easy to use, even newbies won’t have a hard time optimising this.

Testing the Keyboard and Mouse

Now, all the preparation was done, we needed to test the Keymander 2 Mobile. So we downloaded a couple of mobile games.

When playing, we had to sync the games to the controller feature to maximise the Keymander 2 Mobile’s potential.

During gameplay, we didn’t have trouble with the movements, moving the crosshair around or with the button layouts. The Keymander 2 Mobile was able to make the connections as stable as possible for the phone. Although there were some delays, it wasn’t enough to distract us.

We were able to enjoy the game since it was good enough for us to use and experience gaming. It felt like we were playing on a PC, but only with a smaller screen.

Next, we tested the Keymander 2 Mobile with a controller.

Testing the Controller

Using a controller felt a little bit better than the keyboard and the mouse. This is because the controller only required one connection. So, it was easier for the device to manage.

We changed the button layout of the controller and remapped some of its parts.

With our optimisations, playing became easier and it felt similar to gaming with the keyboard and mouse. The only difference was we were playing on a smaller screen.

We also tried some of the recommended profiles, and it was fun. Trying out different button layouts made us more aware of the controller and the game.

Other than that, it brought us back to our old PlayStation and Xbox gaming feels. We were happy to try it out in both console and PC playstyle. Overall, we felt that the product was excellent in bringing our gaming skills to mobile gaming.

Keymander 2 Mobile Review Summary

Before we end our Keymander 2 Mobile review, we’ll provide you with our overall thoughts.

The Keymander 2 Mobile is a smart gadget that shifts your platform while retaining your PC or console playstyle. Setting it up was quick and easy, so all you need is a compatible mobile device and space to play.

Using the KeyMander 2 Mobile app made it much easier for us to reconfigure and optimise settings. We could also download pre-made profiles to suit specific games. These features are all well-made and work for those looking to compete with other gamers via their smartphones.

All in all, we happily recommend the Keymander 2 Mobile. It’s perfect for those who want to bring their PC or console playstyle into mobile gaming. If you are interested in IOGEAR’s latest products, then click here for more information.